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It’s “Everybody Draw Mohammed” Day!

Have you seen this story on Fox News, or on Facebook?

All I can say to you who are offended by this is WELCOME TO OUR WORLD.

As a Christian, am I offended when ignorant, lost, and deceived individuals deface our Bible, desecrate the symbol of our religion (the empty cross) by placing it in a jar of urine, and insult Christianity in general?  Yes, I am.  But how do I and other Christians react?  We share the good news of Jesus Christ with the lost, and we pray for them.  We don’t run around rioting and killing someone over a stupid cartoon.

If you want sympathy for your plight, then act like human beings, and not like barbarian animals.  Explain how you are insulted, and do so respectfully.  Show people that you deserve the respect that you are demanding.

Until then, you can find sympathy between “something” and “syphilis” in the dictionary.

Enjoy some of the art and video from “Everybody Draw Mohammed!” Day





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