The Secretary of Defense announced this afternoon that all transgender military personnel will be allowed to serve without facing separation or disbarment from service.

In July of 2015, Secretary Carter commissioned a study which was conducted with the partnership of medical professionals and the Rand Corporation- the American nonprofit global policy think tank that offers research and analysis to the United States Armed Forces.  (In other words, the paid for the political answer they were looking for.)

Before entering any branch of service, the new policy states transgender must be certified by a doctor as stable in their new gender for at least eighteen months.  (Correct me if I’m wrong, but scientifically speaking, a transgender person is NEVER “stable” in their “new” gender.  Genetically speaking, you are always the male or female you were born to be.  No dicectomy or addadictomy surgery will change that, and you must take hormones for the rest of your life to suppress the NATURAL tendencies of your body.  You are what your are.) Continue reading