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ATF Violates Restraining Order, Raids Ares Armor

Here is how Holder, Obama, and the communist progressives are going to get around gun registration schemes. They will just seize the customer lists from gun manufacturers, and gun accessory businesses, and then they will track down those customers and start grabbing guns.

Lock and load, citizens. They are coming.

ATF Violates Restraining Order, Raids Ares Armor

Posted by / March 16, 2014


In what can only be described as a lawless act of a rogue government, the ATF yesterday violated the temporary restraining order against raiding Ares Armor in Oceanside, California. According to the Calguns Foundation, they raided “multiple properties” and seized the customer lists for both Ares Armor and EP Lowers.

The restraining order was to be in effect until a court hearing on March 20, 2014 if the parties could not reach an agreement. Apparently the federal government believes it can do anything it wants to do. But somewhere, a judge signed search warrants for the ATF and those warrants were executed yesterday.

Ares Armor owns two stores and a manufacturing operation called EP lowers. Besides being pro-gun, the main point of contention between Ares Armor and the ATF has been the 80% lowers (made of polymer) that are not considered a firearm. Yet ATF agents have attempted intimidation on the owner, Dimitri Kassas, a USMC combat veteran, and demanded not just the lowers in their inventory, but their customer lists as well.

The business turned over their stock of lowers, even though the ATF claim was based upon an erroneous information, and Dimitri and his attorney were working hard to get it corrected. But the ATF wasn’t really concerned about the plastic gun parts…they wanted the customer lists and they didn’t care how they got them.

Dimitri had strongly stated that he did not want to turn over those lists based on privacy concerns.The feds had other plans. The business stated that they were still open, even though they were having to use hand calculators and had no computers.



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