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Obama Will Cede US Soveriegnty and Destroy US Constitution by Signing Climate Treaty

Obama is hell bent for leather to destroy America.  If he can’t destroy our constitution directly (he’s doing a pretty good job of that), he will do it subversively.  He likely can’t pass his cap and trade scheme in our senate, so he plans to try to bypass them by signing a treaty to suborn us to a new “world government.”

If he succeeds in ramming this treaty through, we’re done.  Finished.  I’ve told you for a long time that healthcare, cap-and-tax, control of the media and gun control were the biggest threats to our liberty from Obama and his band of merry communists.  We are seeing three of the four being openly pursued.  Make no mistake, they are also pursuing gun control, but they are going about it more quietly.

What is so dangerous about this Copenhagen Treaty?  It trumps our constitution and suborns us to foreign government in which we have no vote. It redistributes the wealth in this country to countries that do not deserve, nor did they earn it.  It allows Obama to implement all of his Marxist agenda by fiat rather than by constitutional processes in line with the will of the American people.  It will also destroy millions of American jobs.

China and India, the two single biggest polluters in the world, have already said they will not go along with this.  It will destroy their economies just like it will ours.  We will be the only ones trying to live up to the carbon reduction mandates, we will be the only ones actually paying for these ridiculous carbon credits, and we will be the only economy flushing ourselves down the toilet as a result.  All of this will come at the hand of foreign governments who would like nothing better than to see our destruction anyway.

There is one other scary angle to this myth that we can affect the climate with our carbon production.  That is the EPA.  Yes, your beloved big government program gone wild, the Environmental “Protection” Agency.  Even if the Copenhagen Treaty is not signed, and even if there is no “global warming” or “climate change” legislation passed on Capitol Hill, the EPA will classify carbon dioxide as a pollutant and regulate it.  Many big companies, including many electric companies, are saying they support cap-and-tax, but only because they fear that “regulation” by the EPA will be even worse for them.  Mike Huckaby interviewed the CEO of one of the largest electric companies in the nation the other night.  That CEO said that under cap-and-tax he anticipated that electricity rates would likely double, and possibly go higher.  But he said he and his peers felt that EPA regulation would be even worse.  A lose/lose situation.

Everything you buy will increase in price, and possibly double in price as a result of this massive increase in the cost of energy.  Why?  At best, scientists aren’t sure what effect a carbon reduction would have on the climate.  A growing majority believe that we can have little to no effect on the climate.  Remember that only a few short years ago Al Gore and the politically motivated IPCC were screaming that the earth was going to burst into flames if we didn’t act immediately to reduce CO2 emissions.  Well, we didn’t act, and we didn’t reduce global emissions, we actually increased emissions world wide.  The result?  The earth has been cooling now for the last eight years.  Coincidentally, the solar activity over that same period was also lower than in warmer years.  But I’m sure there is no correlation.   One of the biggest holes in the global-warming/climate-change myth is that they are basing most of their junk science on meteorologists (i.e. weather forecasters) with a political agenda.  Do you want to trust your freedom, and the very future of our country to people who can’t even accurately tell you what the weather will be tomorrow 90% of the time?  The only result of cap-and-tax will be total government control of every aspect of our lives, since NOTHING you do, all the way down to breathing, can be done without involving the production of carbon.

Don’t let Obama, Emanuel, Axelrod, Reid, Pelosi, and the lot of these communists distract you.  They are doing all they can to divert our attention from what is really important.  They are trying to get us to focus on their attacks on Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, on crazy parents trying to get us to believe their child got launched in a helium balloon so they could get on TV, and on any number of things that will distract us from the things that really matter.  You MUST keep the pressure on your senators and congressmen, as well as the president himself.  Not that he will care or listen, but knowing that we are not asleep at the wheel will give him at least a seconds pause.  Don’t quit!


Lord Christopher Monckton: Obama Will Cede US Soveriegnty In Climate Treaty

Calendar October 19, 2009 | Posted by Shannon Bell

Warning of a Global Government meant to enforce the transfer of wealth from rich Nations like ours to third world Nations, Lord Christopher Monckton says that Barack Obama is poised to cede our sovereignty over to the United Nations in the name of saving the planet. This would be done he says by the signing of the Global Climate Treaty in Copenhagen in a few weeks.

