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Nancy Pelosi and the failed Jedi Mind (Word) Trick

Nancy Pelosi is without a doubt the most patronizing, bumbling, vacuous, hypocritical bimbo that I have ever seen. Does she think that the 80% of Americans that claim to be Christian are dumb enough to fall for her bumbling use of a few Christian buzz phrases and empty platitudes? She must. Not only that, but the bimbo can’t count.

If she actually knew ANYTHING about “the Word” and actually believed it as she claims, she would be an entirely different person. She COULD NOT support abortion as she does. She would love homosexuals, but hate homosexuality. She wouldn’t believe that taking from others against their will is acceptable.

San Francisco got what they deserved in electing this ninny, but sadly they have inflicted her cancerous hemorrhoid on the rest of us. Anyone know a good oncologist/proctologist?



2 Responses

  1. Perhaps granny Pelosi should get “the word” that her act makes me uncomfortable. She must think she is the pope, instructing priests what sermons to share in their churches to match her agenda. I am praying and helping that we give “the boot” to the hypocrites hiding behind the bible they don’t read. The devil can quote scripture to confuse and counfound those who listen to the lies of the devil. She is doing the devil’s work by her support of her plan for our world. Sorry, God’s plans are more important to me, then her plans.

  2. Amen, hoboduke! The Botox Bolshevik makes me want to vomit. It’s time for her to go.

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