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Obama Blaming Israel for Rising Fuel Prices

Obama will blame anybody, and EVERYBODY else for HIS failures. Taking responsibility for HIS actions and policies is something he is incapable of doing. Obama shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama has drastically reduced drilling on federal lands. Obama has nearly eliminated new drilling leases on federal lands. Obama vetoed the XL pipeline which would have provided a secure source of oil from a friend and ally rather than from our enemies. Obama wants to increase taxes on American oil producers while subsidizing (yes, that’s GIVING money to) foreign oil producers like Brazil and Mexico. Obama says that drilling won’t solve our problems or bring down prices, but then tries to take credit for increased oil production on PRIVATE land that he has no control over.

The liberals/democrats keep saying we will not see any benefit from drilling for 5, 10, 13, 15 years down the road. Bill Clinton said the same thing… about 13 years ago. Because the stroke of your liberal pen won’t produce a drop of oil TODAY, the answer is to do nothing? And OBTW, just committing to drilling CAN and HAS reduced oil prices literally overnight. When Bush signed the bill opening drilling in the gulf, oil prices dropped IMMEDIATELY because of speculation on FUTURE supply.

Obama, you OWN this mess now. You’ve had plenty of chances to implement policies that would increase our oil supply, decrease our dependence on foreign oil, reduce fuel prices for Americans, and thus reduce the prices of nearly EVERYTHING for Americans, but EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of your energy policies has done the EXACT OPPOSITE of what is needed to accomplish those goals. Our rising gas prices are YOUR fault. Our increasing dependence on foreign oil is now YOUR fault. Our languishing economy is YOUR fault. YOU. OWN. IT.


Report: Obama Blaming Israel for Rising Fuel Prices

Nisan 11, 5772, 03/04/12 03:16
The Obama administration is blaming Israel for the recent rise in global crude oil prices, says its “posturing” on Iran brought the rise.

Elad Benari

The Obama administration is blaming Israel for the recent rise in global crude oil prices, according to a Sunday report in The World Tribune. The rise in fuel prices is deemed as harming the U.S. economy and has also hurt Obama in the polls as he seeks re-election in November.

The report cited a leading U.S. analyst, Robert Satloff, who returned from talks with Israeli officials.

Satloff, executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said, according to The World Tribune, that the Israeli leadership saw Washington as attributing the higher gas prices to “Israel’s posturing” on Iran.

“They think the Iranians should be held responsible for the higher gasoline prices,” Satloff was quoted as having said.

He added that the officials told him the Obama administration was staging a campaign to undermine Israel.

“I cannot underscore how deep and visceral the [Israeli] comments of the leaking that came out of Washington were,” Satloff said, noting Israel is alarmed by what officials determined were leaks by the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama of purported Israeli preparations to attack Iran.

The Israeli concerns come in the wake of a report in Foreign Policy magazine last week, according to which Israel has purchased an airfield in Azerbaijan on Iran’s northern border, prompting the United States to watch very closely.

Journalist Mark Perry wrote that the Obama administration is monitoring Israel’s relations with Azerbaijan, particularly its military ties.

The Americans believe Israel may use the site as a springboard for an attack on Iran’s nuclear plants, or as a landing and refueling spot following one. The site could also be used for aircraft needed for search, rescue and recovery in the wake of an attack.

“We’re watching what Israel is doing in Azerbaijan. And we’re not happy about it,” an official told the Foreign Policy writer.

Azeri president Ilham Aliyev later dismissed the speculation and said, “Azerbaijan’s territory will never be used to launch an attack against its neighbor, Iran.”



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