Biden: Charging Corporate Jets $100 Take-Off and Landing Fee ‘Not Class Warfare’

If we demanded that the congress pass a fee on liberal Hollywood actors and directors of $100 every time they left and arrived at their homes and places of work, would Uncle Joe call that “rational and reasonable?”  I highly doubt it.

If we demanded congress levy a $100 fee on Obama’s union leadership buddies (notice I didn’t say union workers) every time they left or arrived at their home or place of work, would Biden still say that was “rational and reasonable?”  Oh, no.  That would be “an attack on American workers™.”

The simple fact is that the democrats, liberals, progressives, and the mobs they are agitating ARE engaging in class warfare to take from those who have EARNED to give to those who HAVE NOT EARNED.

More commentary embedded below.

Biden: Charging Corporate Jets $100 Take-Off and Landing Fee ‘Not Class Warfare’

September 30, 2011

( – Vice President Joe Biden said charging corporate jets a $100 fee to take off or land at U.S. airports “is not class warfare” but a “reasonable” way for executives and corporations to help pay for policing American communities.

“If corporate jets just paid a $100 fee every time it took off or landed in America, that would raise $11.5 billion,” Biden said, adding that the money could be used to “make sure the streets are safe.”

“So folks, this is not class warfare,” Biden said. “This is all about just being rational and reasonable.”

Biden was speaking at the Alexandria Police Department in Alexandria, Va., on Thursday to promote President Barack Obama’s $450-billion American Jobs Act, which includes $5 billion to retain or hire law enforcement personnel around the country. <It is a LOCAL responsibility to fund police, fire, and teachers.  My city shouldn’t be paying taxes to fund another city’s poor budgetary practices. They must PRIORITIZE their budget.>

Biden said the federal government could also raise money for law enforcement and other causes by increasing the taxes paid by hedge fund managers, who he called “good guys.”  <Again, NOT a FEDERAL responsibility, and indeed an infringement upon the rights of taxpayers.>

“Except they pay at a 15 percent tax,” Biden said. “You pay a 28 percent.”  <NOT telling the whole story, and actually LYING.  But that doesn’t surprise me. See below.>

“And I don’t get that,” he said. “How is that fair? How’s that fair?”

Biden said that if hedge fund managers paid the same taxes “middle class folks pay,” the cost of law enforcement in the United States could be covered “for the next several years.”  <IF they aren’t paying the same rate as average folks, WHY is that?  Hmmmm?  It’s because politicians like YOU, Mr. Biden, wrote all the exemptions and loopholes into the tax law.  It is YOUR fault they don’t pay the same rates, not the “hedge fund managers™.”  They are working within the laws that YOU passed.>

“If they just paid the same 28 percent rate middle class folks pay – not even the upper rate – that’s $12-and-a-half billion dollars,” said Biden. “That’s enough to cover half of the costs, or all of the costs, for the next several years of law enforcement that we’re talking about.”  <Politicians ALWAYS make these idiotic, inflated claims of how much revenue they will raise by increasing taxes, and implementing their socialist utopia while ignoring economic history and human nature.  The FACT is that the more you tax something, the less of that thing you will get.  By decreasing the possible reward for an activity, you decrease the willingness to take a risk on that activity.  Revenue might increase to a point of taxation, but beyond that point revenues will actually decrease.>

The event where Biden spoke also was held to announce more than $243 million in federal grants to add officers to departments, including in Alexandria, which received almost $900,000 to add four staff positions.  <NOT sustainable.  When the federal money runs out, you have to lay off those hired with federal money, or do what those who doled out the federal money where hoping for which is to raise taxes.  What usually happens is that the bleeding hearts whine about the problem they created and demand MORE federal tax money be allocated to prop up what should have been a local program to begin with.>


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