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Making Our Children STUPID

Whether you are a parent, or simply a taxpayer who wants his tax dollars spent wisely, WATCH THIS VIDEO.

This is how your government is failing you and your children.  They lie that we need to give them more and more money to improve our kids education.  We give it to them time and time again because education is the sacred cow that no one will touch.  Where does that money go?

Instead of spending our money on hiring more and better teachers, and actually buying the supplies that those teachers need, our money goes to hire more and more administrators and union members who contribute NOTHING to the education of our kids, but soak up all of that money in fat salaries.

In the 1970’s the Department of Education was founded to “improve the test scores of our children.”  We now spend $250 BILLION EVERY YEAR on the Department of Education, and what is it getting us?  It is providing 6-figure salaries to government bureaucrats and making our children some of the DUMBEST in the civilized world.  Need proof?  Have you ever watched any of the Jay Leno “Jay Walking” segments and marveled at how DUMB these people are?  THIS IS WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM IS DOING TO OUR CHILDREN!!!

How do we fix this?  How do we ensure our kids are getting a good education?  First of all, be a responsible, engaged, involved parent.  Know what your kids are being taught.  If it conflicts with what you believe your kids should be learning, DON’T LET IT HAPPEN! Run for school boards.  Elect representatives who will institute policies that work.

Most of all, GET THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR EDUCATION BACK TO THE LOCAL LEVEL! Get the federal government OUT of the education business, because they have PROVEN that they have and will fail at educating our children.  Abolish the Department of Education.  Does it make sense to send the money we need to educate our kids to Washington just so they can send a little of it back to us?  Get rid of teachers unions and make sure that teachers have to be competent and compete for their jobs just like in any other business.  Fire under performing teachers, and teachers who sexually abuse and otherwise corrupt our children.  Right now, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of these union dregs.

If you love your children, if you love America, and you want the best and brightest future for both, we MUST reform and improve our education system.  We are the laughing stock of the civilized world, and falling further behind by the day.  If we can’t compete in the education arena, we can’t compete at all.


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