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Smoking Gun: Obama NOT Born in Hawaii

Before you get on your “birther” bashing bandwagon, read this quote from the obviously liberal author of the first article linked to below:

“As of yet, there is still no proof of where Obama was born in Hawaii and no hospitals have come forward to provide evidence of his birth certificate in the Aloha state. But does it really matter? Not to me. Obama is doing just fine.”

Were this Bush, the screaming mobs would already be at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC getting ready to him.  <sarcasm>But since it’s only good old Uncle Barry, there’s no need for alarm.  I doesn’t matter that he isn’t constitutionally eligible to hold the office of President of the United States, or that crimes may have been committed for him to even be there.  We like him, and we like his agenda.  Therefore we don’t care.</sarcasm>

No legitimate birth certificate, a bogus social security number, all of his pertinent records sealed, Obama spending a few million dollars of his own money to keep it that way.  Why would anyone possibly be suspicious?

Now watch as the Rahmbo Chicago smear and attack machine try to destroy this Tim Adams fellow.  It’s coming.  Wait for it…

I almost forgot.  Here’s the REAL birth certificate submitted for your review by the Obama camp:


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