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Catch-22, Ferguson Style

The police, National Guard, prosecutors, mayor, etc. in Ferguson just can’t win.  West Florissant is where most of the unrest was taking place in Ferguson. If the police and National Guard had been there in force, the protesters would have said “See? All these white cops are down here oppressing and provoking us.” But when the cops and National Guard are held back, and the thugs riot and burn, you get “Where were you? Why didn’t you protect us? You stood back and did nothing while our town burned, and watched it happen.”

You just can’t win with these stupid people. This is the product of more than a half century of hanging on the apron strings of a democrat party who has sought nothing more than to make these people totally dependent, and they have succeeded. These people are the epitome of the victim class. NOTHING is EVER their fault. When they are killing each other, it is ‘whitey’s‘ fault. When they are committing a crime and get killed by a cop, it is ‘whitey’s‘ fault. When they are acting like thugs and killing white people, it is somehow ‘whitey’s‘ fault. When they don’t have something, they think they should be given it for free. When they get something for free, they didn’t get enough of it.  They don’t want ‘justice,’ they want free stuff, and a free pass on their bad behavior.

These people have allowed themselves to once again be reduced to the level of animals. They believed the hollow promises and lies of the democrats for decades, and in doing so destroyed their families, communities, initiative, self esteem, and pissed away the gains that blacks had made in this nation up to and after the Civil War. Since the abolition of slavery, blacks in this nation have no one to blame for their plight but themselves. Had they continued the hard road of taking responsibility for their own actions, they would be much better off now. Choices have consequences. Now the black community in America is faced with a tough one. Either continue to be slaves to the democrats who have led you down the path you’re on now, or take responsibility for your actions and WORK to restore your families and community.


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