LA Police to Stop Seizing Cars of Illegal Immigrants

“Police Chief Charlie Beck has ordered his officers to stop seizing cars of sober but unlicensed undocumented immigrants when they are stopped in sobriety checkpoints,… Interestingly, police will seize and impound cars of citizens and legal residents who also don’t have a driver’s license because they, unlike the illegal immigrants, have the option of applying for one.  Beck said he made the change because those most affected by the change were otherwise law-abiding, hardworking people.”

Yes, they’re “law-abiding” people, except for the fact that they BROKE THE LAW to come here, are BREAKING THE LAW by remaining here, and are further BREAKING THE LAW by operating a motor vehicle without a license.

Does it make any sense to punish American CITIZENS for breaking our laws while rewarding ILLEGAL immigrants for breaking them?

Can we just build a wall around CA to contain the stupidity? Cut off all communication and prevent any liberals from leaving the state to prevent the infectious spread of liberal stupidity. Cut the cancer out to save the patient.

LA Police to Stop Seizing Cars of Illegal Immigrants – PoliceLink.


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