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1,063 Documented Examples of Barack Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Hypocrisy, Waste, Etc

The list of Obama lies, corruption, etc. is now growing so long that you need a continuous scroll to document it all, and what has been uncovered is just scratching the surface. He has so blatantly broken the law that he should have been impeached in the first year of his presidency. But he didn’t just stop with breaking the law. By giving aid, even military aid, and comfort to our enemies, he has committed treason, and he should meet the fate of a traitor.

Enjoy a little light reading in the linked pdf below. Get comfortable. It may take a while to read all of misdeeds of one Barack Hussein Obama.



Civil war battle lines being drawn as Magpul, Colt, Beretta and other gun manufacturers relocate to pro-Constitution states

Red states, SECEDE.  The only thing that will change the minds of the liberals in America is the pain of reality that comes from their poor decisions.  If we allow ourselves to continue to be forced to subsidize those poor decisions, they will never learn.  If forced to fend for themselves without conservatives to leech from, their ideology will collapse under its own weight.  The country is now so thoroughly and clearly ideologically divided, there is no saving it in it’s current form.  There will either be oppression, secession, or revolution.  We are too far gone for anything else.


Civil war battle lines being drawn as Magpul, Colt, Beretta and other gun manufacturers relocate to pro-Constitution states

Saturday, April 13, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com

(NaturalNews) A civil war looks likely to break out in America, and it will pit gun rights advocates (people who love liberty) against gun control zealots (people who hate freedom and love tyranny). The battle lines are being drawn right now as gun manufacturers are leaving anti-Constitution states like Connecticut and Colorado and relocating to pro-Constitution states like Texas and Arizona.

Why does this matter? Because in effect, the anti-Constitution states are disarming themselves by expatriating weapons manufacturers. Thus, they are eliminating their own weapons infrastructure and leaving themselves relatively defenseless should a civil war occur.

States like Texas and Wyoming, where gun manufacturers are increasingly moving and setting up shop, are simultaneously building up a massive arms infrastructure that may ultimately spell the difference between victory and defeat in a civil war.

This is the tragic truth of the current anti-America, anti-Constitution, criminal government takeover happening in multiple states across our Republic right now: those who hate liberty are disarming themselves.

Colt moving to Texas, others likely to follow

If the majority of people in states like New York, Connecticut and Colorado wish to be disarmed slaves living as subjects to a tyrannical government, then they are also going to see more gun owners leaving those states and seeking new lives in gun-friendly states like Texas, Montana, Arizona and Idaho. I can tell you firsthand that here in Texas, we shoot big, heavy firearms on the weekend (.50 BMG), and if the local sheriff shows up, it’s only because they want some trigger time, too! (You gotta pick the right county, though. Stay away from Travis County at all costs…)

Because Texas is a state that upholds the Second Amendment rights of its citizens, Texas is already attracting both gun manufacturers and gun-friendly citizens who are relocating there. For example, firearms maker Colt is leaving Connecticut and moving to Texas, bringing valuable skills, hardware, manufacturing equipment and jobs to Texas.

Magpul industries, makers of 30-round rifle magazines, also says it’s leaving Colorado and looking for a destination more aligned with the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

Such moves are not only valuable for the Texas economy; it also means that once the Civil War is unleashed in America and the collectivist anti-American, anti-Constitution leftist gun grabbers try to force national disarmament at gunpoint, states like Texas will be cranking out Colt rifles and putting them into the hands of freedom fighters who will send as much lead down range as is necessary to reinforce the point that the Bill of Rights is not negotiable.

Texas also controls much of the national energy supply

If leftists living in treasonous states try to push their criminal agenda onto the entire nation, let ’em figure out how to live without energy, too. Texas not only has the guns, you see… it’s also got the energy. Over one-third of America’s oil and natural gas flows through Texas-based refineries and ports. Any attempt to mess with Texas means the rest of the country won’t get its energy needs met.

