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Tenets of Shariah Law

These facts are not well kept secrets, yet it seems that the left and their willing partners in the media choose to ignore them. Look at these tenets of sharia law and see if they appeal to you. Oppressing women? Executing homosexuals? No choice about who or how you worship, or if you worship at all? A duty to kill any non-muslim (which might mean YOU)?

If any of these things appeal to you, perhaps you should move to Saudi Arabia.


Introduction: Tenets of Shariah Law

Shariah Law is a military political doctrine written 1,200 years ago by Islamic authorities. The believers of Shariah Law have created a movement like Apartheid in which a minority oppresses a majority.

The goal of authoritative Shariah Law is to establish a one-world militant political Islam through Jihad. There are three forms of Jihad: Violent, Cultural, and Financial.

While this mission seems unfathomable, so did the events of September 11 just one day before on September 10.

Shariah is not a religion. It was created centuries after the written Koran, Islam’s holy book. Just because a person is Muslim and therefore follows the Islamic faith, it does not necessarily mean he or she supports or chooses to live under Shariah. Many Muslims are brutally oppressed under Shariah-Islamic Law.

Today, Shariah is the law of the land in Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and parts of Nigeria and Indonesia. It is the ultimate authority among the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hizbullah.

There is NO freedom of religion, equal rights, children’s rights or freedom of speech under Shariah Law. Criticism of Islam or leaving the faith of Islam is a crime punishable by death. Forced child marriages, the beating of disobedient wives, public hanging of gays, and persecution of those who do not believe in Islam (Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, others) are tenets of Shariah Law.

Tenets of Shariah Law (From Reliance of The Traveler: The Classic Manual of Sacred Law, the authoritative Sha’afi school compendium of shari’a jurisprudence.)

Shariah on family law:

  • Women are eligible for only half of the inheritance of men
  • Virgins may be married against their will by a father or grandfather
  • Arab women may not marry non-Arab men
  • Women may not leave the house without a husband’s permission
  • Muslim men may marry 4 women, including Christians and Jews; Muslim women may marry Muslims
  • Men may beat insubordinate wives

Shariah on Jihad and religion:

  • Offensive war (military Jihad) against non-Muslims is a religious obligation
  • Apostasy from Islam is punishable by death without trial
  • Non-Muslims ruled by Islam must follow including discriminatory “dhimmi” taxes and laws.
  • Non-Muslims may not receive Muslim charity “zakat”, but may be bribed to convert to Islam but
  • Lying to infidels during Jihad, or to promote Islam, is permissible

Shariah on human rights:

  • Homosexuals and lesbians must be killed
  • Slavery is permitted and legitimate
  • Muslim men have unlimited sexual rights over slave women, even married slaves
  • Female sexual mutilation (cliterectomy) is obligatory
  • Adultery is punished with death by stoning
  • Women’s testimony in court is worth half that of men (and is permitted only in property cases)
  • Non-Muslims may not testify in Shariah courts.


The Shariah Supremacy movement does not have the goal of hacking off limbs and stoning women in the West. The goal of the Shariah political movement is to have political Islam become an important component of Western life, bringing with it: Shariah courts to maintain patriarchal power in the family structure, censorship of speech and press to eliminate “racism and discrimination” against Islam; control of western economies through investment by dictating “un-Islamic” and “Islamic” industries, and elevating the political importance of Islam far above any other religion.

Little by little Shariah is creeping into our society, as per the following examples:

  • footbaths in banks & airports (Minneapolis)
  • polygamy (USA & UK)
  • forced child marriages (Europe & Canada)
  • honor killings (USA, Canada, Europe)
  • spousal abuse among Muslim immigrant populations (USA & Europe)
  • Islamic holidays replacing American holidays like Labor Day (Tyson Foods)
  • publicly funded Shariah-Islamic schools (Virginia, NY, Minnesota)
  • companies creating Islamic prayer rooms (Wachovia)
  • nurses required to turn beds towards Mecca five times a day (UK)
  • elimination of wine and alcohol at hotels (Hyatt)
  • separation of men and women for recreation activities (Harvard)
  • taxi drivers refusing to pick up passengers with wine, alcohol or seeing eye dogs (Minneapolis)
  • and a growing Shariah Finance investment market supported by Citibank, UBS, HSBC, Dow Jones, Standard & Pours, and nearly every national investment bank you can think of, which is branding “Shariah” as some innocuous religious accommodation required by “moderate” Muslims

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