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To All The Workers Impacted By The Shutdown – Almost Every DEMOCRAT Voted Against Paying You During The Shutdown

Nancy “Botox Bolshevik” Pelosi says she’s eager to “work together in a bipartisan fashion” to end the shutdown because she’s just soooooo worried about those government workers not getting their paychecks.  She says this as she’s trying to leave the country on a taxpayer boondoggle that would prevent her from being around to “work together in a bipartisan fashion” to end the shutdown.  Lying sack of…  Botox.  Her and the democrats ONLY concern is doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to damage Donald Trump.


To All The Workers Impacted By The Shutdown – Almost Every DEMOCRAT Voted Against Paying You During The Shutdown

If you needed more proof that Democrats are responsible for the government shutdown this is it.

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw reported on Twitter that Republicans had a plan to pay federal workers during the shutdown.

But that proposal did not pass because all but 6 Democrats voted against it.


Link to entire article:  https://en-volve.com/2019/01/23/to-all-the-workers-impacted-by-the-shutdown-almost-every-democrat-voted-against-paying-you-during-the-shutdown/



PROOF: Democrats Hate America and Want to Kill Babies

How can democrats claim that they love America and support Americans when they won’t spend money to defend them?  Even more insulting is the fact that democrats not only won’t spend money to defend Americans, but want to spend large sums of money to kill babies all over the world.

Democrats hate America, and want to kill babies.


Dems refuse to work with Trump on border security, but just attempted to promote abortion overseas

Her priorities are clear

Zach Gibson/Getty Images

House Democrats remain steadfast in their refusal to work with President Donald Trump on border security, insisting not a single taxpayer dollar should be used to fund Trump’s proposed border wall. The brutal fight has led to a partial government shutdown now entering its third week.

However, Democrats displayed willingness last week — in their first piece of proposed legislation as the majority party in the House — to use taxpayer dollars to support a more sinister cause: overseas abortions.

What are the details?

In a bill supposedly meant to end the government stalemate, Democrats included language that would repeal a provision meant to prevent U.S. aid dollars from funding abortion overseas.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The spending bill would repeal a provision instituted by President Trump that requires foreign nongovernmental organizations to certify that they will not “perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning.” The provision, formally known as the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy, was once called the Mexico City Policy, known by critics as the “global gag rule.”

The bill also would increase funding by $5 million for the United Nations Population Fund, to $37.5 million. Anti-abortion organizations oppose the program because they say it participates in coercive abortions and involuntary sterilizations.

Fortunately, because Republicans retained control of the Senate, any highly partisan bill from the House almost certainly faces death in the Senate.

Indeed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) characterized the Democratic spending bill as “a time-wasting act of political posturing” because Democrats passed it knowing it would not receive the required 60 votes for approval in the Senate.

Additionally, McConnell has said he plans to reject all legislation that does not include money for a border wall.

Link to article:  Dems refuse to work with Trump on border security, but just attempted to promote abortion overseas

Opponents Will Say That This Is Why A Wall Won’t Work

Opponents of a border wall (and proponents of open borders and unchecked illegal immigration) will cite this as proof that a border wall doesn’t work.  It is very easy to prove that they are completely and utterly WRONG.

ANY barrier has at least SOME deterrent effect.  If you put a single strand of barbed wire waist high, some who obey the law, or have back problems and don’t want to bend over, will turn around and go away.  If you build a wall from the surface of the ground up to some height, you will deter those without the means or ability to climb over it.  If they can just dig a foot or two down to get under it, you have still deterred people from simply walking across the border unchecked.  You will never stop ALL people from coming here illegally, but you can slow down the flow dramatically.  And if walls don’t work, just have the people who say that answer the question posed by Donald Trump.  Why do you have walls around YOUR house?

IN ADDITION to building a wall, we MUST remove the incentive to cross the border ILLEGALLY in the first place.  The law must be DRASTICALLY changed to severely tighten the criteria for claiming asylum.  The federal government MUST stop providing money, medical care, and other forms of aid to illegals.  It must be made illegal at ALL levels to knowingly provide employment, housing, education, medical care, etc. to illegal aliens.  When there is no economic benefit to coming here illegally, most will simply stop coming.


Largest single group of migrants ever tunnels under border wall in Arizona, says Border Protection

A group of 376, including nearly 200 minors, was arrested.

The largest single group of asylum seekers ever to cross into the U.S. tunneled beneath the border wall near San Luis, Arizona, on Monday, voluntarily turning themselves into Customs and Border Protection, according to the agency.

Read entire article here:  Largest single group of migrants ever tunnels under border wall in Arizona, says Border Protection

Botox Bolshevik Thinks She’s Queen or President


“Sadly given the security concerns and unless government re-opens this week, I suggest that we work together to determine another suitable date after government has re-opened for this address or for you to consider delivering State of the Union address in writing to the Congress on January 29th,” Pelosi wrote in her letter addressed to the president on Wednesday.

Trump should deliver a memo to congress and broadcast his SOTU from the border flanked by a bevy of border patrol agents, and he should unload on Pelosi and Schumer with both barrels.

Link to article:  Speaker Nancy Pelosi Asks Trump to Postpone State of the Union Address

Democrats STILL Seeking Government Takeover of Healthcare, Lying to Sell the Myth of “Free” Healthcare

The democrats are using several LIES to sell this push for government run, a.k.a. “single-payer” healthcare.

