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Why Should ANY Lawmaker or the President Get a Paycheck If They Can’t Get Budgets Passed?

While I applaud these lawmakers gesture to refuse their paycheck, it shouldn’t be just an option if they can’t do their jobs and get budgets passed.  They should not receive a check for the duration of any shutdown, or for any period where they are operating under a continuing resolution.  They should BY LAW forfeit their paychecks, and NOT get back pay when the government reopens, or when they finally pass a budget.  That would be a small incentive to DO THEIR JOB.

p.s.:  There should be no such thing as “omnibus” budgets.  EVERY budget for EVERY agency/department should have to be passed INDIVIDUALLY after appropriate consideration.  This means that lawmakers would actually have to work all year long to get budgets passed in time for the next fiscal year.  Cry me a river.


Some freshmen say no paycheck during shutdown, but most lawmakers get paid





Senate Republicans caved on everything in the budget

This is from last month, but didn’t get much if any airtime in the mainstream media, or even Fox News for that matter.  The gutless establishment RINOs had a great opportunity to do SOMETHING right for the first time in the Obama presidency.  But, of course the spineless, democrat-lite, self-serving RINOs led by John Boehner 2.0 (a.k.a. Paul Ryan), and Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell folded like lawn chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

They could have easily stopped most of the Obama tyranny had they been concerned about honoring their oath of office more than they were worried about keeping their seat at the table of power with their perks and salaries. 

This is why ALL of Washington DC needs to be COMPLETELY reset.


In Total Reversal, Welsh Admits Air Force is On Verge of Manpower Collapse

A leader cannot lead without the trust and loyalty of those who are being asked to follow him. Such is the case with Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Mark A. Welsh III. He has come to epitomize the type of “leader” remaining in our military following the Obama purge. Leaders who refuse to do anything other than salute smartly and say “YES, SIR!“, even when the orders being followed are blatantly destroying the nation and Constitution they have sworn to defend. There is no conceivable way Welsh could NOT have known the enormity of the problem we were facing, yet he went ahead with, and even accelerated the mortal wound of a manpower cut. Now, in the face of a tsunami largely of his own creation, he seems to grow a spine and a pair of open eyes. My only question is WHY NOW??? Is this like a deathbed confession? Does he actually possess the character to do the right thing even at the risk of throwing away his career and retirement? Based on what I have seen from the “leaders” groomed for senior positions by the system created and perpetuated by these same people, you can just say I’m skeptical. The usual pattern for these cowards is to sit and twiddle thumbs until they retire, move on to some cushy consulting job, and suddenly develop enough of a conscience to start sniping from the outside where they have little to no effect. I’m sorry, but if our “leaders” aren’t willing to fall on their sword for what is RIGHT while they are still in a position to effect change and INSPIRE FOLLOWERS, they are not the kind of people our military, or our nation need.

In Total Reversal, Welsh Admits Air Force is On Verge of Manpower Collapse


“Virtually every mission area” faces critical manning shortages, and the Air Force risks burning airmen out. “We’re at 82 to 85 percent manning levels in virtually every mission area,” Welsh said during a discussion Tuesday at the Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C. “We can’t reach in someplace and grab more manpower to fix a problem anymore. And so we have got to figure out different ways of using our people in a more efficient way or we will wear them out. And if we lose them, we lose everything.”

Continue reading

The GOP Has Surrendered to a Tyrant. Governors MUST Act

31 Republican States SECEDE

Republican governors, are you paying attention? Who is going to pay for this executive amnesty? WE ARE.  Our already cash-strapped states and communities will be forced to foot the bill for benefits for millions of newly “legalized” illegal aliens. The progressive establishment leadership of the GOP in Washington DC is planning to do NOTHING to put a stop to this. I’m afraid that we can wait no longer for anyone in Washington DC to do the right thing. If you all band together, we can stop all of this mess with one proclamation. Red states, band together and SECEDE. The progressive states could do little or nothing to stop it, and could not survive without us. Once they realize they will die on the vine without us, we can reunite the republic on OUR terms. What other choices do we have left? All three branches of the federal government are off the constitutional reservation, and the military has been castrated and appears unwilling to honor their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. If the goal is the restoration of the republic, the rule of law, and the Constitution, then it would seem the only alternatives left are a chaotic and bloody civil war, or secession. I believe a mass secession has the best chance of succeeding.

The USAF Under the Full Effects of Obama’s Policies

What will it look like? Here’s what I’m betting it will look like…


Our Military Is Not On Obama’s Priority List

Obama is willfully and purposefully undermining and dismantling our military. Our military is one of the few things CONSTITUTIONALLY mandated for which the government is to collect taxes and spend money to maintain. Yet when cutting spending, does our increasingly progressive communist government cut the bloated vote buying programs that redistribute wealth? No. They cut the military.

These latest cuts reduce our Army to the smallest size since before WWII. Few people alive remember those times. Our Army was so underfunded that they trained and drilled using broomsticks as rifles, and had old pickup trucks with signs painted on them saying “TANK” because they didn’t have actual tanks, or couldn’t afford to operate the few they had. What did that level of weakness lead to? World War II. Weakness invites attack.

If you boil down the essence of what the mission of our military is SUPPOSED to be, it would be this: To be ready, willing, and able to kick anyone’s butt, anytime, anywhere, and in such convincing fashion that NO ONE is willing to attempt attacking us.

There is no room in that mission for political correctness, for social experimentation, or for underfunding the military to spend that money on more food stamps in order to buy more votes. The politicians who support this destruction of our military while also supporting increased social spending are traitors, and should be dealt with as such.

