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Trump Supporters Tired Of D.C. Swamp Stir Up Talks Of New Political Party

The simple truth is that EVERY time TRUE conservatism is used, it wins. The Republican Party is NOT a true Conservative party anymore, and hasn’t been for a very long time. The establishment of the Republican Party is honestly only shades of gray different from the democrats they claim to be the alternative to.

We NEED a true conservative party, and now is the time. As long as we ran a forceful race, not being timid about getting the conservative message out, we COULD win. If we’re weak in fighting the battle, we’ll split the vote and hand power back to the anti-God, anti-American, baby-murdering, illegal immigrant catering, socialist/communist/Marxist democrats.

We must proceed carefully, wisely, and forcefully, but proceed we must.

Bold Leadership Begets Bold Changes – Trump Supporters Tired Of D.C. Swamp Stir Up Talks Of New Political Party – enVolve
— Read on en-volve.com/2019/06/07/bold-leadership-begets-bold-changes-trump-supporters-tired-of-d-c-swamp-stir-up-talks-of-new-political-party/


We No Longer Have the Luxury of Compassion

We could have been compassionate with SOME of the illegal immigrants… A LONG TIME AGO, IF congress had gotten off their collective @$$3$ and SECURED OUR BORDER. But now we no longer have the luxury of compassion. There are more than THIRTY MILLION illegal aliens in America already, and OVER A MILLION have entered in just the first five months of THIS year. Illegals are soaking up taxpayer funded benefits paid for and intended for CITIZENS. Illegals are taking jobs that Americans could fill, likely at higher wages, and are driving down wages in the unskilled/low-skilled segments of the labor market. Illegals are bringing diseases to America that were once though eradicated, or have seldom if ever been seen here before. Illegals are KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS. Democrats and RINO Republicans too spineless to stand up for the Constitution and rule of law, (i.e. to cowardly to honor THEIR OATH OF OFFICE) are legitimizing illegals by giving them identification, letting them vote, and now trying to let them fill GOVERNMENT JOBS.

You read that right. Illegals will work in OUR government, and be making regulations that carry the weight of law, thus having non-citizens ruling over Americans.

This must end NOW. Even if we must take up arms to make it stop. Our government has overstepped its bounds and shirked its Constitutional duty for far too long. It’s time to set things straight.

500 African Migrants Apprehended Since May 30 in Single Border Patrol Sector

Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Del Rio Sector


6 Jun 2019

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 500 migrants from the continent of Africa since May 30. The numbers jumped after large numbers of African migrants adopted a strategy of crossing in large numbers. On Wednesday, a group of 34 African migrants crossed the border illegally near Eagle Pass, Texas.

Eagle Pass Station agents apprehended a group of 34 illegal aliens from Africa on June 5, according to information provided to Breitbart Texas by Del Rio Sector Border Patrol officials. On May 30, large numbers of African migrants who had been waiting in Mexico to cross at ports of entry changed their strategy and began crossing illegally in the largely-unsecured Del Rio Sector. The first group to cross included 117 African migrants, mostly from the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Angola, officials stated.

YouTube video of African migrants being apprehended at the border:


Continue reading

Democrats (Again) Side With Criminal Illegal Aliens in Amnesty Bill

The choice has NEVER been more clear. You side with the socialist/communist anti-American democrats, and choose civil war and revolution, or you side with Constitutional conservatives who value the citizen and rule of law over non-citizen illegals. You CANNOT show me the democrat platform and point to where any of it resides in the Constitution. Our Constitution and the ideas that created it ARE America. Standing against those, as the democrats OPENLY do, is standing AGAINST America. Period. End of story.

.06/05/2019 17:59:34PM EST.
— Read on townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2019/06/05/the-democrats-daca-bill-is-full-of-loopholes-for-criminals-n2547479

Pregnant Middle Eastern Women Delivering ‘Anchor Babies’ in Chicago

These are the LAST people we want being “anchored” to America. As if 20-30 million illegals weren’t already enough reason to abolish birthright citizenship for non-citizens, this is the icing on the cake.

Pregnant Middle Eastern women are taking advantage of the U.S.’ birthright citizenship policy and delivering their childen in Chicago.
— Read on www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/05/24/pregnant-middle-eastern-women-delivering-anchor-babies-in-chicago/

Support for Migrants in Mexico Drying Up

GO HOME. You have NO RIGHT to come to the United States, and we have no obligation to accept you. If you TRULY were refugees instead of economic migrants (locusts), you would have sought asylum in the first country you came to instead of forum shopping for the most free stuff. While I respect your right to seek a better life for you and your family, that doesn’t mean we have to provide that better life for you. If your country sucks so badly that you want to leave (despite the fact that America GIVES your country millions of dollars every year), you need to do what OUR forefathers did and FIX YOUR OWN COUNTRY.


CNN Still Using Debunked, Deceptively Edited Videos to Attack Trump

At this point, it’s safe to say that even The National Enquirer is more credible than CNN. There is just too much PROOF of their INTENTIONAL deception and bias to refute this.

BUSTED: CNN & MSNBC Promote Deceptively Edited Video of Trump Talking about Immigration

How is CNN still a thing? Sure, all of the mainstream outlets are bad, but MSNBC stopped pretending to be neutral a long time ago. Many of their most popular anchors have openly stated their progressive bias. The same is partially true for the New York Times and plenty of other publications. That shouldn’t be a fully acceptable excuse, but only CNN claims to be the most nonpartisan, neutral and unbiased news source around. What a crock.

How many times just this year has CNN been caught in a big fat lie? They were the first to push the MAGA student story in January. When it turned out they had used obviously clipped video to make a bunch of high school kids look bad, they never retracted. They stand by their interview with Nathan Phillips.

It was, what, two weeks later when the promulgated the Jussie Smollett hoax? Don Lemon is a known friend of Smollett; there’s no question he supported this total farce. They went on air and called it a modern-day lynching, despite the fact that it was obviously a made-up story. Still, there were no retractions.

These are just a few highlights, but CNN does this all the time. In a world full of fake news, they just might be the most dishonest media outlet of them all. Just this week, they were fabricating a story about President Trump. She can see their lies unravel in this video.

Link to article: https://www.patrioticviralnews.com/articles/busted-cnn-msnbc-promote-deceptively-edited-video-of-trump-talking-about-immigration/

Will the Majority of Blacks in America Ever Figure Out That Democrats Have Thrown Them Under the Bus?

3 point 6 million

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