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Who Is the Racist? The “Cracker” Killer, or the Constitutionalist?

Why is it that all of the mainstream media and the political left (but I repeat myself) scream “racist” at the Tea Party folks who just want the constitution followed, but are silent when this Shabazz peckerwood says blacks are going to have to kill whites and their babies? As of this morning, not a peep had been heard from CBS, NBC, ABC, or MSNBC.

Whether you are a Black Panther, or in the KKK, if you are as narrow minded and hateful as this militant dirt bag Shabazz there is no place in America, or the human race for you. Whether you are someone like this Shabazz buttclown threatening to kill white children, or some coward in the KKK threatening to kill blacks and their children because of the color of their skin, you’ll have to go through me to do it. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone, so you might want to bring your “friends,” you cancerous pieces of filth.

This Shabazz guy was one of the very same guys who were prosecuted for voter intimidation in the 2008 election (see 1st half of video), and the case was a slam dunk until Eric Holder decided to drop the case. Why?



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