Obama’s World-Apology Tour Finally Bears Fruit

Listen carefully to Mexican president Calderon’s responses to Blitzer’s questions. Then remember that he had the unmitigated gall to stand in front of our government and our nation and criticize one of our states and its citizens for doing EXACTLY what Mexico does in their country.

Then remember, and help others to remember to November and beyond, that the entire democrat party stood and gave this man a standing ovation when he did it.

It is Obama’s world apology tour that has weakened America in the eyes of every other nation on earth to the point they feel they can come to America and criticize us within the halls of our own government while much of our government and our president look on. Obama will not criticize anyone who criticizes America.

What pisses me off further is the total NON-RESPONSE from Boehner (does that rhyme with boner, as in bone-head?) and the republican party.  They should have stood en masse and walked out on Mr. Calderon.  They should have immediately gathered on the capitol steps in front of the news cameras and made it clear to the American people that this sort of thing can not and will not be tolerated.

These socialist progressives are intentionally trying to destroy America with their globalist agenda, and they MUST BE STOPPED.


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