Texas can defend its resources with — guess what? — citizens armed with rifles made in Texas, loaded with high-capacity magazines made in Texas, shooting bullets loaded in Texas in full alignment with the Bill of Rights that’s defended in Texas.

That’s why every time another criminal state government (like that of Connecticut) passes another unconstitutional law stripping its own citizens of the right to own firearms, I cheer when the gun manufacturers in that state announce they’re moving out. If Boulder, Colorado wants to fulfill its socialist dreams of total government tyranny, then we all welcome MagPul exiting Boulder and setting up shop in a pro-Constitution zone where the company’s many talents will be fully appreciated.

Traitorous states are disarming themselves

I love the idea that all these companies are moving out of wannabe communist cities like Boulder, or traitorous anti-Constitution states like Connecticut. Because in truth, we want the anti-Constitution states to have no weapons manufacturing infrastructure. It will make them easier to defeat in a military campaign designed to free the enslaved citizens living in those states from tyranny rule.

This fact is multiplied even further by the fact that many U.S. gun and ammo manufacturers are REFUSING to sell equipment to anti-Constitution governments, including the state government of Connecticut. The full list is posted at The Police Loophole.

It’s a huge list of weapons manufacturers and retailers, including Barrett, Midway USA, Cheaper Than Dirt, Larue Tactical, Rock River Arms, Bravo Company USA and more.

What this means is that if the traitorous, criminal federal government attempts to overrun the People with the 2 billion rounds of ammo DHS has been stockpiling, they’re going to find themselves outgunned and out-supplied by the private gun and ammo manufacturing and distribution industry which will absolutely NOT sell any equipment to the federal government.

By the way, private individuals are buying up hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo each week, vastly out-pacing DHS stockpiling. On top of that, there’s also the fact that brain-dead DHS employees are too stupid to know how to use firearms effectively in the first place. If DHS hands all their stockpiled guns to TSA agents, for example, they’re far more likely to shoot off their own toes than wage anything resembling a tactical war. They would be almost instantly out-maneuvered and out-gunned by veterans, hunters, sheriff’s deputies and privately-trained citizens.

It is important to bring all collaborators to justice

It’s going to be hilarious seeing all the governors and state representatives of the traitorous anti-gun states trying to defend themselves against armed arrest squads when they have no weapons.

I’m just curious how all these traitorous lawmakers think they’re going to defend themselves against real justice once the shooting begins. Are they so delusional that they think nobody is recording their names and votes? To be on the record voting to destroy the Second Amendment is nothing less than treason. To cast such a vote in a nation founded on armed resistance to tyranny is nothing less than suicide.

Because the anti-Constitution criminals have disarmed themselves, the pro-Constitution justice teams will be able to march right in, arrest these traitors for sedition and round them up for a mass trial where they can join their fellow traitors from Colorado, New York and California (among other states).

For the purposes of law and justice, it will be very important to make sure that all those who have actively violated the Bill of Rights be arrested, charged and brought to trial for their crimes. Historically, the typical punishment for those found guilty of acts of treason against their own nation has been the death penalty (i.e. firing squad). Even further, those who have actively conspired to destroy America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights are, by the government’s own definition, “enemy combatants,” meaning they may be held and imprisoned under the rules of war.

It’s time we all began to understand that lawmakers who vote for unconstitutional gun control measures in America are, by definition, “enemy combatants” who are engaged in actual warfare against America. They have moved the nation far past the era of polite debate. These traitors now have put guns to all our heads, demanding we comply or be arrested. In New York and elsewhere, many innocent citizens have already been thrown in jail for the “crime” of exercising their constitutional rights. The war against liberty has begun, and the battle lines are being drawn as gun and ammo manufacturers relocate to states that choose to side with the Constitution rather than outright tyranny.

