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Trump Supporters Lining Up More Than 40 Hours Before Event

With Trump drawing more than FIVE TIMES what a venue will hold while Biden only draws 600 at his campaign kickoff, and Beto Nobody draws about a dozen people, the pollsters STILL want us to believe that Biden is “thrashing” Trump in the polls??? We saw this play before in 2016. Remember how as recently as the day of the election Hillary was still up double digits in the polls, and Trump had “no chance” of winning?

If you still trust the polls or the mainstream media, you’re a special kind of stupid.

Link to article: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-supporters-start-lining-up-for-campaign-kick-off-more-than-40-hours-before-event


This little Marxist/muslim Iranian troll CAN’T be serious.  She was, and probably still is Obama’s handler.  There’s no way on God’s green earth that Obama would have fired Jarrett.  And for her to pretend that she DIDN’T make political statements that violated the Hatch Act is beyond ridiculous. 

The entire Obama administration’s relationship with actual facts and history is one that could at best be described as tenuous.

Kamala Harris: DoJ Would Have No Choice But to Prosecute Trump After Presidency

We don’t question WHY you became a prosecutor, Kamala. We question HOW you became a prosecutor and moved up the ladder from there. By your own admission, you slept your way to the top, lying on your back waiving your ankles in the air. America doesn’t need a woman of the night leading our nation to destruction. So, to you, I say “no thanks.”

Kamala Harris: DoJ ‘Would Have No Choice’ But to Prosecute Trump After Presidency

‘There has to be accountability’


HOST: “If you become president, if he was never impeached would you want the Department of Justice, now that he is no longer a sitting president to go forward with those obstructions of justice charges?”
HARRIS: “I believe that they would have no choice and that they should, yes. There has to be accountability. I mean look, people might, you know, question why I became a prosecutor. Well, I’ll tell you one of the reasons — I believe there should be accountability. Everyone should be held accountable, and the president is not above the law.”

LINK to article https://grabien.com/story.php?id=239301

US Women’s Gay Soccer Star Uses National Anthem to Send ‘F You’ to Trump

After a Christian gets kicked off the team for not wearing a gay pride jersey, the gay team captain uses her position as captain to not only attempt to turn the team into “dikes in spikes,” but further abuses her position by using it to make a political statement. Even more reason for me not to enjoy or watch women’s sports because so many have been corrupted and poisoned like this.

Megan Rapinoe
— Read on http://www.westernjournal.com/wc/us-womens-soccer-star-delivers-f-trump-anthem-world-cup/

‘This Is a Category One Insurrection’: US Diplomats Fly LGBT Flag at Embassies Despite Trump Administration Instructions

If you are a private business owner, or flying this offensive flag on your own property which is NOT on government property, then feel free to display this flag, a confederate flag, a Nazi swastika, a communist hammer and sickle, or whatever you want. The diplomats who allowed this, and the people responsible, should be recalled immediately, and fired for insubordination.

Several U.S. embassies have disregarded the State Department’s directive not to display rainbow flags on flagpoles during Pride Month.
— Read on www.westernjournal.com/category-one-insurrection-us-diplomats-fly-lgbt-flag-embassies-despite-trump-administration-instructions/

Liberals Pledge Not To Have Babies Because Of CLIMATE Change

Liberals choosing not to reproduce for ANY reason is a win for all of mankind.

Liberals Pledge Not To Have Babies Because Of CLIMATE Change
— Read on clashdaily.com/2019/06/liberals-pledge-not-to-have-babies-because-of-climate-change/

Trump Supporters Tired Of D.C. Swamp Stir Up Talks Of New Political Party

The simple truth is that EVERY time TRUE conservatism is used, it wins. The Republican Party is NOT a true Conservative party anymore, and hasn’t been for a very long time. The establishment of the Republican Party is honestly only shades of gray different from the democrats they claim to be the alternative to.

We NEED a true conservative party, and now is the time. As long as we ran a forceful race, not being timid about getting the conservative message out, we COULD win. If we’re weak in fighting the battle, we’ll split the vote and hand power back to the anti-God, anti-American, baby-murdering, illegal immigrant catering, socialist/communist/Marxist democrats.

We must proceed carefully, wisely, and forcefully, but proceed we must.

Bold Leadership Begets Bold Changes – Trump Supporters Tired Of D.C. Swamp Stir Up Talks Of New Political Party – enVolve
— Read on en-volve.com/2019/06/07/bold-leadership-begets-bold-changes-trump-supporters-tired-of-d-c-swamp-stir-up-talks-of-new-political-party/

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