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Fix income inequality with $10 million loans for everyone!

Former FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair, using my style of sarcasm, really lays it on Mr. Bernanke and the Obama administrations fiscal policies.  A very entertaining and educational article, assuming you are not one easily distracted by sarcasm.

Fix income inequality with $10 million loans for everyone!

By Sheila Bair, Published: April 13

Are you concerned about growing income inequality in America? Are you resentful of all that wealth concentrated in the 1 percent? I’ve got the perfect solution, a modest proposal that involves just a small adjustment in the Federal Reserve’s easy monetary policy. Best of all, it will mean that none of us have to work for a living anymore.

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The Obama Oil Slick of Lies

Obama keeps lying about his accomplishments, or more accurately lack of accomplishment, in the area of oil production and energy policy.  I’m just calling it like it is.  He’s lying.  Once is a slip of the tongue, but repeating the same half-truths and outright falsehoods over and over is lying.

Here’s some of the crap he’s lying about.

Obama Lie:

  • “Anybody who suggests that somehow we’re suppressing domestic oil production isn’t paying attention.” (in Cushing, OK, Mar 22, 2012)


  • See below

Obama Lie:

  • “Anyone who says that just drilling more will bring gas prices down … isn’t paying attention; they’re not playing it straight. We are drilling more. We are producing more…”  (in Cushing, OK, Mar 22, 2012)


  • Again, continue reading below…

Obama Lie:

  • But the fact is, producing more oil at home isn’t enough by itself to bring gas prices down overnight.” (in Cushing, OK, Mar 22, 2012)


  • He contradicts himself by saying the oil prices are driven by global supply and demand, but says that increasing our production won’t affect oil prices?!?!

Obama Lie:

  • Obama says that “offshore drilling would not lower gas prices today. It would not lower gas prices this summer. It would not lower gas prices this year. In fact, President Bush’s own Energy Department says that we won’t see a drop of oil from this proposal until 2017. It will take a generation to reach full production. And even then, the effect on gas prices will be minimal at best.”  (June, 2008)


  • July 15, 2008: President Bush rescinds Executive Order banning offshore drilling.
    • Price of oil at close on July 14 — $145.18.
    • Price of oil at close on July 16 — $134.60.
  • “Crude-oil futures tumbled $4.14 to $134.60 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, bringing the contract’s loss to $10.58 over the past two sessions – the biggest two-day drop in crude prices since January 1991. Crude has lost $10.58 over the last two sessions, the biggest two-day price drop since January, 1991. It’s now 8.6% lower than the $147.27 record high hit last Thursday. Earlier in the session, futures slumped $6.74 to an intraday low of $132, the lowest for a front-month contract since June 12.”
  • FACT:  Oil prices are driven by demand, and SPECULATION about supply, as well as actual supply.  When speculators foresee a future decrease in world supply, they raise prices so that funds will be available to pay future higher prices.  When they foresee an INCREASE in supply (i.e. when new drilling is announced, or production restrictions are eased) the price comes down.

Obama LieContinue reading

Obama Somehow Gets in Some Golf

OK, libs. Obama has out-golfed Bush by a wide margin. He’s still building that margin, and he’s sacrificing family time and the people’s time to do so. So give it up already and quit defending his recreation with the “But, but, but… Bush played golf” defense. Bush gave up the game when we went to war. What has Obama given up since getting us into two more wars? His support for American taxpayers? His pretense of supporting traditional American values? He hasn’t given up lavish partying and soaking up the perks of the presidency, that’s for DANG SURE.

Obama Somehow Gets in Some Golf | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier.

Obama Somehow Gets in Some Golf

by Keith Koffler on June 12, 2011, 9:43 am

I know this will be surprising to everyone, but the president has gone golfing.(AGAIN…)

Having clearly had enough of the solitude of Camp David, where he and the family were making a rare weekend sojourn, the president choppered early this morning directly to Andrews and headed straight to the Air Force base golf course. Not clear whether Michelle in the girls are still at Camp David or back at the White House.

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Remember in November: The Democrats Caused or Did Not Prevent the Housing Crisis

Here it is in their own words, folks.  The Republicans tried to head this off at the pass, but were prevented from doing so.  The Republicans aren’t blameless in this whole mess, but the root of this problem lies with democrat legislation.