President Obama

Lord Christopher Monckton speaking at the Minnesota Free Market Institute 5 days ago said that within the climate treaty that Obama is so willing to sign, the ceding of our sovereignty awaits. A global government will be established that will be run of course by the U.N.; the scary part of all of this? Once Obama signs the climate treaty and if the Senate were to ratify that treaty, that treaty by virtue of Article 6 of the Constitution, would effectively trump the Constitution.

Essentially what would take place according to Lord Christopher Monckton is that rich countries like the United States would have its wealth transferred to poorer countries based on the fact that we screwed the planet’s climate up, while they (the poor countries) were just victims.

The big picture is this, once we enter into this treaty we will never be allowed to leave it. All member Nations of the treaty would have to “let you out”. We of course would never be let out because we would be forced to pay in the most since we “pollute” the most. Countries who are benefiting financially from our poor position of being in the Copenhagen Treaty would never allow us out.

What is the probability of this happening? We know that Barack Obama will sign just about any type of Climate Treaty placed in front of him. As much as the democrats harped about George Bush and the Kyoto Protocol, it’s a done deal. The key is the US Senate which would have to ratify by a 2/3 majority.

I should say the key to all of this is us. Continued pressure is what is needed. Tea parties, protests, whatever it takes within the confines of the law. Lord Christopher Monckton is pleading for our help, it is up to the American people once again to save the Nations sovereignty.


Here is another example of those fear-mongering around the world in a quest for a “new world order,”  and global governance.  Listen to Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister, as he tries to scare us into acting as he would like by repeating many of the already debunked, tired old lies, and then claiming that if we don’t act in 50 days the world will never recover.  Sound familiar?  Kind of like Al Gore telling us years ago that the world would be gone in three years if we didn’t “act now.”  Well, that was more than 5 years ago.

This “new world order”  and global governance sounds a lot like much of the prophecy from Revelations in the Bible.  I don’t know about you, but that scares me just a bit.  Has anyone checked Obama for strange birth marks?


More about Christopher Monckton

Speech by Christopher Monckton

Democrats Refuse to Allow Skeptic to Testify Alongside Gore At Congressional Hearing

Full 96 minute speech



6 Responses

  1. thank u for this information. and your hard work to put this together.all i can do is to do more homework and to adress to more american people. if any tips or any way i can help. please contact me.

  2. It is ludicrous to accept this point of view and information as valid. President Obama is a US constitutional scholar, former professor at the U of Chicago, and graduate of Harvard, world recognized educational institutions. His careful efforts to protect the Constitution have interfered with needed processes of change in the nation. He is very much a respecter of the US Constitution. The Bush administration, probably, subverted the Constitution more than all prior administrations, and nothing is said. Such forgetfulness is beyond rationality.

    The USA is one nation among nearly 200 on the planet. What made it “GOD, Emperor of the World?” Too many US citizens are immature, self-centered, fear-filled know-nothings. Grow up, and follow your professed beliefs, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

  3. Gwen,
    I will apologize up front for the smack down that I am about to hand you. I can’t sit by and let you or others like you continue unchallenged in your quest to tear down America and Americans through ignorance or malice. I hope you will learn something from this and take it in the constructive way in which it is intended.

    What is really ludicrous is that you and others like you who are blindly supporting Obama refuse to see reality when it slaps you in the face.

