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I praise God, love my wife and kids, fly airplanes, shoot and clean my guns, study politics/civics, and do wood working (pretty much in that order).


9 Responses

  1. Hello,

    What is the difference between Abortion and Nazis’ Genocide?

    Thank you,
    Raymond Aguilera


  2. Let’s see. One originated with sick Nazis, and the other from a Nazi sympathizer. Both are/were “legal.” Both stemmed from attempts to eliminate a specific race and/or socio-economic segment of society. Neither can stand up to any rational or moral argument against murder. Both have killed, and one continues to kill millions of human beings. I think I can stop right there. There is no difference.


  3. Howdy
    somewhere recently my girls got me on facebook and now a blog. I doubt that anyone will ever read mine, but somehow I stumbled onto yours. Very interesting. If you don’t mind I’ll keep checking in on it. I’m here in the peoples republic of California. Luckily we live in a conservative pinhole out in the sticks. I’m having a hard time even using all of the gadgets and all. Keep it up.
    God Bless
    Richard Schellentrager


  4. Welcome, Richard!

    There’s always room in humble abode for people fleeing the folly of socialism and tyranny. I welcome all to the blog, but whether you are visiting blogs or starting discussions around the coffee table, I encourage you and others to just get people talking and involved in the big discussion. Confront people with undeniable truth based on facts, and you might actually win them over. Maybe.

    God Bless,


  5. I just found your website today. I was looking up “domestic enemies” and I stumbled upon your site. So far, I really like it. I’m going to put it in my favorites. I have been trying to find out what we can do about domestic enemies as American citizens. I can’t believe what they are getting away with.
    Thank you for the good website!
    Mary J (Illinois…the home of
    A LOT of crooked politicians.)


  6. Hi,

    We are running a non-profit site; only for the sake of information sharing. Well! We visit your web site regularly. Since our site is based on regular news updates on terrorism, we believe it would surely help us to be more effective if we get your site’s link. We have already placed your site’s link in our site: World Terrorism News (http://world-terrorism-news.blogspot.com/). I wish you could place my blog in your site with a title “All about Terrorism”. Hoping for a positive return.

    See You!!


  7. Hi,
    I’ve been subscribing to your website for a while now and really enjoy what you have to say. I’ve had my blog for a year now and have added a link to Gadget’s Blog on my “Interesting Websites.” I’m hoping you’ll do the same with I Don’t Get It at http://www.idontgetit.us/. Thanks very much and keep up the very good work.
    Leona Salazar


  8. Leona,
    Done. Thanks for visiting, and for just being conservative. At 60 years young, you’ve seen the life lessons that reaffirm the wisdom of conservatism. Even if we reach only a few people with our musings, perhaps it is worth the effort to keep the spark of freedom and liberty alive. I look forward to reading your future postings.



  9. Thanks very much!


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