No longer the WORST president, but still the DUMBEST

Words can not possibly describe how big of a foolish idiot Jimmy Carter actually is. Jimmuh, you keep talking about your prayers. WHO do you pray to? The god of the rock throwers, or God? It doesn’t seem to be the latter. Mr. Cahtuh, when you say “fairness and justice to the Palestinians,” what do you mean? When the Palestinians lob rockets into Israel and carry out suicide attacks day after day, killing Israeli civilians, I suppose you think “justice” means rewarding them for killing Israelis? Then you ramble on about there not being “equality in military power” between Israel and the Palestinians. If there were equality of military power, what do you think the Palestinians would do with it? Do you think they would show restraint with their newly found strength? NO, YOU IDIOT. They would do EVERYTHING they could to destroy Israel. Then you continue to prattle on about all the schools and hospitals being destroyed. Did you care to ask WHY they were destroyed? It couldn’t POSSIBLY be that the Palestinian terrorists were launching rockets from the those locations, and using them as weapons caches, and using ambulances with red crescents to move arms and soldiers, could it? As for the homes and other buildings that were destroyed, again, they were destroyed either because attacks were being launched from there, or the occupant was a suicide attacker who killed Israeli citizens. Did you know that the Israelis dropped leaflets, and even CALLED THE OCCUPANTS ON THEIR PHONES to warn them to leave the buildings before they were attacked to prevent unnecessary loss of life? Would your beloved Palestinian terrorists have given the same courtesy to Israelis? I bet you think so. How could such a brain damaged idiot become president of the United States? Yes, you relinquished the crown of “Worst President EVER” to Barack Obama, but that is only because his calculating evil outstripped your unimaginable stupidity.


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