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Biden Lies Uses Fear of Rape to Intimidate Voters, Gets Caught, Then Whines About Getting Caught

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, Barry Obama decried harsh rhetoric for political gain when he said “Part of the problem with the political process is folks are rewarded for saying irresponsible things to win elections or obtain short term political gain.”  He should know.  And now OBiden is in the public eye making an idiot of himself again, telling outright lies for overt political gain, and his boss says absolutely nothing about it.  Nice.

Dagen McDowell did indeed call Uncle Joe to task for his fear-mongering political rhetoric, and called him “numb nuts” in the process.  While I probably would have used different words to keep the discussion headed in a constructive direction, I do agree with her sentiment.  After all the stupid things Biden has said on camera, Obama probably calls him numb nuts as well.

It seems Mr. Biden has been telling some whoppers trying to scare people into pressuring their elected representatives into supporting Obama’s “jobs” bill.  According to Joe, if Obama’s bill isn’t passed, there will be more rapes, and crime will increase.  He falsely cited statistics for Flint, Michigan to support his assertion, and when called out by Human Events Editor Jason Matera, Biden challenged him to “look at the numbers.”  Well, we did look at the numbers, Mr. Biden.  And the numbers say you are lying for political gain.  Put your hand out so Barack can whack it with a ruler.

“More important than the raw figures is the rate per 100,000 individuals. Murder did go up—though the rate did not double from 2009 to 2010, as Biden claimed. But rape has gone down. Biden actually asserted it had tripled.”

What’s worse, Mr. Biden, you then whined about the confrontation because you were asked a tough question that you couldn’t answer without looking even dumber and more disingenuous.

Bottom line: Biden, the Obama administration, and the progressive left continue to use Alinsky/Marxist tactics of lying and intimidation to gain power.  They are being exposed, and they don’t like it.


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