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Socialism and Communism: Different Means to the Same End

Socialism is merely the gateway drug to communism. They both want the same thing, which is government control of everything, and everyone. The socialists (Mensheviks) think they can convince you to submit willingly. The communists (Bolsheviks) use force to gain your submission when the promises of socialism fail.

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the democrats are socialists.  Period.  They are promising “free” stuff to one group by promising to take if from another group.  This ideology has ALWAYS failed for several reasons.

  1. Humans are involved.  Socialism sounds good in an academic setting where only one side of the argument is presented, but has NEVER worked in practice because it ignores human nature.
  2. There is no such thing as “free.”  Someone always has to pay the price.  Even the salvation that Jesus offers us isn’t free because He paid the price for it.
  3. Socialists always use populism to justify taking from those who produce to give to those who do not.  Referencing point #1 above, when those who produce see that there is no point in producing because the fruit of their labor will always be stolen from them, they stop producing.  The wealthy will flee for places where they can preserve their wealth. 
  4. In the end, the socialists run out of other people’s wealth to redistribute, and you then have shortage, suffering, and unrest.  This leads to the Bolsheviks using force to maintain compliance.  The Bolsheviks see people as a liability, and seek to minimize the number of them they must control.  That is why you saw the communists in Soviet Russia starve millions of people to death.  Same in Cambodia, and I would guess not far off in Venezuela. 

Socialism is a dead-end.  People MUST be educated about this before we completely drop off the cliff.

Socialism Communism Carrot and Stick


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