The Federal Tax Code is OVER 12 Miles Long… LITERALLY!!!

The federal tax code is now OVER 12 MILES LONG!!!

73,954 pages x 11 inches per page = 813,494 inches
813,494 inches x 12 inches per foot = 67,791.16 feet
67,791.16 feet ÷ 5,280 ft per mile = 12.84 miles

Is there ANYBODY who thinks the tax code isn’t WAAAAAAY too complicated? The tax code is being used as a means of acquiring, projecting, and protecting political power. How about we put an end to that? How about a flat tax where x% of your income goes directly to the treasury, and we do away with the tax code, AND the IRS? Or at least drastically reduce the IRS, and make it such that you must go to the courthouse or similar place and actually write a check to pay your FLAT taxes? When people actually SEE how much of their money is being taken away by government, they’ll get a lot more interested in voting responsibly to make that pain stop.



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