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Israeli Gaza Remodeling Service

(updated to correct spelling & grammar)

If your next door neighbor stepped out his front door and fired a gun at your house every day, you would just sit back and do nothing, right?  How many of your family members would you allow to die before you took action to punish and stop the neighbor who was destroying your home and killing your family?

That’s what is happening to Israel.  They usually turn the other cheek, and only occasionally swat back at the terrorists in Gaza.  But enough is enough.  The Palestinians have been asked nicely to stop, they’ve been warned to stop, but they didn’t listen and keep launching rockets into Israel, killing innocent civilians.

Well, you dirt bag terrorists.  You bought the ticket, now it’s time to watch the show.  I hope Israel lines up tanks and bulldozers side by side and bulldozes Gaza into the Mediterranean before permanently annexing it.  They should at least be nice and give the residents 24 hours to get across the border into Egypt, or hit the beach and start swimming.  After that, no more Gaza.  The Palestinians have been given chance after chance to act like civilized human beings, but have chosen to be rabid animals instead.  They should be treated like what they have chosen to be.


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