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Time for Crusade 2.0

The first crusades were a response to a plea for help against moslem aggression.  Over time, the moslems were beaten back from lands they hand conquered by the sword.  They licked their wounds, changed their tactics, and spread like a cancer using “Trojan Horse” tactics to invade societies around the world.  Once there, they played the “victim card,” pretending to be the “oppressed” minority.  Via immigration, and breeding like rabbits, they eventually increased in strength in nations who were asleep to the threat until they could overpower those societies from within.  We are seeing the start of that final uprising in European countries, and America won’t be too many years behind unless we sound the alarm and eliminate the threat.  That threat is the poisonous, satanic evil of islam.

Islam can NOT be tolerated or accommodated in our midst.  It is an ideology which does not tolerate the existence of any other ideology, and will be at war with all other ideologies until they are destroyed.  These are the two “houses” of islam.  The house of war, and the house of islam.  We must expel islam from our midst, by force if necessary.  It must be banned, and all adherents to it expelled.  There is no other choice if we wish to survive.

Crusade 2pt0


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  1. Reblogged this on Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back and commented:
    Regardless of the intense need, no Crusade will be mounted until the public rises up with massive demand for it. Political will is lacking. Three international human rights covenants require that Islam be proscribed by law for denial of the right to life, denial of religious freedom, inciting war and inciting genocide which flow from Islam’s canonical texts.
    It starts with you; each one teach two. Urge everyone who will listen to read the Koran, Sahih Bukhari and the jihad provisions in Islamic law. This file contains the disgusting details of Islamic human rights violations which require it to e shut down. Other files on the same Scribd account exhibit the most relevant quotes from the Koran, hadith & Shari’ah.

    You can find the petition widget in the right sidebar of When you sign it, it will email itself to your representative & senators.

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