Obama Wants You to Pay More for Energy

Obama said during his campaign that under his plan, the price we pay for energy would NECESSARILY SKYROCKET.  Does that sound like a receipe for economic success?  Does that sound like a plan that would help the average person?  The overwhelming evidence from Obama’s first 14 months in office would seem to support the theory that Obama is following a Cloward and Piven style strategy to intentionally collapse the economy and American way of life by introducing one crisis after another to which the system eventually will be unable to respond.

Now we see further evidence that Obama has no intention of trying to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  He has no intention of trying to reduce the cost of our energy.  He has EVERY intention of using skyrocketing energy prices as a crisis from which he and the progressives can usurp even more control over our lives.

Mr. Obama, you and your progressive liberal friends may succeed in plunging our country into crisis, but you will never take it over.  When the balloon goes up, you spineless liberals won’t be able to stop American patriots from regaining control of this country and restoring CONSTITUTIONAL law.  Your attempted destruction of America will not be allowed to succeed.


The Obama Moratorium: No offshore drilling while he’s in office

By: Barbara Hollingsworth
Local Opinion Editor
03/10/10 1:19 PM EST

The Obama administration’s six-month delay in approving new offshore drilling leases in federal waters will become a new three-year ban, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar quietly told reporters last Friday. Which means that no new oil and gas leases will be approved during President Obama’s term even though two –thirds of the American public supports such activity, according to a December 2009 Rasmussen poll.

Sixty percent also believe that gas and oil prices will drop if the government allows offshore drilling, opening up an estimate 14 billion barrels of oil and 55 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.  (Of course prices will drop.  During the ’70s when the Arabs jacked up oil prices, we started to get serious about drilling.  When we did, two things happened.  The supply of oil increased, thus dropping the price, and the Arabs saw that we were serious about supplying our own oil so they simply dropped their prices to a point that we could not afford to drill for our own oil instead of buying theirs.  If we start drilling, we will eventually produce our own oil as cheaply as the Arabs can and be able to control our own price and supply.  This will also buy us time to develop VIABLE sources of cleaner energy while not collapsing our economy.)

On July 14, 2008 President George W. Bush lifted an executive ban on Outer Continental Shelf leasing. On October 1, 2008, in a bipartisan agreement, Congress lifted another longstanding ban on new oil and gas leasing in the OCS.

Drilling was supposed to begin this July. But Salazar said he intends to discard the 2010-2015 lease plan developed by the Bush administration in favor of a new plan that won’t even go into effect until 2012.

“Secretary Salazar has finally confirmed what had long been feared – that the Obama Administration has no intention of opening up new areas for offshore drilling during his four-years in office, said Rep. Doc Hastings, the ranking Republican on the House Natural Resources Committee.

So for the next three years and probably more, trillions of dollars in domestic energy assets will remain untouched while billions of dollars more are spent on foreign oil.

REAL Class Was 1st on the Scene at Ft. Hood

Hope and change.  I was HOPING enough voters would wake up and CHANGE their minds about voting for a narcissistic, undocumented communist.

Sadly, that didn’t happen.  For those who pulled the lever for Dumb-O, the big eared communist, how’s that hope and change workin’ out for ya’?  Wait, don’t answer yet.  I’ll ask you again when all of the Obama non-tax increase tax increases hit your wallet this year and next.  Answer me then, and when you see what’s left of the private sector evaporate and the economy collapse.  Answer when you see the Obama government controlling EVERY aspect of your life.  Don’t you weren’t warned.

This reply is from a retired Special Forces soldier in Fayetteville, NC who was sent a copy of the picture below.

What is even better is the fact George W. Bush heard about Fort Hood, got in his car without any escort, apparently they did not have time to react, and drove to Fort Hood.  He was stopped at the gate and the guard could not believe who he had just stopped.  Bush only asked for directions to the hospital then drove on.  The gate guard called that “The president Is on Fort Hood and driving to the hospital.”  The base went bananas looking for Obama.  When they found it was Bush they immediately offered escort and Bush simply told them to shut up and let him visit the wounded and the dependents of the dead.  He (George W. Bush) stayed at Fort Hood for over six hours and was finally asked to leave by a message from the White House. Obama flew in days later and held a “photo” session in a gym and did not even go to the hospital.  All this I picked up from two soldiers here who happened to be at Fort Hood when it happened.

