The Secretary of Defense announced this afternoon that all transgender military personnel will be allowed to serve without facing separation or disbarment from service.

In July of 2015, Secretary Carter commissioned a study which was conducted with the partnership of medical professionals and the Rand Corporation- the American nonprofit global policy think tank that offers research and analysis to the United States Armed Forces.  (In other words, the paid for the political answer they were looking for.)

Before entering any branch of service, the new policy states transgender must be certified by a doctor as stable in their new gender for at least eighteen months.  (Correct me if I’m wrong, but scientifically speaking, a transgender person is NEVER “stable” in their “new” gender.  Genetically speaking, you are always the male or female you were born to be.  No dicectomy or addadictomy surgery will change that, and you must take hormones for the rest of your life to suppress the NATURAL tendencies of your body.  You are what your are.)

It is difficult to estimate the number of transgender personnel currently in the military due to current policies and a lack of empirical data.

According to Rand estimates, there are 1,320 to 6,630 transgender service members currently serving on active duty.  (Currently paying for their own ELECTIVE surgeries and medical care associated with that ELECTIVE procedure.  There is NO, ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA actual medical necessity to get gender “reassignment” surgery.  Transgenderism is actually a mental illness.  So what the military is doing is admitting and coddling mentally ill people.)

Secretary Carter offered three reasons for making this decision that was backed by “senior military leaders.”  (No, not “backed” by those leaders.  They are not leaders.  All of the LEADERS have been purged by Obama.  This decision is being acquiesced to by a bunch of YES-MEN who have placed their personal goals and ideology ahead of the needs of their nation and their service.)

Carter said the military needs to make itself available to the best talent (people) possible so it is necessary to remove barriers related to qualification that can bar them from service.

“We need access to 100% of America’s population,” he said.  While he did use the term “100%,” he did not mention lifting other entrance restrictions that affect minority groups that make up a larger proportion of the population than transgender.

The second reason was quite simple: there are already transgender soldiers serving. Carter elaborated on the issues the military has when dealing with transgender people serving because of a lack of information, policies, and protocols.

“I owe commanders better answers on how to deal with them,” Carter said.  (What you owe them is REAL answers as to how this ACTUALLY benefits the services, how this actually makes accomplishing the mission of defending our nation more achievable, how this is in any way more cost effective than only allowing in normal people, and how this contributes to “good order and discipline” because these mentally ill people will REQUIRE much specialized care, attention, and accommodation just to function at a basic level.)

The issue of no available medical treatment to transgender has forced them to work outside the military medical system, at their own expense.  (Again, the medical care for transgenders is ELECTIVE, and will be continuous for as long as they pursue this charade that they are some other gender.  While cutting medical care for NORMAL people in the military and to retirees, and increasing the out of pocket cost of that care, how can you justify now providing this extremely expensive, UNNECESSARY care for ELECTIVE surgeries?)

Carter said that this is inconsistent with the promise of medical care that was made to all service members when they sign up.  (You broke that promise a long time ago, but that promise was made under the assumption that the people receiving it were NORMAL, receiving care for things that were not ELECTIVE in nature.)

The Secretary’s third reason was what he referred to as a matter of principle; “Americans who want to serve should be allowed,” he said.  (They can serve.  Just not always in the military.)

His statement, while fitting for his argument, encompasses many other groups that are forced to separate from service and who are barred from enlistment or becoming officers.

For example, one service member who was separated for Post-Traumatic Stress related issues suggested that he should be allowed to re-enlist because gender dysmorphia is a mental illness.  (EXACTLY!!!  That is all that gender “confusion” is.  MENTAL ILLNESS.  Why should we encourage one form of mental illness while punishing another?)

The military lifted all restrictions related to transgender despite the American Psychiatric Association listing gender dysmorphia within their publication, the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.”  (Until recently, homosexuality was also listed as a mental disorder until political pressure force the APA to change it.)

The Rand Corporation was instructed to conduct their study with the presumption that “transgender can serve openly unless practical impediments exist,” according to Carter.  (Just like global warming “science,” they started with the conclusion they want and CREATE “facts” to support their desired conclusion.  There was no “research.”  Only fictional writing.)

The study looked at transgender currently serving in the US armed forces and eighteen other ally countries who allow transgender to serve, such as the United Kingdom, Israel, and Australia.

Rand’s analysis found that transgender openly serving will have little impact on the military and the healthcare costs would be an exceeding small proportion of the overall cost.  (RED HERRING ALERT.  Yes, transgenders are/would be a very small percentage of the military (they are less than 1% of the population at large), but the cost of their medical care for ELECTIVE PROCEDURES and the follow on care is substantially higher than for a similar non-tranny.  In a military already underfunded by congress, that can’t afford to buy spare parts for current worn out aircraft, can’t afford to buy new aircraft and equipment, and that has just CUT thousands of people, how can you justify unnecessarily spending money on mentally ill people and their ELECTIVE medical procedures???  In case haven’t figured it out, elective means OPTIONAL.)

Carter announced that he has clear expectations for how his plan will be implemented after this historic change for the U.S. military.  (It will be shoved down the military’s throats just like allowing homosexuals to openly serve, and opening combat specialties to women, despite all the research and authoritative opinion that doing so was a bad idea.)

“Declaring a policy is not an effective plan,” he said.  (But this is how EVERY part of the Obama administration operates.  Don’t bother yourself with obeying law.  Don’t bother operating within the constraints of the Constitution.  Don’t bother actually governing and working with congress to get legislation passed.  Just write, or even just speak a policy, have all the federal agencies implement it despite its illegality an unconstitutionality, ignore the courts when they rule against you, and just press ahead with your “fundamental transformation.”)

Commanders will have access to immediate guidance and a leader guidebook will be issued within no more than ninety days.

All service members will be required to complete training related to transgender (the exact nature of the training was not announced) within one year.  (Just like with homosexuals, and women in combat roles, you will be old what opinion you can have.  How someone treats a homosexual or transgender is only part of the equation.  You better get your mind right.)

“I’m 100% confident our leaders and service members will be able to implement these changes,” said Carter.  (His confidence is irrelevant.  They WILL implement these arbitrary, politically motivated policies, or they will be punished.  It makes no difference that these policies are damaging to our military and national security.  Just shut up and color.)