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I Know I’ve Seen Ocasio-Cortez Somewhere Before…

I know I’ve seen the ignorant communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez somewhere before, but I’m having a hard time placing the face…

She seems familiar


Obama’s Jobless Numbers DON’T ADD UP

As with everything the Obama administration has tried to push on the American public, the numbers JUST. DON’T. ADD. UP.  The administration, in this case the now obviously biased Bureau of Labor Statistics, conveniently quits counting people who just can’t find a job.  The labor participation rate is lower than it has been in a long, long time, which SHOULD mean that the unemployment rate is going UP instead of down.  Well, that just wouldn’t look good for Obama, now would it?  So, what do they do?  They do as they’ve always done and adhere to the Alinsky principle that the ends (of keeping power) justify the means of lying or other treachery to preserve it.  They basically created an artificial “unemployment rate” that only counts select data, and in a way the looks more favorable to the administration.  Were they counting and reporting the statistic they same way they did during the Great Depression, the rate would be much, much higher.  For example, when people run out of unemployment benefits, they just quit counting them as “unemployed.”  And they slyly neglect to report an increase in GOVERNMENT employment as public sector employment.  They also fail to mention that there has never been a single month since the recession started where more jobs were created than that needed to simply keep up with the number of people entering the work force from college graduations and other sources.  So, how can the unemployment rate be going down???

Simple answer, only by lying about it.


EDITORIAL: Obama’s fudged unemployment numbers

Official jobless statistics aren’t working

By THE WASHINGTON TIMES – The Washington Times | Friday, October 5, 2012

It says a lot when a government jobs report is so out of line with reality that no thoughtful person can take it seriously. At best the new unemployment number is a fluke; at worst it is the product of partisan hacks.

The Department of Labor reported Friday that total nonfarm payroll employment increased by a net 114,000 in September. This poor showing — it reflects a 28,000 drop from the previous month — should have resulted in unemployment increasing by a tenth of a percent. Instead, it dropped by 0.3 percent to 7.8 percent. Call that Chicago-style math.

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‘Stimulus’ Has Cost Taxpayers $278,000 per Job

The economy would now be generating job growth at a faster rate if the Democrats hadn’t passed the “stimulus.”

I’d say that about sums it up.


Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job

The stimulus is now causing the economy to shed jobs.

Jeffrey H. Anderson

July 3, 2011 12:07 PM

When the Obama administration releases a report on the Friday before a long weekend, it’s clearly not trying to draw attention to the report’s contents. (Duh. Ya’ think?) Sure enough, the “Seventh Quarterly Report” on the economic impact of the “stimulus,” released on Friday, July 1, provides further evidence that President Obama’s economic “stimulus” did very little, if anything, to stimulate the economy, and a whole lot to stimulate the debt.

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State of the Union-Loving, Narcissistic, Undocumented President

Lie after lie after lie.  David said it quite well when he said “Obama not only wasn’t contrite about his broken promises and disastrous record; he was on the attack, daring anyone to oppose his agenda.

Here are a few of the adjectives I would use to describe Chairman Maobama’s State of the Union(s) speech: angry, narcissistic, disjointed, dishonest, unrepentant, unpresidential, classless, lacking decorum, and pathological.

The writer of his speech should be fired, then taken to the woodshed for the number of lies, lack of facts, and other breaches of decorum in the speech.  But we know that will never happen, because O-bow-ma believed just about every word of the speech (except, of course, the part about drilling for oil and building nuclear power plants.)

The few democrats left that might remotely consider themselves as AMERICANS need to head for the life boats.  The true “progressives,” the followers of “the one,” are going down with the ship.

It’s time to start whispering “IMPEACHMENT.”

There Was the President’s Speech, and There Is Reality
By David Limbaugh
January 29, 2010

Watching President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech makes me wonder whether the reason he tells so many fibs is that he believes them himself. Either that or he is an even better actor than he is a teleprompter reader.

Obama not only wasn’t contrite about his broken promises and disastrous record; he was on the attack, daring anyone to oppose his agenda — even in the face of the Massachusetts rebuke. But let’s see how some of his statements match up with reality.

On health care, he taunted congressmen to “let me know” if any of them have “a better approach that will bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured, strengthen Medicare for seniors and stop insurance company abuses,” as if his own plan would do those things.

