Is Obama a muslim? Yet another “slip” makes us wonder.

If Obama wants people to quit calling him a muslim, he should quit giving us reasons to do so. He was born to a muslim father, went to a muslim school as a child, slipped and talked of his “muslim faith” in a pre-election interview with George Stephanopolous, talked of traveling to all 57 states during his campaign (57 states in the Organization of the Islamic Conference, or OIC), spent 20 years in the pew of the church of “former” muslim turned black nationalist Jeremiah Wright, bowed to muslim rulers, but refused to bow to royalty in western nations (Queen of England), and now he pushes his “5 pillars of change” which are eerily reminiscent of the 5 pillars of islam. Is Obama a muslim? If not, he sure is being stupid about his actions and words if he wishes to end any perception of his muslim faith. You decide.


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