Obama’s State of the Union, January 2010: Unpresidential and Uninspiring

An open letter to Barack Obama in response to his State of the Union speech:

State of the Union, January 2010

Mr. Obama, here are my reactions to and impressions of your State of the Union speech last night.

First of all, let me make one overall recommendation to you, Mr. Obama.

Grow up and take responsibility.

You say “I’m not interested in re-litigating the past.”  Yet you continue to blame George W. Bush for EVERYTHING under the sun.  You point fingers and blame everyone else on the planet for your problems, and for things you don’t like while dodging any and all personal responsibility for events taking place in America now.  It makes you look immature and petty.  The minute you signed onto the stimulus and began taking over companies and banks, you owned this economy, and your senatorial votes during the Bush administration played a significant part in the economy’s demise.

You said that you understand the “burden of working harder for less,” and “I know the anxieties out there now.”  Really?  Sir, most of your life has been one of privilege financed by others.  Now you are at the pinnacle of that life living in the lap of luxury, throwing lavish parties, traveling all over the world, flaunting power all at the expense of the American taxpayer.  If you really understood, you wouldn’t be throwing your weekly parties for your cronies, and you wouldn’t be spending millions of taxpayer dollars flying all over the country and world on Air Force One just to get photo ops for your never ending campaign.  You would be staying in Washington, D.C. working on REAL, bipartisan solutions.

You stated that you had cut taxes for millions of us in the middle class.  Really?  Being solidly in the middle class, I think I would know if you had.  Allowing us to keep more money up front and then taxing it away from us on April 15th is not a tax cut.  Mailing me a check for a SMALL PORTION of the tax money that was mine to begin with is a REBATE, not a tax cut.  When you mail those same checks to the 50% of Americans who don’t pay income taxes anyway, that’s just a handout.  When you’re charitable with your own money, that’s generosity.  When you’re charitable with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, that’s called THEFT or REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH when it’s done by the government.

You talk of creating government/public service jobs to help the economy.  Since you were supposedly a “professor,” I would expect you to be educated enough to understand that public-sector, government jobs by definition CAN NOT CREATE WEALTH, which is what will stimulate our economy.  A government job by definition takes money away from the economy to pay for itself.

Mr. Obama, you said you wanted a “jobs bill” on your desk immediately.  Sir, here’s the jobs bill guaranteed to create jobs, and stimulate economic growth.  I’ve delivered it to you before congress could, and kept it so brief that any child could understand it.  Here it is.  Are you ready?


Cut personal income taxes, cut corporate taxes, and eliminate the “death” and “marriage” taxes, and I GUARANTEE that the economy will take off like a rocket.

You also mentioned that you were going to “double exports” to reduce our trade deficit.  That sounds good, but how do you plan to achieve that, and what do you plan to export?  The liberal policies of taxing businesses and creating a business climate that forces them to move their businesses overseas has left us with very little to export.  When you make a corporate environment that ATTRACTS businesses, we will once again produce what the rest of the world wants, and exports will be a natural byproduct of that.

When it comes to health care reform, you have been wrong, and continue to be wrong.  You have been dishonest in your dealings with the American people, and have outright lied about the “transparency” that was supposed to be the hallmark of these negotiations and of your administration.  CSPAN?  How’s that working for you?  I guess I just missed all of those broadcasts, because I haven’t seen any of them.  You said “if anybody has a better idea (about health care) let me know.”  Oh, dear Lord in Heaven (I can introduce you to Him), please keep my head from exploding.  You and the rest of your “progressive” (read communist) buddies have SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED REPUBLICANS from the entire process, and refused to listen to, include or consider ANY of their ideas while crafting your government takeover of the health care system.  Sir, the ideas are there but you are unwilling to listen to any ideas that do not fit your agenda.  Tort reform, tax cuts, competition across state lines, and several other ideas have been put forth that are proven successful strategies for making health care better and more affordable.  Yet you won’t allow them to be put on the table because they don’t pay your union buddies, or contribute to the takeover of health care.  I pause to conjure the spirit of Rep. Joe Wilson.

