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The Big Bang is in Big Trouble: It Never Happened!

by Don Boys, Ph.D

With apologies to Kierkegaard, there are two ways to be deceived. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true. I prefer always to assume the Bible is right, while atheists always assume the scientists are right. Both positions are based on faith. Evolutionists have done a good job convincing people the theory of evolution has scientific merit; however, it is a wrong assumption and not a winning argument.

Evolution is like a blind man in a dark basement looking for a black cat—that isn’t there.

The Bible says that God is responsible for everything we see and don’t see, but evolutionists tell us He is not responsible for creation because He does not exist. If that’s true, how did this incredible universe originate?

Some scientists are willing to admit that they honestly don’t know. Scientist L. John concluded, “…the sad truth is that we do not know how the galaxies came into being.”

There are four theories of the universe’s origins: (1) It created itself, but then that is contrary to the first law of thermodynamics (that says no new energy and matter are being created), so a well-established scientific law disqualifies that possibility. (2) The universe has always been here, but that is contrary to the second law of thermodynamics that says everything is running down, and if the universe had always been here, it would have totally unwound and disintegrated. (3) The old Greek notion that the universe is not here. Everything is an illusion! That is contrary to the law of common sense, a law not understood by most evolutionists! (4) God did it!

Each person has a choice, and frankly, the ancient Greeks’ mental meanderings make almost as much sense as modern-day evolutionists!

Evolution could not exist without guesses based on inference and extrapolation, but they hold to the first position that the universe created itself. Many refuse to use those words since they make one look stupid, if not silly, and for sure not scientific. Some scientists have plainly declared that nothing created everything! Thinking people with common sense realize that absurdity; knowing nothing cannot do or create anything.

Such teaching is desperation, and they call it the Big Bang Theory (BBT), but it really wasn’t a bang, nor was it big! It also doesn’t rise to the level of a theory but only a hypothesis, guess, or assumption.  Of course, the really Big Bang is God spoke, and Bang, it happened!

Space has proved in recent years to be dark, deep, and disturbing to scientists as they observe detailed space photos that scream, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”

Not So Crazy Now…

People thought I was crazy when I posted this several years ago, and said we needed to make preparations for it. Seems I’m not so crazy after all.

Not so crazy now…

National Guard Being Treated Like Pigs

I never thought that when I said “BRING OUR TROOPS HOME!” that I would mean FROM A PLACE ON AMERICAN SOIL.

National Guard being treated like pigs

Does the FEDERAL Government Have the ACTUAL Authority to Implement a National Minimum Wage?

Time for some civic ejumication…


Feds Have No Constitutional Authority to Impose Wage Controls
by Mike Maharrey , Tenth Amendment Center (read this in your browser here)

Talk of hiking the minimum wage at the national level has ramped up in recent weeks. With the Democrats controlling the House and the Senate, and Joe Biden in the White House, it seems increasingly likely that we’ll soon see a federal $15 per hour minimum.

In other words, it may soon be illegal to take a job that pays less than $15 an hour.

Continue reading

Fake Woke

DISCLAIMER:  I generally can’t stand the genre that is rap music.  That being said, Tom MacDonald NAILS IT with this song.  I’ll let the lyrics speak for themselves.

National Guard Still Has a Few Patriots

It seems to me that it’s obvious some of these National Guard PATRIOTS turned their backs on Biden’s motorcade. There was no crowd and corresponding threat on the sides of the road, so there was no other reason to be facing that way. And many were actually facing the motorcade standing at attention. The only threat to America was whizzing by in a limo.


Video PROOF of Voter Fraud in Georgia on a MASSIVE Scale: Joe Biden DID NOT Win

In this video, we see and election worker scanning the SAME stack of ballots over, and over again. When she and coworkers become aware of the camera, they momentarily freeze, and the supervisor tries to stand between the camera and the woman repeatedly scanning ballots.


In this video, you see poll workers you may recognize from the well known video of that evening discussing how they will stay after others are told to go home, and how they will then utilize the available voting machines to input thousands of fraudulent votes.


The ONLY Way to Stop Big-Tech Tyranny is to STOP PAYING THEM TO OPPRESS YOU

We can only HOPE that the tech tyrants go broke, but that will only happen if WE defund them. Switch to other platforms right away. Don’t use Google, don’t shop on Amazon, use other social media platforms. Stop being soft and lazy, and do what’s RIGHT.

