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Green Beret Charged With Murder for Doing His Job

When you start prosecuting warriors for being warriors, you stop getting warriors when you NEED warriors, because they are afraid that if they are warriors, they will be put in prison (or worse) for acting like the warriors we trained them to be.


Decorated Green Beret charged with premeditated murder of suspected Taliban terrorist. Trump responds.

A decorated Green Beret was charged with premeditated murder for allegedly killing a man in Afghanistan nearly 10 years ago, according to published reports. The high-profile case has caught the attention of President Donald Trump, who said Sunday that he plans to review it.

Army Maj. Mathew L. Golsteyn allegedly shot an Afghan man on Feb. 22, 2010, near Forward Operating base McQuery in Marjah, Afghanistan. Last week, Golsteyn reportedly signed a memo acknowledging the charge.

He reportedly admitted to killing the man seven years after it happened. The alleged Taliban member was suspected of planting a bomb that killed two Marines.

Read entire article here:  Decorated Green Beret charged with premeditated murder of suspected Taliban terrorist. Trump responds.


Wish Osama a Happy Shot-In-The-Face Day!

A little belated, but wish your favorite terrorist a Happy Shot-In-The-Face day.

Happy Shot In The Face Day

You Can’t Reason With A Rabid Animal

This is what the Palestinian rock throwers are teaching their children.  They are willing to strap bombs to their own children, and send them into battle when no battle is necessary.  How do you reason with this?  How do you have civilized negotiations and civilized discussion with someone who is NOT civilized?

As Golda Meir said, “There can be no peace until they love their children more than they hate us.”

Al Queda Leader Captured Dressed As Woman. Should The U.S. Ban Burqas?

Burka [boo r-kuh]
1. a loose garment covering the entire body and having a veiled opening for the eyes, (usually) worn by muslim women.
2. a method of hiding shame of muslim women at being slaves to their cowardly men
3. a disguise used by effeminate, inbred, cowardly muslim men to evade detection either for the purposes of making a cowardly escape, or to facilitate a cowardly attack

Ban the Burka2

Al Queda Leader Captured Dressed As Woman. Should The U.S. Ban Burqas?

By Ed Mccain

After the reported arrest of an Al Qaeda leader dressed as a woman in Syria, several media outlets are raising important questions: Are burqas safe? Should the U.S. implementing stronger security processes when it comes to burqas?

According to the report, “Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani had managed to pass several military checkpoints dressed as a woman, until he was arrested by the Syrian army in al-Jaswiya, al-Qusayr, in his attempt to flee to neighboring Lebanon.” Authorities said the jihadist covered his face with a burqa and was even wearing makeup and lipstick.

“He shaved his beard, worked his eyebrows, and put on mascara and lipstick till he looked exactly like a woman.” Syrian forces told reporters.

France made headline news worldwide when they banned the use of burqas in public places last year.

Should the U.S. join France and other countries by banning burqas in all 50 states? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Link to article:  http://christiantelegram.com/al-queda-leader-captured-dressed-as-woman-should-the-u-s-ban-burqas/

Obama Trying to Force States to Invest In/Not Divest From Iran

The Obama/Kerry Iran treaty just gets worse and worse. There’s none of the 24/7 inspections we were promised, Iran gets billions of dollars to fund even more terrorism, Iran gets advanced weaponry such as Russian surface-to-air missiles, they are allowed to seek other advanced weapons technology such as ICBMs, the treaty says that AMERICAN MILITARY FORCES will defend IRAN against any attackers such as Israel, and now Obama is trying to force states to invest in, or not divest from Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism that is responsible for thousands of American deaths.

What time does that revolution start? It needs to get going.

States Seek to Stop the Obama Admin. From Using ‘All Available Authority’ to Force Investment in Iran

Link to Article:  http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/09/08/states-seek-to-stop-the-obama-admin-from-using-all-available-authority-to-force-investment-in-iran/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Firewire%20Morning%20Edition%20Recurring%20v2%202015-09-09&utm_term=Firewire_Morning_Test


This is what Obama traded for a Deserter

Mohammad Fazi - set free by Obama

Muslims Probing Infrastructure Preparing for Attack?

They are probing our infrastructure. Muslims who have attacked us have followed this pattern time and again. Probe the defenses, assess our response, formulate a plan, and attack, on many fronts simultaneously if possible. If there REALLY are peaceful muslims out there who don’t think they or their brethren are called by their god to kill and subjugate us infidels, then you are RAPIDLY approaching your last chance to prove it. You need to police your own, to rat out or eliminate those among you who intend to kill non-muslims. If you don’t, we will soon have no choice but to assume that you support what they are doing, and to lump you in with the enemy we must defeat, treating accordingly. Because of your silence up to this point when terrorists kill westerners, we have our doubts about your loyalties and intentions. As the old saying goes, silence is acquiescence.

New Jersey: Muslim caught trespassing, stuck in pipe at water plant

Posted on January 18, 2014 by creeping

Officials told CBS 2 around 11:30 a.m. that 26-year-old Asef Mohamed, of Manalapan, had been freed and airlifted to an area hospital. He was 10 to 12 feet down the pipe, which was not in use, WCBS 880′s Levon Putney reported.

United Water spokesman Rich Henning said Mohamed broke into the plant that treats and pumps water for the township of Manalapan.

“This was a person that purposely climbed a six-foot fence with three or four layers of barbed wire on top,” Henning said.

United Water officials said they have no idea why Mohamed did it, but are now looking at ways to tighten up security, Putney reported.

Manalapan police announced Friday afternoon that Mohamed is being charged with fourth-degree criminal trespassing and may face additional charges as the investigation continues, CBS 2′s Steve Langford reported.

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