Priorities, Mr. President, It’s All About Priorities- And Veterans Are Not One of Yours

Posted by THOMAS CHEEVER / April 1, 2014

Priorities, Mr. President, It’s All About Priorities – And Veterans Are Not One of Yours

Remember the budget deal reached last December to restore funding for the federal government? Of course, you do. The TV and press coverage of closed national monuments, barricades along highways blocking scenic overlooks (I’m not kidding, the feds did that), WWII veterans crashing through barricades at the WWII memorial, all while the feds kept telling us how the debt ceiling has to be raised. Continue reading

Evolving into a Second-Rate Military

Our ‘progressive‘ government (progressives used to call themselves communists until that became ‘uncool’ in America) is allowing, no, FORCING our military to become second rate while the welfare, EBT cards for booze and strip clubs, and Obamaphones continue to flow.

Remind me again which is actually called for in the Constitution.  Pretty sure it’s the military.

Military Alters Training to Deal With Budget Woes

Nov 25, 2013

Associated Press| by Brett Barrouquere and Susanne M. Schafer

FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. — The skies above Shaw Air Force Base in central South Carolina and the fields across Fort Campbell on the Tennessee-Kentucky line have been a bit quieter in recent months.

Budget cuts to the military have forced installations around the country to alter training exercises and daily routines to save money. For airmen and pilots, that means fewer flights. For soldiers and Marines, it means fewer drills or delaying them until a deployment nears.

The automatic budget cuts, known as sequestration, come as the military is in the midst of a drawdown in Afghanistan and shrinking its overall size.

The Army has retooled training regimens to focus on soldiers deploying to Afghanistan and Korea — those who will be in hostile areas soonest, said George Wright, a civilian Army spokesman in Washington. The Army curtailed training to smaller units of eight to 14 soldiers each — the squad level — for 80 percent of the fighting force in fiscal year 2013 and canceled seven Brigade Combat Team training center rotations.

In cases where only part of a brigade is deploying from Fort Campbell, some soldiers are being pushed into field training while others are held back until their departure date draws nearer, spokesman Bob Jenkins said.”That way, we’re able to meet the requirements for the people being trained for deployment and make sure they had all the things that were required,” Jenkins said. “If people were supposed to go out and shoot 500 rounds one day, they went out and fired 500 rounds. That didn’t change.”

The 77th Fighter Squadron, one of three that make up the 20th Fighter Wing at Shaw, was told to stand down in April after it returned from a six-month deployment to Afghanistan. It was one of several groups in the 9th Air Force ordered to idle jets for weeks in response to the automatic budget cuts.

Col. Clark Quinn, the F-16 wing’s vice commander, said the pilots were given the vacation time they would have normally taken and then put into ground training, such as on computer simulators. It gave them a chance to rest, and polish up some of their technical skills, he said.

“They were not flying. Their aircraft were just parked,” Quinn said. The maintenance support units worked on other aircraft to stay sharp, he said.

The pilots and airmen are now back on their regular training schedules, Quinn said.

Over the summer, the 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell anticipated cuts would come and purchased helicopter parts that typically need replacing, rather waiting to buy them when equipment failed. The move has allowed the regiment to keep flying, even if on a more limited basis, once the cutbacks kicked in, said Maj. Matt Wolfe.

“We had to cut down flight hours for a while with the funding issues,” Wolfe said. “But, we’ve been flying on the cheap. The only thing we cost them is fuel.”

Navy Lt. Rob Myers at the Pentagon said budget cuts have forced the Naval Air Forces to trim flight hours for aviators back to 11 hours per aviator per month – the minimum needed to maintain flight proficiency. Pilots are turning to simulators to get in flight hours beyond the minimum.

“Our deploying forces are properly manned, trained and equipped to meet all mission requirements. Our non-deployers have had some degradation due to impacts based on exercise cancellations, port visits cancellations, schools cancellations, flight hours reduced,” Myers said.

Col. Steve Yackley, deputy commander at Fort Jackson outside Columbia, said the post continues to train about 45,000 soldiers annually and expects to get the money to do so for the next two years. It is the Army’s largest training installation and trains about half the service’s new soldiers every year.

“We are a little protected,” Yackley said. But he said the installation has to look for savings in other ways. At both Shaw and Fort Jackson, grass isn’t cut as diligently and repairs to buildings are made only in emergencies.

Fort Campbell has undertaken similar steps, stopping reunions for former soldiers and health and informational sessions for soldiers and their families.

“If we could do without it, we did,” Jenkins said.

Along with maintenance and training delays, some soldiers are being put to new tasks while not deployed.

Capt. J. Stephen Donaldson, company commander of 551st Military Police at Fort Campbell, is teaching soldiers who recently returned from deployment how to handle post security. Donaldson’s job entails taking 72 soldiers, from the infantry and supply, and teaching them how to use pepper spray and work security at the entrance gates to the post. The soldiers will work security on a six-month rotation.

The soldiers will fill in for two platoons from the 716th MP Battalion deployed overseas. With two more platoons headed out soon, the extra hands are needed to avoid hiring private contractors.

For the soldiers, shuffling training schedules and cutbacks are difficult, but nothing they say they can’t handle.

“It sucks, but you do what you need to do,” Spc. Chris Allen said after returning to Fort Campbell in October from six months in Afghanistan.

— Associated Press reporter Julie Watson in San Diego, Calif., contributed to this report. Barrouquere reported from Fort Campbell, Ky., and Louisville, Ky. Schafer reported from Columbia, S.C., and Shaw Air Force Base, S.C.

Link to article: http://www.military.com/daily-news/2013/11/25/military-alters-training-to-deal-with-budget-woes.html?ESRC=eb.nl

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