GET WOKE GO BROKE? Tech Tyrants Took A POUNDING In The Markets Since Banning Trump

Written by Wes Walker on January 15, 2021

In case there is anyone out there still wondering, it’s becoming clear that the decision for Silicon Valley to dogpile and ‘cancel’ a sitting president was a political one, not a business one.

They are perfectly willing to play chicken with trillion-dollar companies (and their shareholder’s investments) so long as they can drop a hammer on Donald Trump and (more importantly) the movement he has started.

The official excuse they are giving is that they want to avoid political violence.

But Jack Dorsey, in his own words, has stated otherwise.

He has no intention of letting up the tech censorship of the political right.

You’ll notice that not only have big tech overlords excused doxxing and explicit violence by various groups on the political left — including those who have caused literally BILLIONS of dollars in property damage — they have gone so far as to a point of aligning themselves with some of them… DESPITE their explicit endorsement of violence.

Here’s a longer clip of the video Tucker took that from.

They haven’t figured out yet that individual states — including Red States — can write laws explicitly protecting political expression from being singled out for commercial suppression. Laws that will expose precisely this behavior to the same kind of legal action and financial risk that their apparent anti-competitive practices could also expose them — and their investors — to.

Silicon Valley has already paying the piper for this in the markets, what remains to be seen is whether this is just a blip or a sign of things to come.

Facebook and Twitter, the two largest social media platforms to permanently ban President Donald Trump for his role in last week’s Capitol riots, saw $51.2 billion in combined market value erased over the last two trading sessions.

…Facebook and Twitter possibly took the biggest retaliatory steps when they indefinitely banned Trump from their platforms on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

Both companies cited the risk of additional violence for their bans, but investors largely balked at the action. Facebook tumbled 4% on Monday and another 2.2% on Tuesday as shareholders dumped the stock, likely fearing the ban could drive users off the platform. By the time markets closed on Tuesday, Facebook’s market cap sat $47.6 billion below its Friday level.

There has been bounce-back since.

But between the loss of customer confidence in these companies, the likelihood that they will face an onslaught of lawsuits – even challenging the relevance of section 230 protection for the behavior they have been engaged in – why are they playing chicken with their investor’s money?

Are they expecting the dozen or more advisors big tech has inserted among Joe Biden’s advisors to shield them from the consequences of picking off Joe’s political enemies?

And if so… doesn’t that just expose this as part of an even bigger problem than the one they’re being criticized for now?

Quid Pro Joe might just take on a significance that would have made Joe Stalin blush with envy.

Parler CEO Flees Home with Family After Receiving Death Threats

Don’t go out and MAKE trouble, but STAND AND FIGHT to defend yourself. If they attack you, your family, and/or your home, meet them with lethal force.

Parler CEO Flees Home with His Family, Goes Into Hiding After Receiving Death Threats

By Cristina Laila
Published January 15, 2021 at 7:32pm
289 Comments Share (517) Tweet Share Email

Parler CEO John Matze has gone into hiding with his family after receiving death threats.

Because of Big Tech censorship, Parler, the free speech alternative to Twitter, became the fastest growing social media company — until they got deplatformed by Amazon, Apple and Google in a coordinated attack.

Last week Amazon kicked Parler off their webhosting service, meaning the platform will be offline until they find a new host.

Parler has faced what can only be described as a mass coordinated cyber attack by Big Tech, first being banned by Apple and Google within a 24 hour time period.

Parler responded to the deplatforming by filing a lawsuit against Amazon.

According to a new filing by Parler’s lawyers, John Matze was forced to flee his home with his family and go into hiding after receiving “deaths threats” and “invasive personal security breaches.”

