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What Our Military is SUPPOSED to Be

THIS is what our military is supposed to be. Chained lightning, the Pit Bull, the sledge hammer. The military isn’t supposed to be the police force, kind and gentle. We are supposed the be the THREAT of hellfire & brimstone to provide a position of strength from which to engage in diplomatic negotiations, and the fulfillment of that threat should diplomacy fail. The military is designed to kill people and break things. Our military’s mission is SUPPOSED TO BE to be ready, willing, and ABLE to kick ANYONE’S butt, anytime, anywhere, and in such a convincing fashion that no one is willing to test us. We are not intended to be nation builders and Teddy Bears. That’s what the State Department is for.

Our military is being both misused and mistreated by an increasingly liberal/progressive government.  The military has been a very loyal dog up to this point, but how many times can you kick a dog before it seeks a new master?  I implore the military members to remember WHAT they swore an oath to.  It was the Constitution, not any one person.  You will soon be forced to decide whether to honor your oath, or to betray your oath and your nation.

Mattis - I come in peace


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