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Obama/Dems Struggling to Relinquish America’s Superpower Status

Start connecting the dots:  Almost all funding for new hardware has been cut;  Military pay increases sliding back to sub-inflation rate levels;  Military force structures being cut, but deployments and the places we are expected to be around the world increasing;  Operations and maintenance budgets being cut or raided to pay for current operations;  Moving to a more “rapid deployment” mindset while neglecting the infrastructure needed to make that a reality (60 year old tankers, dwindling numbers of airlifters having the wings flown off of them with no planned replacements on the horizon);  Cutting ship building and replacement/refit of existing ships;  Contemplating mothballing aircraft carriers and entire battle groups.

Unless we are going to pull back and defend nothing but our own shores, this trend is suicidal.  But history has proven the strategy of isolationism to be suicidal as well.  If we don’t stay involved in world affairs and attempt to steer nations away from violence, those cancers will grow and eventually find their way to our shores.

Do we continue to burn truckloads of money in the fire place trying to heat our home while the front door is open (social spending and no accountability), or do we close the door and caulk the drafty windows?

Continuing down this path is going to ruin us.


Daily Report

Friday May 07, 2010

Blacker Saturday?: Defense Secretary Robert Gates is expected to outline even deeper overall defense reductions in a speech he’s giving Saturday at the Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene, Kan. The speech is part of the two-day celebration of the 65th anniversary of VE Day, the date of Germany’s surrender in World War II. Senior Pentagon officials said Gates’ speech to the Navy League on Monday—in which he warned that shipbuilding accounts will be too small to sustain the fleet at current levels—was “setting the stage” for Saturday’s presentation. Gates will outline more comprehensive reductions in force structure and, one official said, a “potential paradigm shift” in how the US will view international security. Officials compared what he will say to the presentation he made on April 6, 2009, now known as “Black Monday,” when he delineated budget cuts like halting F-22 production. Stay tuned.

—John A. Tirpak

Internal Problem: The Air Force budget is under attack from within, Secretary Michael Donley said Thursday. Speaking on Capitol Hill at the inaugural meeting of the Senate Aerospace Caucus, Donley said, “nearly every aspect of the Air Force budget is growing larger and faster than the Air Force budget.” He meant that the service’s topline isn’t keeping pace with the new missions USAF is required to take on. Donley said that 63 percent of the service’s spending is consumed by day-to-day operations. Of the 37 percent remaining, one quarter goes to combat air forces, with the F-35 taking 15 percent of that quarter. He said slightly more than half of investment dollars goes to “joint enablers” like airlift, tankers, and ISR, while space projects get 19 percent, and 22 percent is funneled into R&D. Of that last item, a big chunk goes into directed energy, nanotechnology, and long range strike.


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