Wow: Parler CEO John Matze has fled his home with his family and they all have gone into hiding after receiving “deaths threats” and “invasive personal security breaches,” according to a new filing from Parler’s lawyers in the suit with AWS. pic.twitter.com/pRSbkCPWIu

— Bobby Allyn (@BobbyAllyn) January 16, 2021


America is the Modern-Day Nineveh

Fellow conservatives and other Trump supporters, I’m advising and BEGGING you to stay away from all inauguration day protests and events. The left is hoping you’ll be there so they can turn you into scapegoats for whatever violence their shock troops (antifa and BLM) will instigate. Stay home, continue to organize and prepare for a down economy and whatever will be coming our way. If you’re a believer in God, you can probably see that America is like Nineveh in the book of Nahum. We strayed away, didn’t listen to His prophets, and are about to be destroyed as a nation. God will take care of His kids, but I believe America is on the way off the world stage. Be ready for what happens next. As Joseph prepared Egypt for 7 years of famine, so should you prepare for what is coming. We may or may not be able to change the course of America at this point in history. Be patient. Be where God wants you to be, doing what He wants you to do, and wait. If you stay in the Word, on your knees (spiritually), and obedient, you’ll know what to do, and when to do it.

GOP Capitulation? Or RINOs Showing Their Stripes?

To the congressmen and senators like Brian Fitzpatrick, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and many others who didn’t oppose the obvious voter fraud that legitimately cast doubt on the outcome of the election, and who are now supporting censure and/or impeachment of a president based on ANOTHER lie, I’ll ask you if it hurt your fingers to be crossing them so hard when you swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.  You ALL ran as conservatives (i.e. lied), and abandoned actual conservatism as soon as the polls closed.  And now you have abandoned the Constitution and rule of law for what?  The promise of keeping your seat?  Being “liked” by a media who will stab you in the back anyway?  To appease the very people who are destroying the Constitution and rule of law?  On what FACTUAL basis are you pushing to censure and/or impeach Donald Trump?  The one I’ve heard most frequently is that he gave a speech inciting violence against the government.  Remember when I asked you about facts?  The speech in question occurred over 2 miles away, and did not end until AFTER the violence had already begun, confirmed by the Hill and other less than conservative outlets.  Even IF he had encouraged violence, which he did not, none of the people could have reached the Hill for probably 45 minutes after the speech ended, which would be an hour or more AFTER the violence began, because of traffic and street closures.  This is just like what the media has been doing since Trump announced his candidacy.  They say things like “Trump called all Mexicans animals and rapists,” but they NEVER produce or play the FULL clip of what he ACTUALLY SAID, even though it exists and is readily available.  Don’t be one of those truth-twisting liars.  As for “insurrection,” did any of YOU, the media, or the democrats scream “INSURRECTION!” when Antifa was occupying and destroying police stations and federal court houses? Did any of you scream “INSURRECTION!” when DEMOCRATS occupied the capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings?  Were any of you screaming “INSURRECTION!” when Antifa was burning down cities and demanding overthrow of the police and government?  NO, you didn’t, even though those were far more legitimate examples of an insurrection.  What about when people like Maxine Waters were OPENLY encouraging violence against Trump and his supporters?  Crickets from all of you.  I encourage you to reconsider your course of action.  Doing what’s right is hard, but the consequences of doing what’s wrong will eventually be much harder to live with than doing what’s right to begin with. 

America’s Funeral Procession

To the US Supreme Court who refused to even hear the case that is CLEARLY under their jurisdiction, instead choosing to hide behind “procedure,” to the judges at the state level who are legislating from the bench, to the politicians at all levels who didn’t stop them, or were in league with them, you need to understand this. The funeral pyres of America have been lit, and as you watch America burn, as you watch the coming civil war rip us apart, as you cower in horror as the angry mobs kick in your door to drag you into the streets, your last thoughts should be “I could have stopped this.” May God have mercy on us all.

Why We Are Headed for a Civil War

CIVIL WAR 2020!!!RIGHT VS WRONG!!! - YouTube

November 3rd, 2020 culminated years, no, DECADES of straying from the civic foundation of our nation.  The journey has been an incremental one, but has accelerated to one of giant leaps and bounds in recent years away from the Godly, Constitutional REPRESENTATIVE republic we began with.  So, why do I say we are headed for a civil war?

In a word, UNDERSTANDING.  In this case, understanding of our system of government, how it was founded, and the benefits of our system of government when compared to every other form of government in the history of the world to this point.  And even MORE to the point, the problem is LACK of understanding.

