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Rare Video Shows Taliban Allegedly Stoning Woman to Death in Pakistan

The Religion of Peace at it again. Did these clowns ever read the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People?” Naahh. They burned that along with any Bibles they found.

I feel bad for the British, as they have let their nation slip away. In America, a demonstration like this once upon a time would have landed you in jail for inciting violence. I doubt that’s the case anymore.

For muslims who are indeed peaceful and wish to attempt to win me to islam by selling me on the merits, I welcome your discussion. For the ones like those shown in this video wielding the sword, bring it on. Your form of “worship” is incompatible with America, and we will not tolerate it.



Rare Video Shows Taliban Allegedly Stoning Woman to Death in Pakistan

A rare video reportedly smuggled out of northwest Pakistan allegedly shows a woman being stoned to death by Taliban militants in the upper region of Orakzai.

Al Aan, a Dubai-based pan-Arab television channel that focuses on women’s issues, said it had obtained cellphone footage that it says shows a woman being executed because she was seen out with a man. The killing reportedly took place two months ago and was smuggled out by a Taliban member who attended the stoning, according to Al Aan. ABC News could not independently confirm the cellphone video’s authenticity.

The video, which seems to show a woman tethered to the ground as a group of men throw stones at her, is so graphic that ABC News cannot show it in its entirety. Parts of it air today on the 25th episode of “Brian Ross Investigates.”


One Response

  1. those people exhibit a sub-human type justice in their treatment of not only women, but men as well. Time to send the Taliban back to the “stone” age themselves. I can’t fathom the inhuman treatment the taliban leaders employ. Sub-human, sub-human………


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