    First, let’s get George W. Bush out of the way. I voted for G.W.B., mostly because he wasn’t as BAD as the alternatives. There are some things he did well, and many that he didn’t. He didn’t use the veto power to control spending by both democrats, and republicans who turned into democrat-lite. He did nothing to stop illegal immigration which is a huge drain on our country. In fact, by allowing the farcical prosecution and incarceration of Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean to go down the way it did, he sent a strong message that he didn’t want the border controlled or illegal immigration stopped. The thing Bush did the best was prosecute the War on Terror. He didn’t do it perfectly, but he correctly recognized that engaging and defeating terrorists or other people who wish to destroy us was necessary to our survival. No one is forgetting ANYTHING Bush did improperly while in office. The liberal media won’t let that happen. But at the same time, they will not report ANYTHING that he did right either. The same media, movie stars, and politicians who publicly called for or ignored the calls for the assassination of Bush, the hateful attacks on his family, and the generally uncivil, hateful treatment of the president absolutely REFUSE to objectively report anything. When half of the democrats in congress openly booed President Bush during one of his speeches, the media was silent. When one republican blurts out to Obama “you lie!” (which he demonstrably does) every liberal media outlet and all the politicians on the left were calling for this guy to resign. When democrat Alan Grayson says that republicans want you to die, and calls conservatives “whores,” the media and the liberals don’t make a sound. Hypocrites, all.

    Now on to Obama. Yes, he was handed a $400 plus billion deficit by Bush, who had been handed about $300 billion of that from Clinton, who had been handed… Obama signed the idiotic stimulus as a senator, and has spent unimaginable amounts of money in the first 9 months of his occupation of the oval office. In 9 months, he has more than doubled both the debt and deficit of this nation, WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM BUSH. He has created more debt in 9 months than has been created in this nation since its founding, WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM BUSH. Bush handed Obama a cogent plan/strategy for the war in Afghanistan, which Obama plagiarized and claimed as his own. He has changed that policy twice. And now that he is handling Afghanistan based on politics rather than sound military strategy, and is failing, he goes right back to the tired old song of blaming Bush. Enough people are waking up to the fact that the kind of healthcare “reform” that Obama wants will destroy jobs, raise taxes, take away freedom and choice, make government bigger, increase governments presence in and control over our lives, and increase the cost of and reduce the quality and quantity of healthcare in America, so now he is having trouble rounding up the votes to pass it. How do Obama and the democrats respond? They attack honest, concerned Americans as obstructionists, hate mongers, fear mongers, Nazis, etc. And then they blame Bush. The way the democrats are pursuing healthcare “reform” is unconstitutional at nearly every turn, and Mr. Obama, who is supposedly a “constitutional scholar,” does nothing to prevent it. Handing over control of large portions of our government to unelected, unaccountable czars who are circumventing the constitutional authority of two branches of government and abusing the authority of the third is something I would think a “constitutional scholar” would rail against unless he wanted it to happen. Obama is about to sign a treaty that will subjugate America to a consortium of foreign governments, destroy American jobs and industry, and ship our wealth overseas, and he, the democrats, the liberals, and the media ignore it. The many lies he has told about cap-and-trade, healthcare, and other issues are well documented in his own words, yet liberals continue to deny the lies and cover them up.

    You mentioned Obama’s “careful efforts to protect the Constitution.” Please enlighten me as to what those efforts have been. I have seen no evidence of such efforts.

    Now to the part that really infuriates me. America haters. America EARNED her prosperity and success by the hard work and ingenuity of her people. These people fled every other nation on earth to come to America where they could find REAL opportunity. These people fled the kind of oppressive totalitarian governments that people like you are trying to drive us into becoming. When liberated from that oppression and allowed to be creative, and to work with a hope of bettering their situation, they produced the highest standard of living, the most technical advancement, the most wealth, the highest degree of liberty ever seen in the history of the world, and have subsequently shared that liberty with billions of people around the world. Who do you think defeated Germany in WW1 and the Nazis and Imperial Japanese in WW2, liberating untold millions from their murder and oppression? Who do you think spreads the most money and humanitarian aid around the world? WE DO! We send more money and aid to other countries (including those who hate us and are openly trying to hurt or destroy us), and provide more disaster relief than the NEXT 20 NATIONS COMBINED! And that’s just what the government spends from our tax money. Private American citizens, the most charitable people on earth, donate more from their own personal wealth toward these causes than the next 10 nations GOVERNMENTS combined. And you have the gall to call Americans “immature, self-centered, fear-filled know-nothings?” How dare you? Do you think an unproductive, communist/socialist nation with no moral compass would be sending this much aid around the world? Look to all the other socialist and communist governments around the world if you really want an answer. They aren’t doing squat except oppressing their own people. When the government takes all of the wealth and possessions you have or produce, there is no longer an incentive to produce. Tax revenues and jobs go down the toilet, and people go into survival mode. Atlas shrugs. That is what every other stagnant socialist nation around the world has been experiencing since the adoption of their socialist policies, and that is where we are heading now. You obviously have bought into the often repeated liberal propaganda, and know little to nothing about how capitalism, socialism, or communism actually work or don’t work. Should you actually be interested in learning, I can explain some of it to you and point you to several very good resources to start your journey of true education and enlightenment. However, I suspect you are not as open minded as you and your fellow leftists claim to be. You claim to be open minded, yet you (in the editorial sense) shout down everyone who voices an opinion that differs from yours.

