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Obama, the Oil Spill, Government Paralysis, and Cap-and-Trade

Three days after the oil rig explosion, the Dutch government offered to assist the United States by sending ships equipped with oil-skimming booms. It also provided a plan for creating sand barriers to protect the sensitive marshlands of the Gulf coast. (http://www.fortliberty.org/obama-administration-rejected-help-with-oil-spill-cleanup.html)

What did Obama say? “Thanks, but no thanks.”

25 skimmer boats are available, but the administration is hiding behind red tape. (http://liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/06/11/skimmer-boats-available-no-interest/?test=latestnews)

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has more than two miles of absorbent boom ready to go. It also wants to send oil-skimming barges and a team of trained responders.

“We’re waiting. We’ve got trained people, we’ve got equipment,” said Barbara Parker, director of response services for the DEP. “I’ve talked to people in other New England states. We’re all waiting. We can’t just go. We have to be asked.” (http://www.pressherald.com/news/Maine-oil-spill-team-others-wait-in-frustration.html)

Have they been asked? What’s that rhythmic chirping insect noise I hear?

States and towns are trying to fight, but getting told to stand down by the EPA. Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, wanted to build sand berms along the coast to stop the oil from reaching shore and marshlands. The EPA stonewalled saying there might be an “environmental impact.” Really? What as a bigger effect and is much more difficult to clean up? Piles of sand, or oil soaked wetlands? Thanks, liberal tree huggers for paralyzing our government.

One town in Alabama is having more success by saying that with or without government help or permission, they are going to protect their homes and town. (http://liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/06/09/small-town-relies-on-itself-to-fight-oil-2/) Wow! <sarcasm>That’s crazy talk. What country on earth would ever foster an environment where people were self reliant and not swinging from the government apron strings? These people must be from Mars.</sarcasm>

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of people out there with ideas and products to help clean up and contain the oil spill, but they are either not being asked, or told to stay away. Why?

There’s no single golden BB that is going to solve this problem. This is an all hands on deck situation where everyone can do some small part. They guy with his oil absorbent hair might be able to clean a few beaches. The oil tankers with skimmers can get huge quantities of oil well out to sea. The guy with the 100 million tons of natural, biodegradable oil neutralizer might be able to handle the near shore threat, etc., etc. Why is NOTHING being done?

While Obama runs around looking for someone to blame, some way to blame Bush, and someone’s a$$ to kick while accepting no responsibility for the total lack of federal response, the disaster, much of which could have been prevented, gets worse by the day.

Why do I hear the words of Rahm Emanuel ringing in my ears? Don’t let any disaster go to waste. Why? Because while the spill and the oil covered birds grab headlines, Obama is grabbing more power. Remember the Cap-and-Trade legislation that was pretty much DOA in the senate? Well, Obama is trying to stir outrage at the oil spill and channel that into support for Cap-and-Trade. (http://www.theatlanticwire.com/opinions/view/opinion/Will-the-Oil-Spill-Help-Secure-Cap-and-Trade-3847). People are just waking up to the hidden poison pills in the health care takeover and how bad it is going to be for both health care and the economy. Cap-and-Trade will be the dagger through the heart of the American economy. Yet Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and their liberal/progressive buddies persist. Why?

Control and power.

Be vigilant, America. While your attention is focused on the headline grabbing oil spill, moves are being made behind the curtain that most Americans will never approve of. While the magician points to the oily birds and the mess in the Gulf, we need to be watching his other hand.


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