They say it will be more affordable. Remember Barack Hussein Obama promising it would cut premiums by $2,500 per year for most families? In actuality, premiums went UP as much as 400% in some cases.

Obama also promised “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Yet many doctors would not, and do not accept Obamacare, meaning you had to find a doctor that would.

They say that under Obamacare, millions more got health insurance. They don’t discuss the millions who were KICKED OFF their health insurance, and had to pay much higher premiums to cover the freeloaders. Nor do the tell you that having insurance is not the same as having healthcare, as described above because not all doctors take that insurance.

They say healthcare will be “free.” Someone promising you something for nothing is ALWAYS lying to you. There is no such thing as “free” when it comes to cost. SOMEONE has to pay the price. Everyone WILL pay the price in the form of higher taxes on a whole host of things, fees, etc. They also tell you healthcare is a “right.” A “right,” by definition, does not infringe upon or take away from another person. That means that everyone who supports the idea that “free” healthcare is somehow a “right” also supports legalized theft and slavery because to make it “free” means you would either take the money from someone else to pay for it, or you would require the doctor to treat you without compensation, which is slavery.

Being that “free” healthcare is also a socialist idea (actually closet communist since it always involves more government control), as always, it ignores human nature in forecasting the results. Doctors who aren’t being reimbursed adequately to cover their costs either will not accept that insurance, or if forced to, will eventually just stop practicing medicine, as many have done. That means a shortage of doctors. When something is “free,” people will consume more of it than if their is a cost they must consider vs. spending those dollars on other necessities. That means increased demand for doctors. Increased demand on fewer doctors inevitably leads to longer wait times and inferior care. It has happened EVERYWHERE this has been tried.

If you are a recent product of the public school system, unless your parents had a good head on their shoulders and raised you right, there’s a good chance you believe the drivel you have been indoctrinate with by our liberal/socialist/communist public school system. You have been taught that basically everything the democrats are saying is right and good.

Hear me now, believe me later. Don’t take my word for it. Do UNBIASED research, and apply common sense and human nature to what you find. Educate yourself on what has worked in the past (i.e. NOT socialism and more government control of things), and what is likely to work in the future.

It’s not too late YET, but we’re quickly approaching the point of no return in terms of having enough people smart enough, educated enough, and honest enough to keep America from collapsing into an idiocracy, and just collapsing completely.


Democratic chairman begins prep work for legislation to enact ‘single payer’ healthcare

House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth, D-Ky., has asked the Congressional Budget Office to analyze the effects of shifting all healthcare costs onto the federal government, a first step toward the “Medicare for all” legislation sought by progressives.

“Members of Congress developing proposals seeking to establish a single-payer system will face many important decisions that could have major implications for federal spending, national healthcare spending, and access to care,” Yarmuth said in a letter to Keith Hall, the director of the CBO.


Read entire article here: Democratic chairman begins prep work for legislation to enact ‘single payer’ healthcare

White House, Dems disagree on definition of ‘negotiating’

Conservative definition of ‘negotiate’A little give-and-take to arrive at a compromise solution acceptable to both parties.

Democrat/leftist definition of ‘negotiate’Give us everything we demand, or we throw a temper tantrum, stonewall, sabotage you at every turn, and call you a racist/sexist/bigot/____phobe.

Establishment RINO definition of ‘negotiate’Surrender to the democrats and stab your conservative base in the back.

Shutdown Day 17: White House, Dems disagree on definition of ‘negotiating’

White House goes on offensive with Trump Oval Office address, southern border visit

Vice President Mike Pence on Monday said Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer and other top Democrats refuse to negotiate on a border security package that would end a shutdown of a quarter of the federal government. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

The White House went on the offensive Monday in what likely will be a prolonged battle with congressional Democrats, arguing the party refuses to seriously negotiate an end to a partial government shutdown and readying a presidential public relations blitz.

As Democratic leaders and rank-and-file members continue blasting the Trump administration, accusing it of being dug in and unwilling to move from President Donald Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion for a southern border wall, the White House is doing what it often does: Punching back.

Read entire article here:  Shutdown Day 17: White House, Dems disagree on definition of ‘negotiating’

ICYMI: Obamacare STILL Unconstitutional


Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare as Unconstitutional

By Savannah Pointer
December 15, 2018 at 8:56am

A Texas judge ruled on Friday that the individual coverage mandate of the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional and, therefore, the rest of the law can no longer stand, NBC Newsreported.

U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor in Fort Worth made his decision in a case brought by a group of right-leaning states led by Texas.

In his ruling, O’Connor clearly laid out why he believes that Obamacare “continues to be unsustainable.”

“The Court today finds the Individual Mandate is no longer fairly readable as an exercise of Congress’s Tax Power and continues to be unsustainable under Congress’s Interstate Commerce Power. The Court therefore finds the Individual Mandate, unmoored from a tax, is unconstitutional and GRANTS Plaintiffs’ claim for declaratory relief as to Count I of the Amended Complaint,” O’Connor wrote.

Although the decision is expected to be appealed to the Supreme Court, should O’Connor’s ruling stand, there will no longer be a penalty for those who don’t buy insurance, NBC reported.
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