Even the Congressional Budget Office has said most of the Democratic plans would increase the budget. Besides, you can’t reduce overall costs when government forces an increase in demand, even if it caps insurance premiums and shifts costs elsewhere and/or imposes rationing. The CBO has also reported that with Obamacare, millions would remain uninsured. So under his plan, costs would rise, quality and choice would decrease, care would be rationed, millions would remain uninsured and, worst of all, the government would acquire an unprecedented level of control over all aspects of our lives.

Do conservatives have better ideas? Of course. Restore market forces through tort reform, strengthening health savings accounts, abolishing government coverage mandates, allowing consumers to purchase policies across state lines and eliminating the tax laws incentivizing employer-provided health care, which unnecessarily increase demand by making prices invisible to consumers.

A candid Obama would have said, “If any of you have a plan that does not involve restoring market forces and reducing government’s role in the health care industry, I’ll at least pretend to look at it.” “Make no mistake,” neither Obama nor his Democratic colleagues will support genuine health care reform, because to reduce costs, we must reduce government control, and they can’t abide that. Period.

As for spending, Obama didn’t once apologize for his reckless expenditures. Instead, he blamed his soaring deficits on his predecessor, completely misrepresenting the projected deficits under President Bush and ignoring his own deliberate doubling of the national debt over the next 10 years. That’s the issue Americans are losing sleep over, and he offers only Band-Aids and smoke and mirrors.

He says he will freeze a portion of the discretionary budget, but as Cato Institute reports, 83 percent of the budget will be off-limits. Other than his “stimulus” insanity, the real explosion in spending is occurring in the entitlements that he refuses to touch. Even his mini-freeze wouldn’t begin until 2011 (why wait?), and it would be dwarfed by his planned spending increases for other socialistic projects, including a new “stimulus plan.” And how about that assault on personal and fiscal responsibility with his promise to forgive student loans after 20 years?

How Obama can stand before the nation and insist on spending more borrowed money to accomplish something his first “stimulus plan” didn’t achieve (job creation), but exacerbated, is beyond me. How he can blame President Bush for his own broken promise that unemployment wouldn’t exceed 8 percent if his “stimulus” bill were implemented is jaw-dropping. He even said he saved 2 million jobs. Scary delusional! Or scary sinister!

Speaking of chutzpah, did he actually dare to utter the words “transparent” and “accountable”? How about those phantom legislative districts receiving stimulus monies, Mr. President? How about that promise to televise the health care debates on C-SPAN?

He said he hadn’t raised income taxes “a single dime” on 95 percent of the people. Yet in almost the same breath, he promised to redouble his efforts on cap and tax, which would increase the average family’s energy costs by almost $3,000 per year. I don’t believe his campaign promise was limited to income taxes, by the way. (He also said he had CUT taxes on the middle class. Being solidly in the middle class, I think I would know if that had actually happened. Reducing my withholding so it looks like I’m getting a tax break, when it actually pushes me into a higher tax bracket forcing me to pay that much and more on April 15th is NOT a tax cut. A “stimulus” check, which just gives back a small portion of what was mine to begin with, is not a tax cut. Giving that same “stimulus” check to those who don’t pay taxes at all is just a handout, and communist redistribution of our hard earned money.)

How about his righteous ranting on earmark reform? Sorry, we’ve been down that twisted road with you before, Mr. President. (There were some 9,000 earmarks in the O-bow-ma porkulus bill. I’d call that a step in the right direction, wouldn’t you? (facetiousness intended))

Then there was his audacious riff on lobbyists. Been there, done that, too, Mr. President, with your phony promise to keep lobbyists out of the White House.

Obama also railed against “partisanship, shouting and pettiness” as he filled most of his speech with just those things, even castigating the Supreme Court, erroneously, for opening the door to foreign corporations’ campaign contributions.

How about his statement that “America must always stand on the side of freedom and human dignity”? Hmm. Tell that to the Iranian and Honduran peoples. He must have meant once he’s out of office.

Then there was his bizarre out-of-body pivot, when he blamed Washington for our problems. (Narcissistic clown.)

All of this, especially Obama’s obvious incapacity for self-doubt, is disturbingly surreal. (It’s like the speech he gave the other day on “tax cuts.” In that speech, he said “I” over 120 time while mentioning the subject of the speech, tax cuts, only TWICE. It’s kind of like the Toby Keith song “I wanna talk about me.” (I wanna talk about me, Wanna talk about I, Wanna talk about number one…) He is a self-centered, communist/progressive, anti-America, probably NOT American danger to America, our constitution, and our way of life.)

