Having a Minimum Wage, or Raising it, is a BAD Idea

If you think that raising the minimum wage to $15/hr is a good idea, or that having a minimum wage at all is a good idea, then you must be in favor of putting low-skilled workers out of jobs, and preventing them from entering the workforce to gain experience in the first place.  That happened when the minimum wage was implemented, and has happened EVERY time the minimum wage has been raised.

If you have minimum skills, minimum ambition, and add minimum value to the company’s bottom line, then you deserve minimum pay.  These ENTRY-LEVEL jobs are not, and were never meant to be careers in which you could get rich.  They are starting points.  For example, approximately 70% of Wal-Mart executives started out as hourly minimum wage employees.  They worked their way up through the ranks to get to where they are.

15 dollar per hr checkout clerks


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