Obama Rejecting Pipeline, Continues Lying About Why

Obama and the democrats are flat out lying about the XL pipeline.  Obama rejected the pipeline, and the 20+ thousand jobs it would create immediately, and the benefits to our economy of getting more oil from an ally, and less oil from people who hate us, all because he pitched a temper tantrum over having his bluff called by republicans.

Obama and the democrats are also lying about the Ogallala aquifer.  They drag their feet and claim there is a need for a bunch of research about the impacts of running a pipeline through this “virgin wilderness.”  The only problem is that it ain’t wilderness, and it DARN sure ain’t virgin.

Look at the map linked below.  It depicts the Ogallala aquifer, but notice what else it depicts.  THOUSANDS of miles of pipeline are ALREADY crisscrossing the area of the aquifer.

Obama says he wants to see American jobs created.  The only jobs he wants to see created are in government.  Obama and his policies are DESTROYING American jobs, and he is doing all he can to ensure that we can’t gain energy independence.

This may not be one of them, but there are plenty of legitimate reasons to impeach this fool.  Why is our spineless congress doing nothing about this tyrant?


Ogallala Aquifer Map


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