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Summary of the Obamacare Train Wreck

In a nutshell, here’s the summary of the careening trainwreck of economic destruction and forced government dependency that is the implementation of Obamacare.  Take time to read through all the article, and to seek out other information about the destruction of our liberty. If we don’t resist this, even at the risk of going without health insurance, or going to jail, we are finished.

“Do I fix Obamacare, address the massive spending problem and skyrocketing debt, and work on helping the imploding economy? Or do I go fundraising?”

Sebelius to Attend Gala, but Unable to Testify About Obamacare. Fixing the problems with Obamacare must not be that important.

It’s worse than we know…

Builders of Obama’s health website saw red flags; Obama paid $400 million to a CANADIAN company to design website

Dickerson: Obama Headed Toward “Credibility Death Spiral” On Obamacare

Obama hints that govt ‘shutdown’ is tied to Obamacare rollout; as usual his narcissism prevents him from accepting ANY blame for his bastard creation.

Obama administration: Lawmakers, staff can get abortion coverage (Taxpayer funded abortion which they denied was in the law)

At President’s Urging, People Call Exchange Hotline But Can’t Get Through

Jay “Porky Pig” Carney can’t answer the mail on Obama and the Obamacare stupidity

Canada has death panels. It WILL be the case here.

476,000 People “May” Have Signed Up For Obamacare. Real numbers MUCH smaller

Healthcare.gov Refers Users to Uncertified Navigators and Assisters

People could end up paying DOUBLE of what they see on the website

Obamacare law and website tell you that you “have no reasonable expectation of privacy” on Healthcare.gov, but while you get a body cavity search from the IRS and NSA, government workers are using a “personal privacy” exemption in the law to shield them from scrutiny.

YOUR tax dollars are being used to sell Obamacare

Ted Cruz and conservatives are ‘terrorists’ for wanting to delay Obamacare, but democrats now wanting to delay it UNTIL AFTER THEY GET REELECTED are somehow reasonable

The same people who are going to ruin you financially whether or not you buy Obamacare owe millions in back taxes.

Hawaii Relaunching Obamacare Exchange After Not Selling Any Health Insurance Due To Software Problems

Only 5 Iowans Have Signed Up for Obamacare


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