You would be wise to make a similar choice. If you are a person who believe in anything resembling liberty — owning a gun, growing your own food, homeschooling your children — you will be arrested and imprisoned during the civil war if you stay in the criminal anti-Constitution states.

On the other hand, those very same activities will be openly welcomed in pro-Constitution states that actually abide by the law of the land. And it is those states that will have the hardware advantage once the fighting starts.

For your convenience, here’s a list of criminal, traitorous anti-Constitution states vs. relatively pro-Constitution states: (some states are not listed because they do not neatly fit into either category)

List of criminally run, anti-Constitution states

Get OUT of these states if you value liberty!

New York
New Jersey
Rhode Island

List of (relatively) pro-Constitution states

MOVE to these states if you value liberty!

New Mexico
North Dakota
South Dakota
South Carolina
West Virginia
New Hampshire

Utah To Follow Texas Lead In TSA Grope-down Revolt

We’re being conditioned to slowly give up our freedoms and just accept what an overbearing government wants to do to us. Wake up!

The bill stalled in the Texas Senate, after the Department of Justice sent a letter threatening to impose a no fly zone over Texas and shut down Texas airports. The warning was nothing short of a federal blockade and an act of financial terrorism.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Ben Franklin


Utah To Follow Texas Lead In TSA Grope-down Revolt

Posted By admin On May 27, 2011 @ 9:42 am In Featured Stories,News In Focus,Steve Watson Articles | 103 Comments

Steve Watson
Prisonplanet.com [1]
May 27, 2011

Utah To Follow Texas Lead In TSA Grope down Revolt  050111TSA

Utah looks likely to be the next state to follow the example set by Texas in attempting to make TSA grope downs a felony.

Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman has introduced a bill into the Utah House of Representatives that would ensure TSA agents would have to abide by the same Fourth Amendment limits that police do when performing searches on Americans.

“It is a work in progress,” Wimmer told the Utah Daily Herald [2]. “What it would do right now is simply say TSA agents are not exempt from the requirement of reasonable suspicion or probable cause to pat down a citizen.”

Like the bill that was recently unanimously passed in the Texas House, Wimmer’s legislation would make it an offense to touch the private parts of the person on the receiving end of the pat-down.

As we reported yesterday [3], the man who was instrumental in working with the federal government to sabotage the Texas bill was Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, a former CIA agent and establishment insider considered to be the wealthiest man in Texas politics.

The bill stalled in the Texas Senate, after the Department of Justice sent a letter threatening to impose a no fly zone over Texas and shut down Texas airports. The warning was nothing short of a federal blockade and an act of financial terrorism.

Rep. Wimmer, a long time champion of states rights, told the Utah Daily Herald that it is untrue that the federal government has supremacy over the state of Texas in the matter.

“The absolute overbearing audacity of the federal government in threatening Texas while Texas is trying to protect their citizens should really offend any red-blooded American,” Wimmer said, adding that the issue has been transformed from solely a Fourth Amendment concern to an assault on the Tenth Amendment and states rights.

As a former police officer, Wimmer is adamant that TSA agents should be held up to the same standards as law enforcement officers, and that law abiding citizens should not be subjected to personal searches without reason.

“It does not feel like America when you are going through a TSA checkpoint at the airport,” Wimmer said.

Wimmer’s bill will be considered and debated in the new year when the 2012 legislative session begins in Utah.

Lawmakers in other states, including New Hampshire and California, [6]have already looked into banning TSA gropedowns.

A number of other lobby groups, state and local authorities around the country have also resolved to either block the TSA body scanners or kick the TSA out of airports altogether, including New Jersey, [7] where Republican state Senator Mike Doherty has vowed to push for legislation that will ban both the scanners as well as invasive groping techniques.

Should several more states follow the same example set by Texas, the TSA and the Justice Department will have a major job on their hands threatening half the country with no fly zones and convincing Americans that it is the prudent course of action.


