Big Brother a Quarter Century Later than Predicted

Here are a compilation of links, and there are many more on this topic, that if you read them it’s hard NOT to detect a theme.

  • Shutting down sites without trial…
  • Broader wiretap authority (part of the Patriot Act which the liberals screamed about, but Obama renewed, and EXPANDED with no protest from the left)…
  • An Internet “kill switch” which allows Obama to shut down the internet in America if there is some undefined crisis (the law says the president defines the crisis)…
  • Social media snoop code that will allow Obama and the government to monitor EVERY communication you make on a cellphone, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, etc. (This is already being done behind the scenes by the NSA, but this will just make it “legal”)…

1984 and Big Brother, just a quarter century later than predicted?

Wake up, America! We are losing freedom and liberty one chip, one nibble, one drop at a time.


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