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Our Military Is Not On Obama’s Priority List

Obama is willfully and purposefully undermining and dismantling our military. Our military is one of the few things CONSTITUTIONALLY mandated for which the government is to collect taxes and spend money to maintain. Yet when cutting spending, does our increasingly progressive communist government cut the bloated vote buying programs that redistribute wealth? No. They cut the military.

These latest cuts reduce our Army to the smallest size since before WWII. Few people alive remember those times. Our Army was so underfunded that they trained and drilled using broomsticks as rifles, and had old pickup trucks with signs painted on them saying “TANK” because they didn’t have actual tanks, or couldn’t afford to operate the few they had. What did that level of weakness lead to? World War II. Weakness invites attack.

If you boil down the essence of what the mission of our military is SUPPOSED to be, it would be this: To be ready, willing, and able to kick anyone’s butt, anytime, anywhere, and in such convincing fashion that NO ONE is willing to attempt attacking us.

There is no room in that mission for political correctness, for social experimentation, or for underfunding the military to spend that money on more food stamps in order to buy more votes. The politicians who support this destruction of our military while also supporting increased social spending are traitors, and should be dealt with as such.

Priorities, Mr. President, It’s All About Priorities- And Veterans Are Not One of Yours

Posted by THOMAS CHEEVER / April 1, 2014

Priorities, Mr. President, It’s All About Priorities – And Veterans Are Not One of Yours

Remember the budget deal reached last December to restore funding for the federal government? Of course, you do. The TV and press coverage of closed national monuments, barricades along highways blocking scenic overlooks (I’m not kidding, the feds did that), WWII veterans crashing through barricades at the WWII memorial, all while the feds kept telling us how the debt ceiling has to be raised.

So our esteemed lawmakers reach a deal to continue funding through February 27th – no more scenes of disgruntled veterans, and all’s well in the land. Or is it?

Benefit cuts “restored?”

Not widely reported, part of that funding deal was a 1% cut in the COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment) for military retirees. These cuts will take effect in FY 2015, or October 1, 2014. These ‘cuts’ are necessary, say proponents, to save 6.3 billion dollars. Wow, 6.3 billion on the backs of military retirees.

Thanks to pressure from military members, lobbying groups and others, with significant bi-partisan support, on February 18th the president signed into law a bill restoring benefits for all military members serving before December 31, 2013. Did our lawmakers ‘see the light’ or did they yield to pressure in an election year? Hard to tell. It is important to note though, they did not repeal the law, only grandfathered in those currently serving.

Not deserving of constant issues

The military is always the sacrificial lamb for government spending. And often it is the individual member that suffers. Whether it be reductions in housing pay, commissary funding, or education benefits, our service members suffer. Some might say, ‘Suck it up! Times are tough for everyone.’, or ‘Hey, you volunteered, didn’t you?’ Yes, it’s true, and military members would ‘suck it up’ because that’s what we do – we improvise, we adapt and ultimately, we overcome. But let’s be equally clear, military service is NOT like any civilian career or job.

• The military does not hire from the outside — you cannot join the military as a sergeant or captain — requiring incentives to keep people in the service.

• The military has an “up or out” system. You must continually be promoted, or you will be “fired.” (Civilian federal employment could benefit from this system, eliminating ‘deadwood’ among the staff.)
• War (and good peacetime training) is a young person’s activity. We do not need soldiers who are 50 or older in foxholes or lugging 80-pound packs.
• Who would be willing to deploy for a 17-month tour of duty, multiple times, to Iraq or Afghanistan for a 401(k)?
• Military retirees are subject to recall at any time.

Additionally, military members can make 10 to 12 family moves in 20 years, never long enough in one location to build up equity in a home, a business venture, or set roots in any one community.

Our military members deserve every benefit our nation can offer. But, $6.3 billion IS a lot of money, or is it?

Where’s the real waste?

A recent senate audit appropriately titled “Waste Book 2012,” identified 100 examples government waste totaling $18 Billion. Should veterans shoulder the burden when we spend $10 million to train Filipinos to work in Asian call centers, or $1 million for NASA to develop a “Mars Menu?”

With 3 trillion in annual government spending a million here and a million there may seem a drop in the bucket. But those drops eventually add up. In 2012, they added up to $18 billion. Billion, with a ‘B’.

The US military gives and sacrifices for years. Military retirees often give the most, over an entire lifetime, with multiple moves, family sacrifices, separation hardships and more.

Yes, Mr. President, it IS about priorities. But on a more personal level, it is about respect. Respect for the military. Respect for the job. Respect for sacrifice. Respect for the individual service member. It’s time you show some.

– See more at: http://misguidedchildren.com/veterans-affairs/2014/04/priorities-mr-president-its-all-about-priorities-and-veterans-are-not-one-of-yours/17990#sthash.hbGlWsTK.dpuf

Link to article: http://misguidedchildren.com/veterans-affairs/2014/04/priorities-mr-president-its-all-about-priorities-and-veterans-are-not-one-of-yours/17990


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