Viva Los 1070!

In the account I heard, security and Suns management relented on Clark, letting him back into the game when Clark hinted at the millions of dollars the Suns organization was going to pay him for abridging his 1st Amendment rights to freedom of expression. He beat them at their own game.

Suns, please stick to basketball when you’re on the court. That’s what the fans are paying you for. What you do off the court is up to you.

Los Suns and viva los 1070

May 12, 9:55 AMLA Conservative ExaminerLarry Hart
The Phoenix Suns announced after the passage of SB 1070 that their jerseys would now read “Los Suns,” instead of “The Suns” to show solidarity with those opposed SB 1070. Admittedly it’s a stupid little thing but that is what the owners want to do.One of the 70 per centers who support the bill in Arizona is Jim Clark, CEO of Republic Monetary Exchange. He is also a long time Phoenix Suns fan.

When the Suns announced the political statement by changing their shirts Clark felt that he had to do something. So, exercising his first amendment rights, as a small quick protest he wore a shirt to the game that said, “Viva Los 1070.”

Early in the second quarter Clark was approached by “secret service” looking security complete with ear pieces and they gave him three options. One, take the shirt off, two, turn it inside out, or three leave the game. Clark and his companion chose the last option. When they reached the outside Clark and his companion argued with security and finally won the right to return to the game.

Clark returned victorious. He received an ovation from the people around him and when he was shown on the big screen there was a roar from the crowd. As it died down you could hear a few feeble boos.

What does that tell you?

I have only questions. Please provide me with some answers.

I wonder if any anti immigration shirts in the stadium that night were also ejected?

Would this have happened even twenty years ago?

When did it become wrong to express your American patriotism on American soil?


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