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U.S. ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi attack: Obama, YOU built this.

American ambassador to Libya being murdered

Obama, YOU built this, you illegitimate offspring of a communist slut. This blood is on YOUR hands. You ILLEGALLY used our military to aid these terrorists coming to power, and you have been funneling billions of dollars in OUR money to these terrorists, all while CUTTING OUR OWN MILITARY. You are the first American president in history to hate his own country.  Congratulations. Now GTFO of our White House you treasonous traitor!

THIS is the form of islam that is spreading across the middle east and across the world, and Obama is supporting it financially, militarily, and ideologically. This form of islam is a “religion” that tortures, oppresses and murders its own women and people, and when they have gained enough strength in whatever area they choose to infest, they do the same to non-muslims. They demand every form of deference, tolerance, and accommodation while giving NONE of the same to anyone else. They are murdering and slaughtering what few Christians remain across the middle east, and have now attacked our embassies in Egypt and Libya murdering the Libyan ambassador and killing several others. These are BLATANT acts of war according to international law. Yet what does our terrorist sympathizer president do? He APOLOGIZES for offending them, before moving on to more campaign fund raisers.

If you call yourself a muslim and DON’T agree with this, think it is wrong, and is a corruption of islam, you need to stand up NOW and identify yourself as being on our side, and start fighting WITH us against these animals. Make no mistake, they are indeed animals. People who would murder, kill, and torture over something as simple as a cartoon or a movie are NOT humans. They are wild animals. Rabid dogs. Filthy pigs. If this is islam, then regardless of what our piece of pig crap president says, we ARE at war with it.



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