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Obama Once Again Praising People Who Work Against America

Have you ever noticed that Barack Obama has a LONG track record of praising people who work against America, our military, and our veterans?  Well, he’s at it again.

Barack Obama is flippantly praising the very same failed VA secretary who compared VA wait times to waiting in line at Disney World.  The same VA that told a distraught veteran who called the Crisis Hotline repeatedly to “to call back when he becomes less irate,” right before he shot himself.

After all the bad things Obama has done to America, and all the enemies of America who Obama has supported and praised, if there were someone who could keep Obama from “dispatching” himself but didn’t, THAT would indeed be someone worthy of praise.


Obama hams it up on TV; Marine shoots HIMSELF after VA suicide hotline tells him…

Obama hams it up

We started off this week sharing with you the absolutely disrespectful and disdainful comments of one President Barack Obama, who commended Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald for doing such a great job. This is the same VA Secretary who associated Disneyland amusement park ride wait lines to that of Veterans.

And last night here as I settled in to my hotel room in Chicago, home of Barack Obama, I read a story that simply enraged me.

As reported by Liberty Unyielding: Corporal Todd Nicely, USMC, doesn’t take life lying down.  He doesn’t come off to anyone as a morose guy who feels sorry for himself. That’s a good thing, since he lost most of all four limbs in an encounter with a land mine in Afghanistan in 2010.  He’s one of only five veterans (as of 2016) to survive the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as a quadruple amputee.

It’s essential to know this about Todd Nicely, before taking in the update that he shot himself this week after reportedly getting the run-around from the Veterans Administration crisis hotline.  He’s recovering, according to the latest news from Friday, 3 June; he didn’t succeed in killing himself.  But in frustration at a situation whose particulars we don’t fully know, he did try.

Matt at Freedom Daily has the story, including a post by fellow wounded warrior Bobby Henline about Nicely’s experience with the VA crisis hotline.


Todd tried calling a Crisis Hotline all weekend, but he kept getting the runaround from them and they told him to call back when he becomes less irate.

So who is Todd Nicely?  Is he a malingerer?  A gadfly?  An annoyance to our civil servants?

Constitution.com has some of his story, conveying with words and pictures that he puts himself out there, and, along with his wife Crystal (also a Marine), lives life to the fullest six years after the fateful day in Afghanistan.

Some of y’all are aware that I wear the #22kill ring on my right hand, trigger finger, to remind me of the fact that, on average, 22 of our veterans are taking their lives every day. And what truly pisses me off is that we have a president who does not give a doggone. His endorsement of McDonald is evidence of such.

Marine CPL Todd Nicely is an American of impeccable character and resilience who does not want to be seen as a victim, yet when he cried out for help, his call went unanswered. We need to know who it was who told Todd Nicely to call back. I suppose in Obama and McDonald’s mindset, this is exactly what would happen at Disneyland if you were acting irate at one of their rides, so who cares. And remember, it was Hillary Clinton who stated the VA crisis was not as bad as it was made out to be. She basically attributed this to the GOP and just a made up political item to score points.

Let me explain something, those of us who served during the Clinton presidency years know exactly how Mrs. Clinton felt about the military. And I had the distinct honor of serving with a former Marine Corps-1 pilot.

There are no words to explain this away, especially as we have Obama giving accolades to his failed VA Secretary. This is no different than Obama coming out in a Rose Garden ceremony fawning over Bowe Bergdahl’s release from the Taliban and Susan Rice’s statement that he had served with honor and distinction. How can these people be so damned out of touch?

Obama needs to be challenged on this case and how it is he can sing praises to McDonald as this young man was fighting for his life — once again, but this time at the hands of a different enemy, our Veterans Affairs department. Of course this will go unnoticed by the liberal progressive media, who will now do everything in its power to shield Obama and Clinton in this general election. Rest assured if this tragedy had happened on the watch of President George W. Bush, it would be playing incessantly — remember Cindy Sheehan and all the coverage she got?

This is appalling, sickening, but as usual, no one will be held responsible…funny, Obama was on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon hamming it up. A man who Obama himself could never live up to is struggling to remain alive because this president couldn’t care less about him — chances are, has no clue who Marine Corporal Todd Nicely is.

Link to Article:  http://www.allenbwest.com/allen/veteran-shoots-himself-after-va-suicide-hotline-tells-him-to-call-back-when


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