Unions: Redistributing Wealth and Undermining Security

“The late Sen. Paul Tsongas (D-MA) once said, “You cannot redistribute wealth you never created. You can’t be pro-jobs and anti-business at the same time. You cannot love employment and hate employers.”

I would have never believed that those words would have come out of the mouth of any democrat in the last 30 years, but there have seldom been more true words spoken.

By and large, the time for labor unions in America has come and gone. While in a few cases they may still serve a purpose, they mostly serve to advance the cause of the unions more than the workers they supposedly represent, while damaging businesses and ultimately the economy. How does it help employees when you destroy the employer and the jobs they create?


As much of a failure as unions are in the modern economic arena, they are an even worse idea when it comes to national defense.  Yet now the idiots at TSA (Thousands Standing Around; Touching Sensitive Areas; Totally Senseless Administration) are going to be allowed to unionize.

“This will be President Obama’s biggest gift to organized labor,” Representative John L. Mica, Republican of Florida and chairman of the House Transportation Committee, said in a statement, adding that it was “all bad news for the traveler, the taxpayer and aviation security” because it would limit the flexibility of the agency, despite assurances from Mr. Pistole that it would not.

The agency has traditionally ranked low in surveys of federal workers that assess morale and job satisfaction, a ranking that Mr. Pistole hopes will improve if the workers are allowed to join a union that bargains on their behalf.


You can’t possibly tell me that this is a good idea and beneficial to airport, airline, and passenger security.

Yet ANOTHER union/organized labor payoff by Obama.

Muslims: “You Can’t Touch Me There (or anywhere).”

OK. None of us (or at least most of us don’t) want nude pictures taken of us, and think some of the pat down techniques leave quite a bit to be desired, but that doesn’t give muslims or anyone else to right to just say “We ain’t playin’.”

“CAIR offered a “special recommendation” for Muslim women who wear a hijab, telling them they should tell the TSA officer that they may be searched only around the head and neck.”

Really? Why not just say “You can’t search where I have my explosives and weapons hidden.” If you don’t want to abide by the same rules the rest of us have to follow to fly, then I suggest you walk.


Muslim Group Advises Women Wearing Hijabs to Allow TSA ‘Enhanced Pat Downs’ Only on Head and Neck Area

Friday, November 12, 2010
By Penny Starr

hijabMuslim women wearing hijabs. (AP Photo)

(CNSNews.com) The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has issued a travel warning to Muslim airline passengers on U.S. aircraft in response to the Transportation Safety Administration’s  “enhanced pat down” policy that went into effect in late October.

CAIR said Muslims who object to full-body scans for religious reasons should know their rights if they are required to undergo a pat-down, including asking for the procedure to be done in a private place. In addition, CAIR offered a “special recommendation” for Muslim women who wear a hijab, telling them they should tell the TSA officer that they may be searched only around the head and neck

(click link above for complete article)

Obama TSA Nominee Sees 80% of Americans as Threats

Why are Obama and the left using their same “stimulus” type fear tactics concerning the appointment of Erroll Southers as TSA chief? They are saying that America is unprotected because the TSA chief hasn’t been confirmed yet, and we must act quickly to confirm him. Does anyone remember what we were told by this same group of communists before the “bailout/stimulus” was passed?

  • “If we don’t pass this stimulus, the economy will collapse.”
  • If we pass this stimulus, the unemployment rate won’t go above 8%.”
  • “All the money will go to shovel-ready jobs and stimulating the economy.”

Call me crazy, but the economy is STILL on the verge of collapse, unemployment is WELL above 8%, and BILLIONS of dollars went to political pork, paybacks, payoffs, and even went OVERSEAS to banks and foreign companies instead of staying here in America.  Joe Wilson said it best: “You lie!”

This is the type of radical, left-wing, communist nut that Obama surrounds himself with because this is the type of radical, left-wing, communist nut that Obama REALLY is.