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His book “Bankrupt: The Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of Today’s Democratic Party” was released recently in paperback. To find out more about David Limbaugh, please visit his Web site at http://www.DavidLimbaugh.com.


Obama’s Words ALL have Expiration Dates – 10% and Climbing

Does anyone remember the snake oil salesman pitch for the “stimulus” plan?

He told us that if we would just pass his bill, unemployment would not exceed 8 percent in 2009.  Status of that promise? EXPIRED.

“This plan will save or create over 3 million jobs.”  Status of that promise? EXPIRED.

Now unemployment is over 10%, so Chairman Maobama must have simply misspoken when he promised 8% tops, right?

Maybe he was talking about creating GOVERNMENT jobs.  After all, he is trying to take over every aspect of our economy.  I guess Obama was outside smoking with Bill Ayers or Jeremiah Wright when he was supposed to be in class learning basic economics.  It seems he has “forgotten” that government jobs by definition can’t create wealth or generate revenue.  But you say “government employees pay taxes.”  Right, you are.  But they are paying taxes on money that was already taken from taxpayers to begin with.

Summary of Broken Promises


MEYER: Obama’s Broken Promises

Cynthia Meyer, Staff Writer
Ideology: Conservative | Writing from: Austin, TX

The top five broken promises of the Obama Administration.

It is now over six months into President Obama’s term. Has he lived up to the hype? Is he everything America needed and more? Not quite. It turns out that Obama, who campaigned so heavily against the unethical ways of Washington, is just another sleazy Chicago politician. Surprised? Republicans aren’t. He says what he needs to say in order to get elected. He makes promises that he knows he cannot keep, and even though the adoring media is always on his side, there are only so many broken promises that we, the people, (and apparently his beloved teleprompter) can take before we break down and say enough is enough.


Promise: Obama promised many times on the campaign trail that the middle class would not see higher taxes in any form.

Reality: There is no way we could pay for all of Obama’s expensive proposals without raising taxes on the middle class. (Even if Pelosi and her pals were forced to give up their private jets!) Officials from the Obama administration have admitted themselves that they cannot take it off of the table for the healthcare bill.This isn’t even including the cap-and-trade mess, which would raise prices for everybody, regardless of class. It is not just a tax on the rich– it is a tax on every American family that uses energy. Also, other taxes that hit the middle class– such as the cigarette tax– are being snuck into our everyday lives by these power-hungry, big-government Democrats.

During the election, Republicans were skeptical of Obama’s unsubstantiated promise of not “raising taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year.” We said that because of his big spending proposals, it simply could not be done, but the media ignored Republicans and took Obama’s word as divine truth– and look at where we are now. The numbers don’t add up, and this is not new news. Both Republicans and Democrats knew this all along. How would Obama have gotten elected if he campaigned on raising taxes on the middle class?


Promise: Obama promised that he would bring ethics to the Washington “culture of corruption”, with transparency and openness in government.

Reality: Obama has broken this promise many times. We will start with some of his first broken transparency promises, such as the “five-day-pledge”. During the campaign, he promised that he would “not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.” But just nine days after Obama was sworn into office, he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act–and didn’t post the bill online for public viewing until after it became law.

Here’s another early foul: Remember before the stimulus bill passed, Obama promised that there would be no earmarks or pet projects included? Again, we all knew this promise could never be kept with this current Congress. Regardless of Obama’s insistent reassurance, there was in fact loads of pork jammed into this massive spending bill. Oops!

In addition to bills being rushed through Congress and hidden from our viewing, information is withheld from the public still after the bills become law. We don’t even know what the money for these massive spending bills is exactly being used for. The stimulus package money seems to have been filtered through senators and congressman, and then disappeared, with nothing to show for it. Transparency in regards to the TARP money is exceptionally poor. Also, what about the withheld data from the cash-for-clunkers program? Unfortunately, we have less control over our tax money than Joe Biden has over his big mouth.

But Obama sure has a knack for picking ethical appointees for his vision of an ethical Washington, right? Oh, except for Ron Kirk, Tom Daschle, Timothy Geithner, Bill Richardson, Nancy Killefer, Linda Solis, and Kathleen Sebelius… to name a few. But at least we know he would never let a filthy Washington lobbyist into his administration! Well, for the most part

But here’s one of my favorites: Obama constantly criticized President Bush for his “secret meetings”. In 2006, he said “When big oil companies are invited into the White House for secret energy meetings, it’s no wonder they end up with billions in tax breaks.” But Obama refuses to release information about his own secret meetings with oil executives or health care executives at the White House.