Class shows up…

The doctor had his tv on in his office when the news of the military base shootings came on. The husband of one of his employees was stationed there.

He called her into his office and as he told her what had happened, she got a text message from her husband saying, “I am okay.”  Her cell phone rang right after she read the message. It was an ER nurse,”I’m the one who just sent you a text, not your husband. I thought it would be comforting but I was mistaken in doing so. I am sorry to tell you this, but your husband has been shot 4 times and he is in surgery.”

The soldier’s wife left Southern Clinic in Dothan and drove all night to Ft.Hood. When she arrived, she found out her husband was out of surgery and would be OK. She rushed to his room and found that he already had visitors there to confort him. He was just waking up and found his wife and the visitors by his side.

The nurse took this picture.

"Class" showed up. Obama couldn't stand being upstaged, so he asked Bush to leave. As usual, Obama was putting his own image and desires ahead of the greater good, and the welfare of "his" soldiers. This is why not a single soldier, sailor, or airman I know is in a hurry to jump in front of a bullet headed for Obama.

What?  No news crews and cameras?  This is how people with class respond and pay respect to those in uniform.


Barack O-Bankruptus’ Budget: Stake Through America’s Heart

Here are some facts about the new Obama budget that should just piss you off.

  • President Obama just submitted a $3.8 trillion budget
    • the largest federal budget EVER
    • $700 billion larger than Pres. George W. Bush’s last budget
    • TWICE the size of Pres. Bill Clinton’s last budget of $1.9 trillion
    • The projected deficit of that budget would be $1.6 trillion

Yet does the All Barack Channel (ABC), the New Barack Channel (NBC), or Consistent Barack Supporter (CBS) speak out AT ALL about this record spending?  Do they call it irresponsible?  Do they say he is spending too much?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE!  He’s ‘the one,’ the m-O-ssiah, Chairman Maobama, JoBama Stalin.  They won’t question him for one second, because they share his values and agenda.  And what’s worse, they cover up and/or spin the truth and paint him as a ‘fiscal conservative.’

The idiots in the media, and the one economist out of millions who actually believes that government created jobs create wealth or stimulate the economy are lying saying that the hundreds of billions of dollars Obama plans to spend will ‘spur job growth.’  It will only stimulate GOVERNMENT job growth.

These same purveyors of Obama propaganda quote Obama who said:

The bottom line is this. We simply cannot continue to spend as if deficits don’t have consequences, as if waste doesn’t matter, as if the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people can be treated like Monopoly money.”

Does any of these propagandists address the fact that Obama’s budget does EXACTLY what he is saying we ‘cannot continue’ to do?  Not on your life.

Are any of them reporting that in one single year, Obama has increased discretionary spending nearly 85%?  Are they reporting the hypocrisy of then saying he wants to ‘freeze’ spending at these unsustainable, bloated levels?  Not a peep.

These propagandists report favorably on Obama’s budget and quoted administration officials (Obama, budget director Peter Orszag, press secretary Robert Gibbs) a number of times, but mostly ignored tax or economic experts critical of the budget.

To top it all off, Obama’s budget is based on many faulty assumptions.

  • Bush proposed spending at a rate that would rise to $2.71 trillion by 2011
    • Projections missed the mark and spending actually hit $3 trillion by 2008
    • Bush/Cheney spent $916 billion more annually by 2009 than they had planned
    • Obama’s budget figures passage of health care reform (which is currently in limbo) into the budget
    • The costs of Cap-and-Trade, which he intends to pass, are not figured into his budget
    • Obama’s budget assumes an economic growth rate of 3% per year plus inflation
      • This ignores a historic rate of 2.89% since 1980, and the current and projected state of our economy

So while Obama is spending money like a sex addict with a bottomless checkbook at the Moonlite BunnyRanch, what is he telling Americans about tough times?

When times are tough, you tighten your belts.  You don’t go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage.  You don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you’re trying to save for college. You prioritize. You make tough choices.”

He made these statements in front of a crowd at a Nashua, NH highschool.


