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YouTube Targets Mike Rowe for Restriction, You’ll Never Believe Why! ⋆ Constitution.com

Have you ever watched Mike Rowe?  If you honestly have, then you know he’s not much of a political person, at least in his public life.  The values he tends to support could be considered traditional, and perhaps conservative, but he very much tends to keep his politics to himself.  If you’ve watched the video in question in the linked article, and you AREN’T wondering how in the world YouTube could find it offensive, I question your sanity, morality, and mental stability.

Conservatives have been noting for some time how increasingly progressive outlets like YouTube, Facebook, and Google are doing everything they can to stifle conservative thought and opinion, but Mike Rowe???  Seriously, YouTube.  At least TRY to hide your anti-conservative bias.

Source: YouTube Targets Mike Rowe for Restriction, You’ll Never Believe Why! ⋆ The US Constitution ⋆ Constitution.com


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