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Looking Down the Wrong End of the Barrel

Do you support gun control? Do you support gun registration? Do you support despot dictators? Do you support ethnic cleansing? Do you support criminals, rapists, and murderers?

If you support gun registration and control, whether you know it or not, you are supporting the ability of evil regimes to confiscate guns leaving you defenseless. You are supporting the ability of those dictators to exterminate people who they don’t like or disagree with them. You are supporting the ability of criminals to steal, rape, and murder at will, with no resistance.

Gun control laws aren’t about controlling guns or crime. They are about controlling the populace. It is documented FACT that EVERYWHERE gun control laws are implemented, crime INCREASES. This is because only law abiding citizens obey these laws leaving themselves defenseless in the face of animals who wish to harm them. It is documented historic fact that every time a despotic government has exterminated millions of its own people, they have been able to do so only because those people were UNARMED. As in the case of the Jews in Germany, gun registrations were used to identify gun owners, and confiscate weapons from those who disagreed with the regime. It can happen here.

Our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms is the only thing standing between us and these same outcomes. Our founding fathers knew that an unarmed populace could not resist evil. Gun control advocates attempt to dilute the importance of the 2nd Amendment by twisting its words, by spreading lies and misinformation about gun death statistics, by using only modern context to explain it away (i.e. “militia”), and by using an increasingly liberal court system to try to nullify the 2nd Amendment.

There is nothing less than our freedom and survival at stake in defending our right to keep and bear arms.


Jews: Looking Down the Wrong End of the Barrel

Gary North

Nov. 12, 2010

Aaron Zelman’s organization, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, is well known in second amendment circles as an outfit that takes no ideological prisoners. The JPFO has released a video, No Guns for Jews, that states the case as well as anything I have seen.

The video makes it clear that Jews have been at the wrong end of the barrel for longer than there have been barrels. There is a long tradition of disarmed Jews — so long, in fact, that Jews have mentally accepted it. Zelman is trying to change their minds.

The problem he faces is this: the documents that the video offers for support — the Pentateuch, the Talmud, and their medieval commentators — are out of favor in modern Jewish circles. The other document — the United States Constitution — has also been out of favor on this issue in many gentile circles.

The moral issue is self-defense. It is not revolution.

The legal issue is the right to keep and bear arms: a Jewish right and an American right. This right is under fire. The “assault weapon” of those who want to legislate away this right has been excessive trust in the government. The video makes this clear.

I wish every subgroup in the United States would fund and produce a video like this, targeting its own members. The second amendment is under assault. We need to keep and bear digital arms.

This is an almost flawless video from a persuasion standpoint. It targets a specific audience. It presents its case in terms of the concerns of this audience. It offers a specific ethical case, based on the official documents of this audience. It presents evidence of what has happened in the past to members of this audience because of their refusal to honor the ethical principle. It identifies specific members of the group who have openly called for the continuing violation of the original ethical principle. Then there is a call to action: join the organization.

All in all, it could serve as a case study of how to create an effective video.

For years, I have been what you might call a gentile free rider on Zelman’s work. I have decided to stop my free riding. I made a donation. The video persuaded me!


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  1. nice article and i like it
    thank u

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