Here’s a glimpse at the soul of Obama nominee for TSA chief, Erroll Southers:

“Most of the domestic groups that we pay attention to here are white supremacist groups. They’re anti-government, in most cases anti-abortion, they are usually survivalist type in nature, identity oriented.” “Those groups are groups that claim to be extremely anti-government and Christian identity oriented,”

So, let’s see if I have this correct. If I’m for less/smaller government (anti-government?), I believe abortion is wrong and is murder (anti-abortion), I was a Boy Scout who believes the motto “Be Prepared” is smart, so I have two weeks worth of food and other supplies in the event there is a natural disaster, and worst of all, I’m a Christian, THAT MAKES ME A TERRORIST?

These definitions make the founding fathers “terrorists.” The real terrorists are the radical left communists who are trying to undermine and destroy the United States Constitution. The real terrorists and enemies of the state are those who are trying to spend our nation into oblivion, weakening our military, and stealing freedoms from the citizens.

The enemy of the state terrorist at the top of the heap lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

TSA and Homeland Security Waiting for Terrorists to Tell Them What to Look For

It’s not just the Obama administration that is incompetent, although Janet Napoli-Reno is setting new standards for incompetence.  Bush and Clinton before Obama were all soft on terrorists BECAUSE OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Rather than be proactive and take the steps necessary to protect Americans, we tie our own hands for fear that we might offend someone.

So what do we do?  Let’s cut right to the chase.  PROFILING.  Contrary to what the linguine-spine liberals will have you believe, profiling is a VALID LAW ENFORCEMENT AND INVESTIGATIVE TECHNIQUE.

If you added up all the factors that screeners SHOULD be looking at (country of origin, one way ticket paid for in cash,  questionable identification, being on a watch list (which should be a “no fly” list), etc.), do you think the Crotch Bomber (Great Balls of Fire!) would have been allowed to get on that airplane?

Let’s take a quiz.

1) Someone robs a 7-11 and shoots the store clerk before fleeing on foot.  Three eyewitnesses describe the perpetrator as a Hispanic male, approximately 5’9″ tall, close cropped hair, wearing jeans and a green jacket.  As a police officer who receives this description you will look for, stop, and question:

a) 80-year old blue haired Anglo-Saxon women, to demonstrate you are not biased towards Hispanics.

b) Americans of African descent, missing their right legs, riding in wheel chairs to demonstrate that you are not singling out Hispanics as criminals.

c) Hispanic males, approximately 5’9″ tall, close cropped hair, because they fit the description of the perpetrator.

2) You are a TSA employee screening passengers at the airport.  You have an X-ray machine and a hand-held metal detector.  You are given intelligence information by your superiors that a middle eastern muslim group is planning on trying to bring down a plane with some kind of explosive.  The smart thing to do is:

a) Strip search 80-year old blue haired Anglo-Saxon grandmothers to demonstrate that we are not singling out muslims or racially profiling.

b) Strip search caucasian males of Irish and/or Italian descent because there’s a high probability that they have recently converted to islam and pose a threat to innocent civilians.

c) Strip search the males of middle eastern descent while watching all other passengers for odd behavior or strange things in their luggage.  You do this because every attack on an airline in the past 30 years has been by a muslim male of middle eastern or African descent, so you are playing the odds to multiply the effectiveness of the resources you have on hand to combat the threat.

If you answered anything other than “C,” you may be mentally retarded.  Consider having yourself evaluated.

The Israelis have used profiling to screen their airline passengers forever.  When is the last time you heard of an Israeli airliner being hijacked?  Profiling is not evil.  It is merely a tool if used properly.

When is use of profiling improper? When you use it to punish all persons of a given race for no other reason than they happen to be of that race.  But then it’s no longer profiling.  It’s RACISM.  Liberals would have you believe that the two are one and the same when they in fact are not.

Yet another fallacy of liberalism exposed.  It’s been a good day.


