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Rosie O’Donnell Causes CG Problem When She Boards an Airplane



Trudeau vs. Obi Wan

Trudeau vs Obi Wan

Obama Rejecting Pipeline, Continues Lying About Why

Obama and the democrats are flat out lying about the XL pipeline.  Obama rejected the pipeline, and the 20+ thousand jobs it would create immediately, and the benefits to our economy of getting more oil from an ally, and less oil from people who hate us, all because he pitched a temper tantrum over having his bluff called by republicans.

Obama and the democrats are also lying about the Ogallala aquifer.  They drag their feet and claim there is a need for a bunch of research about the impacts of running a pipeline through this “virgin wilderness.”  The only problem is that it ain’t wilderness, and it DARN sure ain’t virgin.

Look at the map linked below.  It depicts the Ogallala aquifer, but notice what else it depicts.  THOUSANDS of miles of pipeline are ALREADY crisscrossing the area of the aquifer.

Obama says he wants to see American jobs created.  The only jobs he wants to see created are in government.  Obama and his policies are DESTROYING American jobs, and he is doing all he can to ensure that we can’t gain energy independence.

This may not be one of them, but there are plenty of legitimate reasons to impeach this fool.  Why is our spineless congress doing nothing about this tyrant?


Ogallala Aquifer Map

Your Shipment of (Health Care) Failure Has Been Delivered

Hellooooo? McBama? Anybody home? You are attempting to model our health care system after those systems around the world that have FAILED. They have realized this and are starting to move themselves back toward privatized health care.


Yet I don’t think you are truly stupid enough to believe that this will actually work. I believe you are simply trying to garner more power and control for yourself and your cronies over us. You and your fellow liberals have demonstrated yourselves to be liars. When you start to drop hints that you will no longer push for a mandatory public plan, you are not to be trusted. Even if you drop that stipulation in the first iteration of your health care “reform,” as Barney Frank was quoted as saying, you will not stop pursuing the public option/mandate until it becomes a reality. Any ground we the American people give you at this point is the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent. I have no desire to sleep with a camel, or to have my health care rationed, or to be told by a government flunky instead of my doctor what treatments are authorized, or to be told that I am not worth enough to the state to be provided with the treatment that will save my life, or to pay the price tag for illegal aliens and non-citizens who contribute nothing to this country and only sponge our resources and good will.

All of the European government run health care systems along with the Canadian and Cuban systems are in full cardiac arrest. Why in the world would we for any reason wish to emulate FAILURE?



Canadian Health Officials: Our Universal Health Care Is ‘Sick,’ Private Insurance Should Be Welcomed

Monday , August 17, 2009



Dr. Anne Doig, the incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association, said her country’s health care system is “sick” and “imploding,” the Canadian Press reported.

“We know there must be change,” Doig said in a recent interview. “We’re all running flat out, we’re all just trying to stay ahead of the immediate day-to-day demands.”

Canada’s universal health care system is not giving patients optimal care, Doig added. When her colleagues from across the country gather at the CMA conference in Saskatoon Sunday, they will discuss changes that need to be made, she said.

“We all agree the system is imploding, we all agree that things are more precarious than perhaps Canadians realize,” she said.

Current president of the CMA, Dr. Robert Ouellet, will make a presentation at the conference about his findings when he toured Europe in January, and met with health groups in several countries.

Ouellet has said that “competition should be welcomed, not feared,” meaning private health insurance should have a role in the public health system.

Doig said she isn’t sure what kind of changes will be proposed when the conference wraps up, but she does know that changes have to come – and fast. She said she understands that universal health care, while good in some ways, has not always been helpful for sick people or their families.

“(Canadians) have to understand that the system that we have right now — if it keeps on going without change — is not sustainable,” Doig said.

