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In the Dictionary Under “Ninny” it Says “See Maxine Waters”

nin·ny [nin-ee]

–noun, plural-nies.

a fool or simpleton.
See also: Maxine Waters
Maxine Waters is a simple minded, loud mouth, racist, useful idiot to the progressives who are trying to destroy America.  I would accuse her of being in on the plot, but she obviously isn’t smart enough for that.

This hypocrisy is sickening.  “Oh, the liberals don’t call names and shout obscenities.”  Yet they are the only ones you see doing it.  “Oh, democrats would never encourage anyone to be disruptive.”  Yet we have the video of Mzzzzzz. Waters her royal self inciting a crowd to be just that.

The state-run media won’t report one bit of this.  Do you think the Microsoft-No-Black-Commentators network will report on this?  Not on your life.  This is why it is imperative that America resist the efforts to censor all other forms of media and dissent.  Through their laws with disingenuous names like the so called “Fairness Doctrine,” the progressive Marxists led by Obama himself hope to silence all opposition in much the same way Hugo Chavez has done.  They will first do it “legally” until they have grabbed enough power, then they will just shut down or jail anyone who voices dissent.

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg29GWk2nMc

Alternate link: http://www.breitbart.tv/off-the-hook-hypocrisy-rep-waters-used-to-love-vulgar-outlandish-protest-rallies/



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