Ivana Trump Escorted Off Plane: Napolitano Declares ‘The System Worked’

by Ann Coulter

In response to a Nigerian Muslim trying to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, the government will now prohibit international travelers from going to the bathroom in the last hour before the plane lands.

Terrorists who plan to bomb planes during the first seven hours of the eight-hour flight, however, should face no difficulties, provided they wait until after the complimentary beverage service has been concluded.

How do they know Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab didn’t wait until the end of the flight to try to detonate explosives because he heard the stewardess announce that the food service was over and seats would have to be placed in their upright position? I can’t finish my snack? This plane is going down!

Also prohibited in the last hour of international flights will be: blankets, pillows, computers and in-flight entertainment. Another triumph in Janet Napolitano’s “Let’s stay one step behind the terrorists” policy!

For the past eight years, approximately 2 million Americans a day have been subjected to humiliating searches at airport security checkpoints, forced to remove their shoes and jackets, to open their computers, and to remove all liquids from their carry-on bags, except minuscule amounts in marked 3-ounce containers placed in Ziploc plastic bags — folding sandwich bags are verboten — among other indignities.

This, allegedly, was the price we had to pay for safe airplanes. The one security precaution the government refused to consider was to require extra screening for passengers who looked like the last three-dozen terrorists to attack airplanes.

Since Muslims took down Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988, every attack on a commercial airliner has been committed by foreign-born Muslim men with the same hair color, eye color and skin color. Half of them have been named Mohammed.

An alien from the planet “Not Politically Correct” would have surveyed the situation after 9/11 and said: “You are at war with an enemy without uniforms, without morals, without a country and without a leader — but the one advantage you have is they all look alike. … What? … What did I say?”

The only advantage we have in a war with stateless terrorists was ruled out of order ab initio by political correctness.

And so, despite 5 trillion Americans opening laptops, surrendering lip gloss and drinking breast milk in airports day after day for the past eight years, the government still couldn’t stop a Nigerian Muslim from nearly blowing up a plane over Detroit on Christmas Day.

The “warning signs” exhibited by this particular passenger included the following:

His name was Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

He’s Nigerian.

He’s a Muslim.

His name was Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

He boarded a plane in Lagos, Nigeria.

He paid nearly $3,000 in cash for his ticket. (and it was a one way ticket)

He had no luggage.

His name was Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

Two months ago, his father warned the U.S. that he was a radical Muslim and possibly dangerous.

If our security procedures can’t stop this guy, can’t we just dispense with those procedures altogether? What’s the point exactly?

(To be fair, the father’s warning might have been taken more seriously if he had not simultaneously asked for the U.S. Embassy’s Social Security number and bank routing number in order to convey a $28 million inheritance that was trapped in a Nigerian bank account.)

The warning from Abdulmutallab’s father put his son on some list, but not the “no fly” list. Apparently, it’s tougher to get on the “no fly” list than it was to get into Studio 54 in the ’70s. Currently, the only people on the “no fly” list” are the Blind Sheik and Sean Penn.

The government is like the drunk looking for his keys under a lamppost. Someone stops to help, and asks, “Is this where you lost them?” No, the drunk answers, but the light’s better here.

The government refuses to perform the only possibly effective security check — search Muslims — so instead it harasses infinitely compliant Americans. Will that help avert a terrorist attack? No, but the Americans don’t complain.

The only reason Abdulmutallab didn’t succeed in bringing down an airplane with 278 passengers was that: (1) A brave Dutchman leapt from his seat and extinguished the smoldering Nigerian; and (2) the Nigerian apparently didn’t have enough detonating fluid to cause a powerful explosion.

In addition to the no blanket, no computer, no bathroom rule, perhaps the airlines could add this to their preflight announcement about seat belts and emergency exits: “Should a passenger sitting near you attempt to detonate an explosive device, you may be called upon to render emergency assistance. Would you be willing to do so under those circumstances? If not we will assign you another seat …”

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