Rats May Be Smarter Than You Think

The rats are beginning to flee the sinking economic ship of the American dollar. This is not a good sign. All the major players around the world are beginning to dump the dollar, and when Obama or his minions, most notably Tim “Turbo-Tax-Cheat” Geithner tell the world “all is well,” they get openly laughed at. Yes, Geithner was openly laughed at during a speech he gave in China when he told them the dollar was sound. It’s much like Kevin Bacon during the closing scenes of Animal House when he tells the crowd to “remain calm, all is well” just before he is trampled to death by said crowd.

India Joins Russia, China in Questioning U.S. Dollar Dominance

By Mark Deen and Isabelle Mas

July 4 (Bloomberg) — Suresh Tendulkar, an economic adviser to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, said he is urging the government to diversify its $264.6 billion foreign-exchange reserves and hold fewer dollars.

“The major part of Indian reserves is in dollars — that is something that’s a problem for us,” Tendulkar, chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, said in an interview yesterday in Aix-en-Provence, France, where he was attending an economic conference.

Singh is preparing to join leaders from the Group of Eight industrialized nations — the U.S., Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Canada and Russia — at a summit in Italy next week which is due to tackle the global economy. China and Brazil will also send representative to the summit.

As the talks have neared, China and Russia have stepped up calls for a rethink of how global currency reserves are composed and managed, underlining a power shift to emerging markets from the developed nations that spawned the financial crisis.

(rest of article HERE…http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20670001&sid=aR7yfqUwTb4M)

Letter to our “Leaders”

Here is a letter I faxed to several key politicians today regarding their rush to pass the bill on socialized medicine.  I hope many of you were doing the same, as well as lighting up the switchboards with phone calls.  We can but try, and pray.

29 April 2009

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Subject: Socialized Medicine/Universal Health Care

Dear Senator,

We are literally at a tipping point for America. The bus that is America has run off of the road of freedom and prosperity, through the guard rail, and is teetering on the edge of the cliff of communism, socialism, and oppression. Mr. Obama, accompanied by those such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, is at the back of the bus trying to push us over that cliff.

The final push that sends us into the abyss is likely to be “universal health care,” which is more accurately called “socialized medicine.” This will destroy the highest quality health care system in the world. Innovation and development of new products will be stifled, competent doctors will be driven from or simply leave the field of medicine, and the ability to get treatment will not be determined by my ability to pay, but by a committee who decides how much utility I have left to pay back to the state.

Many other nations around the world have tried government run health care, and it has failed or is failing miserably. In the models that are so often showcased to the American public, Canada and Great Britain, doctors and patients alike testify that their system has failed and beg us not to go down this road. Patients wait weeks, months, and sometimes years, or even die while waiting for crucial treatment that is available immediately in America. Those who have the ability to pay for their own treatment come to America to get it because they know there is no better health care in the world.

Ms. Pelosi and others have argued that the current health care system is class based. The socialized medicine system will actually implement this in spades. The average American will have no choice, while the political elite and those in political favor will get whatever they want. That is exactly what is happening in Canada, where current and former Prime Ministers and professional hockey players get moved to the front of the line while the average citizen rots. Citizens are even pulling their own teeth because they can not get in to see a dentist. Is this really what you want for America?

Senator, I highly encourage you to vote against universal health care. It is not what America needs, and like the other issues we have so blatantly been ignored on, it is not what we want. Americans can’t be ignored much longer before we look to those ignoring us and remove them from the process. We are watching these matters closely, and we will not be ignored any longer.




Your Government Might Be Socialist If…

I can just hear Jeff Foxworthy now. “If your government gets lectured by all of the socialist governments in Europe about being TOO socialistic, your government just might be socialist.”

EU leader condemns US ‘road to hell’

By Tony Barber in Brussels and Edward Luce in Washington
Published: March 25 2009 20:00 | Last updated: March 26 2009 00:12

European Union hopes for a new era in relations with the US were thrown into chaos on Wednesday when the holder of the EU presidency condemned American remedies for the global recession as “the road to hell”.

Barely a week before Barack Obama is due to arrive in Europe on his first official visit as US president, Mirek Topolanek, the Czech Republic’s prime minister, put the 27-nation EU on a collision course with Washington.

Read rest of article HERE.

HERE is another article on the same subject.

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