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An Analogy about Islam

An Analogy about Islam


Imagine that we all live in the same neighborhood. Our particular neighborhood is spread out so that we can not see our neighbors homes (We all live in the country.) and we have trees growing between our properties.

Within that neighborhood there is an arsonist who has recently burnt down several of our neighbors homes, and in the process killed the entire family. Not all of our neighbors are aware that this has taken place.

Trying to be the good neighbor, and being sincerely concerned about the welfare and safety of the rest of our neighbors I take it upon myself to go and visit each and everyone of my neighbors to inform them of this Arsonist who has burnt down the homes and murdered innocent families.

As the Messenger, am I in anyway responsible for the actions of the Arsonist?

As the Messenger, should I be reprimanded, punished or otherwise criticized for merely being concerned about the health and safety of the rest of my neighbors?

As the Messenger, am I doing the right thing by taking it upon myself to inform the rest of my neighbors about this person who is burning down the homes in our neighborhood?

Now imagine that instead of a small neighborhood of houses we broaden the scope of this analogy to an entire country, or even countries!

I am only one of many messengers attempting to spread the FACTS and REALITY, no matter how harsh, about the heinous acts of Islam, and I do this not out of spite, nor anger, nor hatred.

I do this out of love… love of humankind, love of freedom to practice or not practice my own brand of spiritual/religious enlightenment that does not force itself upon others.

NO person, group or entity has the right to bully, and force at knife/bomb or gunpoint their own brand/type/kind of religion on any other person as does Islam!

Islam is that arsonist, and they are destroying neighborhoods on a global scale.

It is time for you, the average person who is only trying to raise your family and live your life, to stand up against the bully, tell them you have had enough and it needs to stop! The lives and livelihood of your sons and daughters require this of you!

They will not stop by ignoring them, or giving in to there demands.
They will not go away by burying your head in the dirt.

They will only go away by actions!

What actions?
I do not advocate using violence unless it is in defense of you or another person whom you believe is in imminent/immediate danger of losing life or limb!

1. Learn about Islam! Read a Koran, Read the Hadiths, Read the Sira and read about Sharia Law. Knowledge is the Key!!

2. Contact your local, city/town and state representatives and inform them you do not want Islam in or around your neighborhoods.

3. Do not allow them to block your streets with their aggressive praying. Have them removed by your local police or even the National Guard if required!

4. Educate yourself about what Islam is doing around the world! Almost all the major news agencies world wide will allow you to access their lead stories!

Please…. don’t shoot the messenger!

Stand up, stand united, or be prepared to bow down before the onslaught that is called “Islam”!


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