Maher: “I Think Anybody Could Be President In This Dumb F**king Country”

Just proves what an ignorant fool Maher really is.

Or, maybe not, considering the outcome of the LAST presidential election…

Maher: “I Think Anybody Could Be President In This Dumb F**king Country”.

Maher: “I Think Anybody Could Be President In This Dumb F**king Country”

“When it gets down to two people, the electorate always holds their nose and votes the one they like the least. The economy is in the toilet — I, I, I think anybody could be president in this dumb, f**king country,” Bill Maher said on his “Real Time” program.


2 Responses

  1. He’s right. There are a LOT of morons in this country. People vote from their gut instinct — not from logical analysis. Bush was re-elected after all the destruction he caused during his first term. If that’s not proof that the electorate is incompetent, nothing is.

  2. And I suppose Al Gore and John Kerry were better alternatives to Bush? There is MUCH I disagree with GW Bush on, but Gore and Kerry as reasonable, rational alternatives to Bush does not compute. Gore’s meltdown following the election loss along with his global-warming/climate-change hypocrisy have been pretty good evidence of that for Gore, and Kerry’s inability to stand on any principal not currently reflected in a poll doesn’t speak well of where our nation would be had he been in the White House. Bush’s biggest problems were not vetoing spending bills, and not doing anything substantive to stem the tide of illegal aliens.

    Now, if you want to talk about Clinton and Obama, you have perfect examples of people voting on uninformed EMOTION, not gut instinct.

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