    And now to put the excrement flavored icing on your cow patty cake, you who probably worship no god besides government pretend to tell me how to worship mine? Like most of your fellow liberals who are ignorant about who God really is, what He and His Bible actually say (in context), and about true unrevised history of what America has REALLY done to help others around the world, you are not in a position to tell me ANYTHING about God. He does indeed tell us to love our neighbors. On that topic, I will refer you back to the paragraph above. He also told those preparing to stone a prostitute (sinner) that the person without sin could cast the first stone. You castigate Christians and Americans for destroying America and oppressing the world. First of all, you display your bias and ignorance. Second of all, what makes YOU perfect and spotless enough to cast that first stone? Are you giving away all you own to charity and international relief organizations? Are you in the Peace Corp or some other organization and working for nothing simply for the joy of helping others? Do you work at a job to earn money? Do you own a car, television, house, or any other convenience that would IMPROVE your life? What about the computer on which you typed your reply? You and your fellow liberals grasp at Utopian ideals that are not based in reality OR in the Bible. You have no moral compass other than that issued to you by an increasingly amoral government. You pretend to be smarter and more educated than the rest of us peasants, and think you are qualified to impose your beliefs on us. It is always “do as I say, not as I do” with people like you. Your liberal poster children Barack and Michelle tell us we must sacrifice while they “endure” their weekly Versailles style parties, jet around the world to apologize for American greatness (with vacations and shopping trips in Paris for Michelle and the kids on the side) all at tax payer, excuse me, SERF expense. Your liberal politicians tell us we must submit to an oppressive medical system that few of us actually want, yet they SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDE THEMSELVES from having to be part of it. YOU ARE HYPOCRITES!

    Lastly, you command me and those like me to “grow up.” The REAL “grownups” were/are the hard working, mostly God fearing people who founded this country and shaped it into the great nation it has been, and may be once again if we are able to shirk the bonds of liberalism, socialism, and communism now being thrust upon us. The grownups didn’t do such a great job of raising some of their children. Some of those children turned out to be unappreciative, disrespectful, under educated little brats who don’t know where their prosperity comes from. While the grownups napped, the brats took over. Now those liberal/socialist/communist brats are running our nation into the ground. It is you, Gwendoline, and those like you who are the ones who need to grow up. Reality is much different than you have led yourself to believe, and your childish, Utopian dreams and ideals are destroying America.

  4. […] Comments texan2driver on Obama Will Cede US Soveriegnty…Gwendoline Y. Fortun… on Obama Will Cede US Soveriegnty…sandysays1 on Obamacare: New […]

  5. Obam is a very evil man . You have to be a fool not to recognize the plan he’s following.Don’t you know any thing about world history?

  6. I happen to have a bit of extra time today, so did a bit of Internet surfing.
    What is not understood by most people is that each individual determines–decides–what is “true” based on their experience, from birth and home to community, school, travel and interactions with the world, including all information sources. I find two tendencies among humans–1.for freedom, justice and equity, and, 2. for self, and the smallest possible tribe. I choose the former, and have spent a lifetime, seven decades, of observation and focused study with an attitude of inquiry, desire and assistance FOR a world of freedom, justice and equity beyond a narrow tribe, local to national.

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