How did we get to the point of this lack of understanding?  Lack of education, and transition to indoctrination.  Most schools today teach only a very superficial level of civics.  Ask a high school senior or most college students today a series of civics questions that go deeper than who was the first president, and the overwhelming majority will not be able to answer them.  What are the Federalist Papers?  How was the Constitution ratified?  What struggles were there in ratification?  Why are we a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC, and NOT a democracy?  Why did states INSIST on the electoral college as part of our system of national elections?  What would our country look like WITHOUT the electoral college?  Why didn’t we start by adopting something resembling socialism?  Has socialism EVER succeeded ANYWHERE in the world?  In the world’s history, what has socialism ALWAYS resulted in?  These and many, many more topics were things that CITIZENS were once upon a time REQUIRED to learn in school.  Part of being a responsible citizen, and casting an EDUCATED vote, is thoroughly understanding how your government is SUPPOSED to work.  If you don’t know your history, and you don’t know WHY your government is the way it is, you can EASILY be lied to and fooled into believing any number of falsehoods concerning government.  Thus, the INDOCTRINATION most of our students are receiving now at the hands of teachers who were first NOT educated, and THEN indoctrinated into a system of beliefs that is not based in reality, and which seeks to destroy our Constitution and the Republic.  Think I’m getting ahead of my skis?  How many stories have you heard of “teachers” literally humiliating, or school systems punishing students who espouse a conservative viewpoint or for wearing something with conservative logos?  Dozens, perhaps hundreds.  How many stories have you heard of the opposite, where a student is humiliated by a teacher for espousing a leftist viewpoint?  I won’t say it has never happened, but if it has, it is so infrequent as to not even register on the national radar.  This is ONE SIDED indoctrination, in a system that has been slowly and insidiously taken over by leftists/socialists/communists who HATE what our nation stands for.  Nikita Khrushchev, the former Soviet communist dictator, predicted this would happen.

That is the short version of how we have gotten to the point where half of the population is willing to vote for a candidate whose platform does not contain a SINGLE thing that is based in OUR Constitution.  If you open a copy of our Constitution, and sit it side by side with the Ten Pillars of Communism, then look at each point in the democrat party platform, you will not find ONE thing they support that is Constitutionally based.

Now that we are in the aftermath of the November 3rd election, and awaiting the final outcome, with half of the country that has NO understanding of civics, half that does, and a system that has been compromised to the point that NEITHER side trusts it, it doesn’t matter WHO ultimately wins the election, half of the voters will not accept the outcome.  The civically uneducated half have also not been raised as ADULTS who can cope with life in general, and can’t handle not getting their way.  This is the half that will FORCE us into a civil war.  They are ALREADY burning down cities, shooting police officers, threatening to storm the White House to “remove” President Trump, threatening to “punish” Trump supporters simply for voting for Trump, etc, etc.  The left does NOT say let’s have a FAIR election that is fully transparent.  They do NOT allow people from the opponent’s side to simultaneously verify votes and processes so NO ONE can say anything was done illegitimately.  No.  The left in areas they control, exclude their opponents from poll watching, verifying signatures, counting ballots, monitoring election machines, etc.  The left demands removal of safeguards designed to prevent corruption at the ballot box.  So, when one side demands fairness, and will accept whatever the outcome as long as it’s fair, and the other side demands cheating and will only accept the outcome they want, the outcome is going to be predictable.  Civil war.

The only way to legitimately head it off now in a way that no one could argue with would be to do the election over again.  This time, it MUST be done with STRICT controls, deadlines, and thorough oversight of EVERY part of the process by BOTH sides so that NO ONE can say at the end of the day that the other side cheated.  What are the odds that will happen?  ZERO.

So, what alternative remains in a country so divided, with one side that refuses to even attempt consensus, and refuses any concession to the other side?  As I see it, the LAST opportunity to avoid bloodshed is for both sides to go their separate ways.  That means an old-fashioned word known as SECESSION.  We agree to divide the nation, do our own thing, and leave the other side alone.  We can trade with each other, but there is no TAKING or redistribution.  How would this play out?  Think of who produces the overwhelming majority of things in this country, and where they are produced.  It’s NOT in the deep blue cities that dominate the POPULAR vote in this country.  Your food is grown largely by conservatives.  Most of the things you NEED to survive on a day to day basis are produced by conservatives, in conservative states.  If red and blue states separate, within a week when the store shelves stop being stocked by trucks coming from conservative states, you will see a zombie apocalypse in the “blue country.”  That will mean either BEGGING us to reunite, or the same civil war we saw in the 1860s, but for somewhat different reasons.