You said you were going to “freeze spending for three years.”  You speak of how that won’t start until 2011 because “that’s how budgeting works.”  How convenient that it works out that you are putting it off until AFTER the midterm elections so that any possible pain associated with your policies won’t be felt until after Americans cast their votes. Your “spending freeze” sounds good to the uninitiated and uneducated that you hoped were the majority of your audience last night.  But the reality is that you have already allowed HUGE spending increases in nearly every government agency that they wouldn’t have seen in the next 5-7 years COMBINED.  Then you exempt the largest portion of government spending from any freeze.  That would be the ENTITLEMENT SPENDING upon which you and the liberals depend for your political lives, and to which NO ONE IS ACTUALLY ENTITLED.  If you were serious about eliminating the deficit, and paying down the debt, then you would get serious about ELIMINATING GOVERNMENT AGENCIES.  Go to a flat tax (which is a FAIR tax) with no exemptions and eliminate the IRS.  That would save about $11 Billion per year.  The Department of Energy was established to “end our dependence on foreign oil.”  How would you say that’s working?  The DoE is about as useful as mammary glands on a boar hog.  Scrap it and save the billions of dollars per year that it sucks up from the tax payers.  You could legitimately close the doors of 75% of the Federal government with no negative impact on America.  You would in fact allow America to prosper by simply getting government out of the way, and saving us all of that money.

You speak of dismantling our nuclear arms and “agreements” with the Russians.  You obviously are not a student of history.  When we weaken ourselves, our enemies do not follow suit.  Whether it be the Soviets/Russians, the Iranians, or the North Koreans, they have proven themselves to be liars.  They will say whatever you want them to say to gain short-term political favor.  They will not disarm themselves.  Disarming unilaterally and dealing from a position of weakness will only open us up to aggression and attack from the likes of Russia, China, and Iran, not to mention the many terrorist groups who want nothing more than to see Americans die.  We need to be the biggest, strongest kid on the block to ensure peace for us, and for the rest of the world.

The one thing from your speech on which we agree is the building of nuclear power plants, and removal of restrictions on offshore drilling.  Everyone agrees that we need to try to develop clean, self-sustaining forms and sources of energy.  But letting private innovation lead the way and develop products that Americans ACTUALLY WANT is the only way to make “green” energy a success.  By forcing it down our throats while demonizing and destroying our other inexpensive, reliable forms of energy will only destroy those jobs before new ones emerge, skyrocket the cost of energy (which you promised us under YOUR plan), and destroy an economy that depends on energy at an affordable price.  I’m beginning to think this may actually be your intent.

Finally, you displayed your true, anti-American, communist, thug, street organizer colors when you quietly announced your “enemies list” during your speech.  You and your band of thugs like Rahm Emanuel bully and intimidate people to get your way.  You did so with Fox News and the other news outlets when you declared that Fox News was not a legitimate news organization, would not be treated as such, and that the other “news” outlets would be “wise” not to treat them that way either.  Attempt to destroy one to make an example of them, and use fear to control the others, a strategy from your idol, Saul Alinsky.  In a total breach of decorum and decency, you publicly flog the Supreme Court, who can’t defend themselves, and lie about their decision that actually reaffirms the 1st Amendment freedom of speech.  You hand down the list of people whom you will combat and try to destroy if they stand in your way, a list which includes bankers, capitalist “fat-cats,” the Supreme Court, and anyone in the media or with a microphone, megaphone, or pulpit from which to deliver a message that exposes the fallacies of your agenda.  You are blatantly trying to stifle free speech.  Woodrow Wilson and FDR were two of the “progressives” who employed similar tactics.  No more, Mr. Obama.  We will not tolerate your attempts to silence us.

Mr. Obama, you simply don’t care about Americans or America.  The people of Massachusetts, a solidly liberal state, sent you a loud and clear message.  But you won’t listen.  Congress didn’t give you what you wanted, so rather than reevaluate whether what YOU want is what Americans want or need, you boldly declare that you will simply sign executive orders to bypass the congress, and any other entity that stands in your way.  You attack and besmirch the Supreme Court because you don’t control them.  You lied when you said you “never said you could end divisiveness and start a post-partisan, post-racial era.”  BULL CHIPS!  You campaigned on EXACTLY THAT PROMISE!

Sir, you are an arrogant, dishonest narcissist who is a danger to America.  You attempted to include yourself in the greatness of America when you said that “our ideals built America.”

Mr. Obama, it was OUR ideals that build America, NOT YOURS.

Out of patience,



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