He is personally living it up, partying his skinny little Kenyan a$$ off at taxpayer expense, and jet-setting all over the world unnecessarily while Americans are sliding into poverty by the millions.  He flies in for a photo op, says “I understand,” and hops back on AF1, at a cost of thousands of dollars per flight hour, so he can make it back to the crib for the latest party, with entertainment provided by big name rock bands.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is much more than just a budget. It is a blue print for fundamentally changing America from a representative republic to a socialist/communist nation.

How will the Obama budget impact you directly?  Here are a few examples.

  • Obama will let the Bush tax cuts expire (this is a tax increase)
  • Obama’s stated tax focus on people making over $250,000 per year is a lie.  Many of these are small business corporations filing as individuals who personally take home less than $70,000 per year.  Their corporation may gross $250K, but most of that goes to expenses and wages for employees.  These businesses will close their doors when hit by these new taxes.

Middle class family backdoor tax increases

  • George W. Bush 2001 targeted tax provision.
    • Lowered individual tax rates
    • Slashed capital gains taxes
    • Scaled back estate tax (death tax) to zero
    • Democrats call this tax cuts for the ‘wealthiest Americans’
    • If these provisions are allowed to expire in December 31st, 2010 as Obama plans,
      • 10% tax bracket that existed under G.W. Bush will no longer exist
      • 25% tax bracket will increase to 28% (rich people, huh?)
      • 28% tax bracket will increase to 31%
      • 33% tax bracket will increase to 36%
      • Top tier personal income tax rate will rise from 35% to 39.6%
      • Estate (death) tax will go from 0% under Bush’s cuts in 2010 to 55% of everything you will to someone
        • Oh, by the way, all of this has already been taxed at least once by the government when it was earned in the first place
  • Investors, (anyone who has a 401K, IRA, Union retirement account, or retirement account of any kind is considered an ‘investor’) tax on dividends will increase from 15% to 39.6%
  • Capital Gains tax will increase from 15% to 20%
    • This will freeze money because no one will want to pay more than twice the penalty on their dividends
    • Say goodbye to the stock market
    • Congress also failed to renew the Alternative Minimum Tax ‘patch’
      • AMT originally intended to keep the VERY rich from avoiding income taxes
      • Some wealthy people were FOLLOWING THE TAX LAWS AS WRITTEN BY CONGRESS and were able to write off so much stuff that they owed no taxes
      • Congress acting on anger and class envy imposed the AMT
      • It has never been indexed for inflation, so now it applies to millions of Americans that it should not apply to
        • The government KNEW what they were doing when they did this.  They have been reluctant to correct their ‘mistake’ because it has become such a large source of income for the government
  • Without renewing the patch, people with incomes as low as $33,000 will be affected
    • That means that if you earn more than $33,000 you are ‘rich’ under Obama’s definition
    • $250 teacher tax credit for buying classroom supplies will go away
      • School systems are receiving between $9,000 and $18,000 per student depending on the district which is being wasted in everything BUT the student
      • Dedicated teachers are paying for basic needs for their students from their own inadequate salaries
      • Taxpayers who itemize will lose ability to deduct state and local sales tax
      • Taxpayers who DON’T itemize will no longer be able to increase their standard deduction by up to $1,000 for property taxes paid
      • Tax deduction for up to $4,000 of college tuition and expenses: GONE
      • First $2,400 of UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS will now be TAXABLE
        • These were tax free under the Bush plan through 2009
        • Obama wants to eliminate the home mortgage deduction for people make over $250K/year
          • This will drive the final stake through the housing market
          • Construction, landscaping, housekeeping, and other jobs associated with these homes will disappear
          • People buy expensive houses so they can write them off

Ladies and gentlemen, this is tyranny worth fighting over. You and I are about to be enslaved, and our country destroyed by the whims of a communist president, and his willing accomplices in the house and senate. He has already sold us to China, who now dictates Obama’s policies and actions. We are now number 2 or 3 in the world economically, and soon to be militarily. He must be stopped.

We are approaching the tipping point, the precipice, the point of no return. If this agenda, and these people are not stopped from finishing the destruction of our constitution and our economy, we are soon to see a collapse of America that will make the “Great Depression” look like the “good ole’ days.” Your wheelbarrow full of money will not buy you a loaf of bread, and the cities like New York and LA will be charnel houses of anarchy because those people are completely dependent on outside sources for EVERYTHING they have.

Stop him now. Stop him before it’s too late. Stand together and save America.

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