Again, do I think either of these will ACTUALLY be the chosen path, and will either of these avoid a bloody civil war?  No.  I pray to God for a civil, peaceful, Constitutional resolution to our problems.  But I just don’t see it happening.  I fear a civil war is inevitable, and a lot closer than we think.

Bill “Can’t Stop a Virus” Gates Wants to be Charitable with YOUR Money

There should be no such thing as a rich socialist, as rich and socialist should be contradictions. Yet here is Bill Gates, perhaps the richest socialist in the world, lecturing us on how to spend our money while he keeps his. Sooooo much to unpack here.

First, as I said, someone who has billions upon billions of dollars telling everyone else to do his philanthropy for him is hypocritical at best. But it also illustrates one of the truths of socialism, that socialism is for the people, not the socialists.

Gates says “In addition to the manufacturing capacity to make them, we also need the funding to pay for billions of vaccine doses for poorer nations.” Well, Mr. Multi-Billionaire. Why don’t YOU cough up that funding?

Next, Bill Gates’ history with viruses and vaccines isn’t exactly enviable. Both with his Windows operating system, and around the world. So, his OVEReager push to have every human on earth take the vaccine that HE helped develop is more than a little suspicious.

Next, not only is the rich hypocrite socialist Gates being very philanthropic with OUR money, he demonizes rich countries for being what he himself is. Rich. Contrary to what he may NOW believe, or at least what he wants everyone else to believe while he tries to pull up the wealth ladder behind himself, rich countries didn’t get rich because they’re all evil. Rich countries got rich by making good decisions. America became the richest by learning from the mistakes of all previous nations up to that point in history, and making a nation that wouldn’t (hopefully) repeat the mistakes of previous nations. Most of the poor or moderately wealthy nations that Gates mentions have never advanced beyond the parts of their societies that keep them from becoming rich.

Speaking of poor choices, Gates goes on to say “The United Kingdom is a good model for what other wealthy nations should do.” Perhaps He hasn’t heard about what an utter failure the British National Health System (the model for Obamacare) actually is.

Bill Gates Says It’s America’s Responsibility To Cover Entire World’s Cost To Vaccinate Against CHINA’S Virus!

by Doyle Alexander

Microsoft founder and “world health dictator” Bill Gates has ordered the US and Western nations to dedicate more government funds to pay for coronavirus vaccines and distribution networks for the rest of the world.

According to Gates, paying for billions of doses of vaccines for poorer countries, which don’t have the financial clout to strike deals like the $2 billion agreement that Washington struck with Pfizer, is the only way we can eradicate COVID-19 in the West and return to our normal lives. Continue reading

Dyson: Whites Should Pay into ‘Individual Reparations Accounts’

You explain to me why I, who have never owned a slave, whose family has never owned a slave, owe a SINGLE PENNY to other people who WERE NEVER SLAVES as “reparations” for slavery they DID NOT ENDURE. I don’t need to wait for your explanation because you don’t have a VALID one. At the direction of democrats (who have enslaved blacks since before the Civil War) and non-conservative Republicans, Americans have been taxed for decades in a scheme that has effectively ALREADY been giving unearned money to much of the black community. Oh, and don’t forget things like Affirmative Action, where blacks have been given preference in jobs and education, not because of merit, but because of skin color, for decades. NO, Mr. Dyson. You are a FOOL. I am all for EQUAL rights for blacks, Asians, Latinos, all races, and yes, whites. EQUAL. That means you have an equal OPPORTUNITY, but what you do with that opportunity depends on your EFFORT, and your ABILITY. It is NOT equal to force one group to give money to another simply because of skin color. This is NOT about “reparations.” That would imply that those being given the money had actually been slaves. That has NEVER been the case for a living person born in the United States of America. Be clear, I DO NOT seek this nor want it, but if you want to GUARANTEE a race war that will likely wipe out blacks in America, keep pushing for this INSANE strategy.

One African-American professor has gone so far as to place a value of $40 trillion on the sum allegedly due blacks as a result of the oppression he claims they have suffered. In another case, a Congressman has introduced legislation to mandate reparations for slavery.

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