Possibly one of the most dangerous violations of his promise is the lack of transparency and openness about healthcare. He promised that we would have televised, open debate on this issue, yet his meetings are kept secret and the other side is shut out and intimidated.


Promise: Obama promised that he would reach across the isle on issues, include Republican opinions, and promote bipartisanship in legislation.

Reality: Who were we kidding–he only said that because he was running against the Maverick of the year. He had no choice.

In the past six months, Obama has been a pro at shutting out Republicans. The only thing “bipartisan” about his cap-and-trade, healthcare, and spending packages is that his own party won’t even have it.


Promise: Obama made it seem that his stimulus bill was absolutely necessary for the economy to recover. In order to highlight the need for urgency, he laid out the prospective unemployment rates that would result with and without his spending package. In this analysis, he concluded that if we passed the stimulus bill, unemployment would not exceed 8 percent in 2009.

Reality: In July, unemployment hit 9.5 percent—and that’s with the stimulus bill. (See graph)


Promise: “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” and there will be competition in the industry with the “public option”.

Reality: By mandating employers to provide healthcare, this “public option” will be an incentive for employers to drop their current private coverage and adopt the government plan. This will force others to do the same to maintain a competitive edge. We will not see this freedom of choice that Obama projects. This government-run plan will have a huge advantage over private companies, and will drive out competition, not promote it.

In addition to driving private insurance out of the industry, this universal healthcare bill will use taxpayer money to fund abortions. (Wait–didn’t Obama say he wanted to reduce abortions in this country?)

Obama’s approval ratings are sinking. His healthcare plans are falling apart. His spending packages that were supposed to save the economy have been revealed as merely big-government power grabs. After 2010, President Obama will not have the luxury of a Congress dominated by Democrats. The American people might have been foolish enough to fall for the flowery rhetoric of an inexperienced, big-government liberal, but they are keen enough to realize that what we have is not working. We need checks and balances. Midterm elections, here we come.

Biden: We ‘Misread the Economy’

The same old tired excuses aren’t helping the economy. That tired line about “the economy we inherited” might have played up until they passed the porkulus bill, but after spending over a trillion dollars, much of which was political pay back pork, the economy has done nothing but get worse. Obama and company just move from one gaffe to another while the economy sinks, proving they have no idea what they’re doing. Actually, I think Obama knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. He is advancing his socialist agenda by destroying capitalism, and he is consolidating power. Sorry, fellas. After a trillion plus dollars of waste and all the broken promises that go along with it, you just bought yourself an economy. Blaming Bush can’t help you anymore.


Biden: We ‘Misread the Economy’

July 05, 2009 10:10 AM

Big admission from Vice President Joe Biden today.

“The truth is, we and everyone else misread the economy,” Biden told me during our exclusive “This Week” interview in Iraq.

Biden acknowledged administration officials were too optimistic earlier this year when they predicted the unemployment rate would peak at 8 percent as part of their effort to sell the stimulus package. The national unemployment rate has ballooned to 9.5 percent in June — the worst in 26 years.

“The truth is, there was a misreading of just how bad an economy we inherited,” said Biden, who is leading the administration’s effort to implement it’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan.

“Now, that doesn’t — I’m not — it’s now our responsibility. So the second question becomes, did the economic package we put in place, including the Recovery Act, is it the right package given the circumstances we’re in? And we believe it is the right package given the circumstances we’re in,” he told me.

The vice president argued more time is needed for the stimulus to work.

“We misread how bad the economy was, but we are now only about 120 days into the recovery package,” he said. “The truth of the matter was, no one anticipated, no one expected that that recovery package would in fact be in a position at this point of having to distribute the bulk of money.”

Biden didn’t rule out a second government stimulus package, but downplayed calls from Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman this week that a second stimulus will be needed.

I pressed the vice president, who is also leading the administration’s middle-class task force, on whether he’d rule out a second stimulus package.

“So, no second stimulus?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t say that,” Biden said, “I think it’s premature to make that judgment. This was set up to spend out over 18 months. There are going to be major programs that are going to take effect in September, $7.5 billion for broadband, new money for high-speed rail, the implementation of the grid — the new electric grid. And so this is just starting, the pace of the ball is now going to increase.”

–George Stephanopoulos

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